$30K In 100 Days Save Money For Car Challenge


Do you want to save money for a car?

If you do, you might need this save-money printable.

This is a $30,000 save money challenge, which will help you to beat the $30k savings goals challenge within 100 days.

The amount saved daily in this 30,000-dollar savings tracker will increase by $6 daily and $600 weekly.

>> Get The Save Money For Car 30K Challenge Printable Here <<<




There are many ways you can turn your car into money such as;

Ridesharing: Get a job from Uber or Lyft of moving customers from one place to another.

Delivery agent: Get hired to deliver packages to people, such as groceries, shopping items, and pizza among others.

Junk Car Selling: After using your car for some time, the maintenance cost starts to exceed the benefits of its use, hence the need to sell it.

Car Wrapping: Put ads on your car then get paid per mile or day.

Scrap Selling: Sell your old car as scrap metal to a salvage yard near you.

Gas Saving: They say the money saved is money earned. Learn the tips for saving money on car gas.

Renting: List your car for hire on sites like RentalCars.



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