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How To Make More Than $100 Daily

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Make Money Online

Do you want to make money online fast? If you do keep reading!

Being born poor is not your mistake, but living that way forever is a self-authored failure.

There are many creative ways you can use to make money online, on the side or as a part-time job.

In this post, I reveal ten little-known ways you can use to make money online fast.

I believe that the ability to become rich rests on your creativity and innovation. Therefore, anybody can become a billionaire-it all depends on their determination and approach.

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10-ways-to-make-money-online-fast: Are you looking for legitimate passive income ideas and ways to make money online on the side? Here 10 little known ways you can use to make money online from home and during your free time #makemoneyonline #makemoneyonlinefast #makemoneyonlinefromhome #passiveincomeideas #sidehustles

1. Become a representative or ambassador for Avon

Avon is a popular beauty, household and personal care products company in the United States. According to Alexa rankings, it is the fifth largest beauty company in the world. See the stats below:

Traffic: 10.8m visits

Global Rank: 3,743

The company works with more than 6.4 representatives to promote its direct-selling marketing efforts. They are always hiring more representatives all the time, and this is a great opportunity you can use to make money online in the United States.

As a representative you shall enjoy the following benefits;

  • Get free trips and vacation travel and holidays to different locations globally.
  • Enjoy free education and training benefits, which will help you to develop a career.
  • Get unlimited discounts on products, WIFI, and other digital services or products.
  • Gain access to special insurance plans personal care programs.

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2. Make more than $200/day taking surveys


Did you know you can get paid to give your opinions?

Taking surveys, which are very simple, is one of the simplest ways to make money online fast.

Five reasons survey sites are excellent opportunities to earn money online;

  • Most survey sites will give you a free $5 to $20 bonus just for signing up.
  • You can make anything between $50 to $500 per survey.
  • You can make money in other ways, such as watching videos and complete, in these survey sites.
  • Taking surveys or joining these survey sites is free.
  • There are a variety of ways you can get paid, such as PayPal, Payoneer and gift cards among others.

The top 10 Best Surveys Sites 2018

  1. Harris Poll Online
  2. Global Test Market
  3. SpringBoard America
  4. IPOs I-Say Surveys
  5. E-Poll Suveys
  6. Vindale Research Surveys
  7. InboxDollars
  8. Swagbucks
  9. Pinecone Research
  10. SurveyRewardz

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3. Take a Loan from these sites & invest it


They say that the greater benefit comes when you learn how to fish, instead of being given a fish daily.

The advantage of these loans is that they have less strict requirements like those you find in traditional banks.

Also, it is easy to apply for these loans because the process is short, simple and straightforward.

You will be able to borrow even more than $100,000 from some of these sites.

Once you get your loan, you can invest in some of the best online businesses, such as e-commerce stores and blogging among others.

Therefore, the loan will give you the capital you can use to build a business you can use to make money online.

5 Best Loan Sites

  1. TakeLend
  2. Zippy Loan
  3. CashAdvance
  4. Bad Credit Loans
  5. PersonalLoans

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4. Win one of these gift cards and cash giveways


Making money online fast is simple if you get wise and smart enough because there are too many opportunities on the internet.

There are many companies, such as Amazon, Starbucks, One Field, National Consumer Center, and American Express among others, which always have this kind of offers.

All you have to do is submit your email or complete small tasks, such as completing surveys, then sit back to wait for luck to fall on you.

If you so this daily and diversify your search by using multiple sites, you can easily make fast money online.

Six places to Get Gift Cards

Swagbucks: Get a $3 and above Visa Gift Card for shopping in your favorite stores, such as Amazon, eBay, and Macys.

Survey Junkie: Participate in online surveys and polls and then redeem the points into gift cards.

Ebates: Get this shopping /cashback app, and they will give you a free $ 10 Walmart gift card and $10 sign up bonus for becoming a new member.

My Points: Become a member today, and they will give you a free $10 Amazon Gift Card to all new members.

Groupon: You will find multiple gift card ideas and opportunities in this site.

Gift Card Granny: A site you can find gift cards on any niche market and product.

Three of the Best Cash-giveaways Contest

Sweepstakes $300,000 Cash Contest: Enter your email and answer all the questions in the questionnaire and you shall enter into a cash contest where the lucky winner has the chance of getting over $300,000 cash prize.

Win $10,000 from MyDailyMoment.com: You will need to submit your email and fill the one-page form to qualify to enter this cash contest.

Get $500 from MD Daily Winner Contest: Similar to the two contests above, you must complete all the required actions and be above 25 years to enter in this contest.

5. Get paid to offer services, products and complete tasks


Here are some of the ways you can make money online fast by selling services, products and completing short tasks for other people in your area of expertise.

10 services you can Get Paid to Offer

1. Become a freelancer and offer design, writing, translation, business help and numerous services at Fiver. This is a market place with multiple freelance works in many niches. You can also check out Upwork and Freelancer for similar gigs.

2. Become a photo seller: If you are a photographer or a person who owns beautiful stock images, you can make money online by selling them at ShutterStock, Photolemur, iStock, Adobe, DepositPhotos, Getty Images and Etsy.

3. Monetize your design skills: If you are a designer of themes, logos, fonts, photos and any other design element, you can sell your pieces or offer your design services in the following ways;

4. Start a career today, and find your dream online job: in any of these stores or companies near you; McDonalds Careers, Generic LP Careers, CVS Careers, Target Careers, Lowe’s Careers, WalGreens careers, and Starbucks careers.

5. Become a re-seller of  physical products: The easiest way to make money online fast is through becoming a retailer or a reseller in the following ways;

6. Rent out your car in the following trusted dealers websites and apps: Getaround and Turo.

7. Become a driver and get clients online using the following apps: Uber, LyftHopSkipDrive, Wingz, Juno, iCarpool.

8. Get paid to deliver packages, groceries and other goods using the following apps: Instacart, Shipt, SendFlowersDrizly, Doordash, MuncheryUberEatsPostmatesMartha & Marley Spoon.

9. If you know how to code, you can get a new high paying job at Treehouse.

10. Trade in currencies at Transferwise. You will get a profit every time you sell foreign currencies at high rates.


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6. Make Money Shopping Online


Did you know you can make money online while you are shopping? Below are some of the best apps/sites you can use to start an online shopping business.

Apps that will make you money while shopping online

Swagbucks: Swagbucks will give you points after shopping in famous stores, such as Amazon. You can then redeem those points for gift cards, coupons, sweepstakes entries and cash prizes among other rewards.

Ebates: This app is connected to more than 2,500 stores. It will save you money through giving you a cash back for every online shopping you perform.

Befrugal: This is a site you can get coupons, discounts and up to 8% cash backs and much more. They work with many online stores to help you save money shopping.

My Points: In this site you earn points for doing several things, such as online shopping. You can them exchange those points into cash, gift cards and shopping vouchers.

ShopTracker: This app will pay you to shop on Amazon, share shopping receipts, history and give feedback on your shopping experiences.

Drop: Get cash backs and earn points every time you shop using this app.

Shopkick: Apply for shopping gift cards, coupons and discount offers on this site.

Mystery Shopper: Get paid to shop for other people who are busy or those looking for image consultants.

7. Use these Apps to make money from your phone


Did you know you can make money with your phone?

All you have to do is install money-making apps, complete short tasks and then earn money.

These apps have simple interfaces making them easy to use for everyone.

Four Best Money-Making Apps

Shoptracker: Get a $3 sign up bonus instantly after installing the app. Once you link it to your online shopping account, it will pay you monthly for all shopping history you provide.

Nielsen Mobile and Computer Panel: Install this app managed by the famous Nielsen, a market research company, and they will pay you $50 per year.

MobileXpression for iPhone, iPad and Android Phones: After installing this app you can play games and participate in other contents to win prizes every week.

Inbox Dollars App for iOS and Android phones: Use this app to answer surveys, play games, read emails and other types of money-making offers.

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8. Apply for a an online job


It is not possible to find money making opportunities in a single post like this one.

Therefore, you can increase your chances of discovering new jobs on time by checking offers in these job sites and networks.

Discover opportunities from these networks and membership sites

Find a job in these job sites

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9. Earn Bitcoins from these online opportunities


Bitcoin mining is a big topic, one in the mouths of many. Yes, it is a technical method of making money online, and most of us may not be cut out for it.

They say that success comes to those who are willing to learn. Therefore, this could be the opportunity, which will make you a billionaire.

Below are some of the sites you can check bitcoin mining opportunities and other cryptocurrency related online jobs.

5 Sites to trade Bitcoins

  1. BitcoinTrader
  2. TradeCoins.com
  3. Bitcoin Code
  4. Crypto Genius
  5. Ethereum Machine

10. Make money with these browser extensions


We all use browsers to surf the web. Did you know you can turn that browser into a money making machine, especially if you use Chrome?

Here are some examples of browser extensions you can download today and begin making money online with them.

Ebates: The extension is connected to more than 2,500 stores. You will be able to use it to apply for coupons, cash backs and other money saving or winning opportunities.

Swagbucks: You will be able to apply for coupons and other cash offers on sites your are browsing or online stores you visit with this extension.

Qmee: You can get paid to search the web, shop from popular stores and take short surveys using this Chrome extension. It will help you to discover such opportunities quickly.

Savvy Connect: A browser extension you can use to complete short surveys and get paid.

You Can Also Read…

30 chrome extenisons, which will make your browsing easy.

Other Useful Browser Extensions you can Check Out

  • Browser extension for activating FlashPlayer for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Photorito, a Chrome browser extension which will refresh the image on your desktop background every 6 hours.
  • PDF viewer and Creator, an extension that will help you to create and view PDF files directly from your browser.
  • VideoPro, an extension which will allow you to watch, download and convert any video on the web.
  • BringMeSports, an extensions which will help you to stream live matches, gets sports schedules and catch latest updates on football, basketball, baseball, hockey and other matches.
  • Film Fanatic, an extension which you can use to watch latest, popular and the best movies on the web right from your browser window.
  • Television Fanatic, an extension which you can use to watch your favourite TV shows from your browser.


10-ways-to-make-money-online-fast: Are you struggling to pay bills or debts? I was too and I looked for quick ways to make at least $100 online. These 10 make money online opportunities are perfect side hustles and work from home jobs to make passive income. #money #earnextracash #makemoneyonline #workfromhomejobs #passiveincome #sidehustles

My name is Hildah Mwende. I am a blogger and freelance writer. Find a comprehensive list and description of all my competencies and specialties here.


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