4 Of The Best Off Page SEO Techniques


I know you must be wondering what are the best off page SEO techniques for 2018?

If so continue reading to find out the best off site SEO activities you should be carrying out on your website to drive more traffic and improve search engine rankings.

How many times have you heard this term: SEO?

I believe too many times more than you need to. It is like a virus because no guide on any information related to internet marketing fails to mention this term at least twice within the content.

SEO is divided into two main categories: on page SEO factors and off page SEO techniques.

On page SEO refers to all aspects related directly to your website internal factors, such as its design, content, speed, and architecture among others.

On the other hand, off page SEO are those external signals that show how others perceive your site or online business, such as trust, user experience and social media reputation among others.

Therefore, on page SEO factors can be likened to cleaning the inside of the house while off page SEO techniques equal to cleaning its compound and other surrounding neighborhoods.

Thus, to gain maximum benefit of SEO best practices, you must take care of on page SEO optimization before taking on off page SEO techniques.

But why should you care about off page SEO techniques?

If you want free search engine traffic and most importantly if you want the content you write in your site to rank on the first pages of search engine results pages (SERP), then you should care about SEO.

More than 60,000 searches are carried out on Google per second-do not forget this is only for Google, which is just one search engine in the industry.

Therefore, as long as these searches exist and continue to increase daily, there is a high chance of ranking on SERP first position as long as you take care of all on site and off site SEO activities the right way.

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Off page, on page and keyword research SEO

The ultimate guide to SEO

SEO Bible



Why are off Page SEO Techniques Important?


To understand why off site SEO is essential we must refer back to how search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing among others work.

When a user runs a search on search engines, their crawlers run through the web to find content related to that search phrase or keyword used by the searcher.

But now the question is, how do these search engines know which content is authentic and relevant on the web with over 1.9 billion websites, both ethical and illegal?

The answer is that search engines have ranking factors made up of quality factors and signals, which distinguish a website with high-value content and relevance from spammy, shallow and newly developed sites

Some SEO marketers translated these technical search algorithms used by search engines into simple, actionable ranking factors guidelines, which they grouped into on page and off page SEO best practices.

Therefore, off page SEO techniques are necessary because they will prepare your website for search engine crawling, traffic, indexing, and ranking.

The primary goal of search engines has always been to return the best results to the searcher. To do so, their web crawlers do not only look at on-page factors but also at what other people think about your website, which brings us to these four reasons why off-page SEO is essential.

Acts like a gauge: Off-page SEO gives Google and other search engines a picture of how other people, especially your users perceive your website. If they are loving and sharing your content, then this signal tells Google that you are trustworthy and deserves some spotlight.

Business exposure: The whole idea behind off-page SEO is to create a situation where the internet in a global village. Taking care of all off-page SEO factors is opening a door for search engines to market your website worldwide.

Ranking in SERP results: Every blogger, website owner, and any other online entrepreneur dreams to rank on page one of Google. The bad news is that there is no easy way or shortcut to this, but you have to sweat for on site and off site SEO ranking factors. Once you set the two right, there is a high possibility of ranking on page one of any search engines as long as you remain consistent in providing value.

Improves page rank: If you woo search engines with your prowess at off-page SEO, you will get more backlinks and higher ranking, which will eventually improve your Page Rank, a critical factor in SEO.



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4 of the Best Off Page SEO Techniques


1. Links


What are backlinks and why are they important?


Links are the hyperlinks, which help search engines to find related pages and content on the web.

A backlink is a link from your website which is found on another site on the internet. For example, a blog post link from Forbes found in Huffington post website that is a backlink.

Creating and getting backlinks, also known and link building is one of the most important off page SEO techniques that you must learn how to perform.

Just like content is the heartbeat of on-page SEO, link building is the heartbeat and engine of off-page SEO techniques.

I have already written a detailed on link building which you can find in this article: The Ultimate Guide to Link Building SEO.

Building backlinks is vital in off-page SEO techniques because it tells search engines that your site has relevant information since other people on the internet are linking to it in their website content, social media profiles, community forum discussions and other bookmarking sites.

Think about it, why would an external site add a link from your site to their website unless you have top-notch content and products/services?


What are the characteristics of quality backlinks?


Are all backlinks equal, relevant and essential in link building off page SEO techniques?

No, all backlinks are not equal because some bring higher improved search ranking and website traffic benefits than others.

For example, receiving a backlink from a site like Forbes with a high page authority(PA) and domain authority (DA) is better and more effective than getting 1000+ backlinks from small or new sites with low PA and DA.

In off site SEO high PA and DA is just one of the many characteristics of high-quality backlinks listed below:

  • They have Keyword rich anchor text
  • The co-citations or words neighboring the link relate to the content on the source page that the links refers to.
  • Received from sources with high Page authority and domain authority.
  • Received from a source in the same niche industry or subject area.
  • They are added to relevant positions, such as within the main content body unlike being trashed on the footer or sidebar and other website areas with low search engine
  • They have a Dofollow attribute which does not discourage search engines from following them.
  • The links are not obtained with black hat tendencies.

Visit this article to get a detailed explanation of the characteristics of quality links.


How do you get quality links in this off page SEO techniques?


It is easy to assume that link building is one of the simplest off page SEO techniques.

Yes, sometimes you will earn links naturally from other bloggers, website owners, and other online entrepreneurs, but you also need to be vigilant in asking for them.

Therefore, some backlinks will come naturally with little or zero effort from your part, but if you want to get maximum benefits of this off page SEO techniques, you must learn the best ethical strategies of creating and getting backlinks.

They are many ways of getting quality backlinks, below are my ten favorite ones.

Content: Write fresh, long forms, sharable and original SEO content that will attract backlinks.

Reach out to Likely linkers: These are people who link to your competitor’s They are likely to love yours too as long as it adds extra value to them.

Ask to be featured in curated lists: If you have an ultimate guide to a given subject, such as SEO, you can find resource pages, round up posts and “best of” pages, and ask the authors of this page to consider adding your content in the lists.

Use Broken links opportunities: Find broken links in websites with many outbound links, and ask the author to use your link as a replacement.

Link reclamation: Find people who mention your brand, products and even use content and images from your site without linking back to them. Email them again asking them to add a link to content borrowed from your site to reclaim your links.

Testimonials: Leave testimonials on websites of tools and resources that you use, and the company will publish it and leave a link back to your site.

Guest blogging: Find authority sites in your niche that are already ranking in search engines, and pitch ideas to them. If you are lucky for your guest blog to be published on their website, you will receive a backlink refereeing their readers to your site.

Use HARO: This is a news aggregation site used by reporters to gather information all over the world. If your response is used to write the final story, you will be mentioned in the contributor’s section, and this will be a backlink from HARO.

Promote content and products: There is a high possibility that no one is linking back to your website because they do not know it exists. Use these 10 advanced promotion techniques to get yourself out there in the market.

Use branded techniques: Come up with new branded methods, strategies and checklists, such as the skyscraper technique by Brian Dean. Other people in the industry will begin referring back to this technique.

You can find a detailed explanation of these strategies and many others in this article on the methods of acquiring backlinks even though you are a newbie.





Trust is the second most important off page SEO techniques that you should learn how to build from the initial stages of building and growing your online business/website.

Why trust?

Search engines have always created better search algorithms to ensure that they give the searcher the best information on the web, but this is not always 100%.

For this reason, the search engine also looks at the reactions of those customers after they have an encounter with your site, and this brings us to the importance of trust as a ranking factor in off page SEO techniques.

Trust in search engines is interpreted based on five factors: authority, usage metrics, personal, identity and on-page metrics.


a) Authority


Authority of a site is measured based on several factors like the ones discussed below;

Page Authority (PA)

It is a score that ranges from 0-100.

This score measures how likely a page will be found in search engine results with higher numbers meaning the higher possibility of showing up in search engine results.

To earn high PA, you need to use several strategies, such as acquiring more backlinks, adding fresh content regularly and making internal linking a habit among others.

In off site SEO, a high PA results in high ranking and website traffic.

Domain Authority (DA)

Similar to PA, it is a score that ranges from 0-100 and describes the relevance of that website/domain in a given subject area or niche/industry.

To Increase your DA, you should use similar strategies like the one mentioned above in PA.

Domain Age

This is the length of time a domain has been operational from the time it was created to the present.

Most people argue that this is not important in search ranking, but Google has come out to say that domain age matters openly.

Of course, if you are starting out, this is a blow on your face, but consistency and perseverance is the key to success.

Important Note: To avoid the disadvantages of a new domain name, there are affordable, expired and cheap domains that you can reclaim as explained in that article on how to find them in the right places. Domain Age Checker is a free tool that you can use to measure the age of any domain on the web.

Tools for measuring PA and DA

If you are wondering how you can know the PA and DA of your website in this off page SEO techniques, then use the tools explained below.

These two off page SEO tools, Moz Open Site Explorer, and SEO review tools which will help you to measure PA and DA of your website and that of others.

You can also use Mozbar,  one the best Chrome extension for SEO, which will allow you to measure the PA and DA of any website while you continue your internet browsing and usage activities.

Use this Cheat sheet for gaining more authority to improve your off site SEO success by taking care of everything related to the authority of your website

For example, here is the PA and DA of Forbes measured used Moz open site explorer.

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.


b) Website Usage Metrics


In these off page SEO techniques, website usage metrics are those factors that search engines use to measure users experience on a given website.

Below is a list of five crucial parameters that you should take into consideration in your off page SEO checklist.

Bounce rate

This is a percentage score given based on visitors who come to your site and leave without viewing any page.

In off site SEO, a high bounce rate percentage is bad because it tells search engines that they must be something wrong with that site to make users leave immediately.

There several ways you can lower your bounce rate score to avoid being negatively judged by search engines.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

The first page of Google SERP has more than ten results all containing similar information.

Now in off page SEO, the result that gets high CTR and open rates are king because Google believes that high CTR means good content.

Follow this link to get 7 tips on how to improve your CTR to rank higher in search engines.

Returning vs. new users

The higher the number of returning visitors to your website, this is a positive signal to search engines, which tell them that there is value in that site that makes visitors come back over and over again.

High returning visitors or a higher number of new visitors tells search engines that they come in large numbers because there is high value in your website.

Dwell time

How much time do visitors spend on your site?

Low dwell time is bad for SEO because it tells search engines that your website does not have valuable content or services to make visitors stay.

Follow this article to learn why and how you should increase visitors dwell time on your website.

Tools for measuring website usage metrics

To actualize this off page SEO techniques, all the data on your website usage metrics can be found your Google Analytics account.

If you do not know how to use or set up Google analytics for your site, follow this link Google Analytics use this guide to understand how to make sense of all data in your google analytics Account.

Additionally, you can use several Chrome Extensions, such as Page Analytics to measure these factors directly from your website without login into your Google analytics account.


c) Identity


In off page SEO techniques, identity has everything to do with your brand image.

It involves the colors, designs, content types and other on page SEO metrics, which distinguish your website or online business from others on the internet

Why is branding so important? A market survey conducted by Search Engine Land showed that 70% of consumers using search engines clicked on the search results from a “known retailer.”

Therefore, this means that customers love to be associated with online entrepreneurs who have created an identity in the online space.

Think about it, who wants to visit a blog that changes daily or shifts the subject of focus now and then?

It is confusing, and this is why online businesses with a unique identity have high CTR and better Google rankings.

I know it takes time to build a brand, but it is worth it for the sake of off page SEO.

More so, Google has a unique way of separating brands from “all traits” websites through assigning them structured data site links in search results. Look at the example below for Amazon.


d) Personal


There several off-page SEO personalization settings that will affect your search engine rankings like the ones explained below;

Country: For example, if you are targeting a foreign nation, you should consider having your site translated into their country because search engines interpret keywords differently based on the state of origin. See a case study here.

Searchers history: Do not assume that Google does not know how many times your site and social media profiles for your business are visited. It does, and this is why you should optimize them fully because more visits mean high trust and more value. See image below.


e) On-page metrics


In this off page SEO techniques, search engines will account for several factors related to trust on your on page website factors like the examples given below.

Spam score: Do not be fooled that using shortcut ways to manipulate search results, such as Black Hat SEO will go unnoticed. Spam score which is usually a number between 0-17 tells Google is a website is trustworthy on not.

Statements: Does your site have policy statements, disclosures statements for several things like affiliate links?

Content: Does your site has adult content, too many ads or any other information prohibited in Google’s policy?




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3. Social


We cannot deny that social media marketing has a direct relationship to off page SEO techniques.

For example, Google and Bing consider the following social signals to gauge the relevance of a website.

A Study by Cognitive SEO found out that there is a direct correlation between SEO and social media as shown in the image below.

Below the the 4 off page SEO social signals you should consider;


a) Quality shares


The more your content gets shared on social media networks, the more your referral traffic increases, you earn more backlinks, your bounce rate decreases and increase page rank.

Gaining all these positive things means higher search engine ranking. See a case study here.

You can also use these two guides here and here to learn how to get more social shares to gain the full benefits of this off page SEO techniques.


b) Highly optimized social media profiles


Social media profiles are often produced as search results when users search something related to a keyword in your website.

In off site SEO, well-optimized profiles will have high CTR, which is a direct signal to search engines that every other profile and page related to that profile is worthy to receive some attention.

Look at the example below from Forbes, and when you scroll down in the SERP results you will find their Facebook and YouTube profile too.


c) Influencers


Are you a social media influencer?

How many followers do you have?

If you are social media influencer, there is a high possibility that this will also favor your ranking in search engines.


d) Social search results


Remember that social media networks are also searching engines.

People do not only go to search engines to find information, but they look for it is some social media networks, such as Pinterest and YouTube.

In this case, search entries with high search volume in these social media networks are likely to attract search engines attention.

Use these guides below to understand the art of social media marketing



4. Promotion


Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Most articles do not mention this as a metric that affects off-page SEO, but let’s think about it.

There is a high possibility that your website content is not receiving backlinks, social shares, and brand authority because no one or only a few people know that it exists.

Look at this, according to internet live stats there are over 1.9 billion websites on the web, and approximately 2 million blog posts are published daily.

If you create a new blog post or create a new website and sit back hoping that it will be found naturally, that is a deadly mistake because it will get lost in this ocean of screaming competition.

And this brings me to the reason why you should promote your website and content like crazy everywhere on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, only 20% of your target audience is likely to find you naturally, but you have to put extra effort in promotion to get the remaining 80%.

So how does this relate to off page SEO techniques?

From points above, we have determined that off page SEO is all about building links, trust, and social media influence. In all these three tactics, your audience is the critical determinant of your success.

Your audience must know that your content exists and where to find it before they can link to it, share it and even view your site as an authority site that provides value.

There are several tactics you can use to promote your website, and below are my favorite 10.

Email outreach: share it with your email list and other influencers in your niche through email.

Social media marketing: share it and promote it on all social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Linked among others.

Repurpose content: change your content into different formats, such as infographics, video, and audio to reach a broad audience.

Engage in Forums and Niche communities: Leave links to your content in forums, such as Quora and niche communities, such as Reddit.

Influencer marketing and networking: Get noticed through riding in the success of other successful online entrepreneurs in your niche through several tactics, such as blog commenting, guest blogging and backlinks among others.

Web push notifications: help your content to get noticed by users on your website through web push notifications.

Social bookmarking sites: Submit the content to social bookmarking sites , such as Medium and Stumble Upon among others.

Blog commenting: Comment on other bloggers content and link to similar information from your website to give it more exposure.

Search engine marketing: Optimize for search engine ranking and crawling through keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and link building.

Recommended reading: 10 strategies you can use to Promote your online business



4 Of The Best Off Page SEO Techniques Conclusion


Why off page SEO techniques?

Are you struggling to make even one sale from your website? Struggling to find a client through your website?

I have a secret that can help: search engine traffic.

But there is a problem, you must earn and sweat for this type of traffic through carrying out all on-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword research and link building activities the right way.

According to live internet stats, there are over 4 billion internet users in the world and out of this about 3 million are making Google searches daily.

This is where the secret is, if only your website content can rank high in Google’s SERP results and be found by even half of these searchers, then you would receive more than enough traffic.

Remember, the secret to ranking high in search engines in be a pro at on site SEO metrics and off page SEO techniques discussed above.

I hope that this guide on off-page SEO has been helpful to you, and you have learned something that you are going to put into practice today. You can also read the three guides below to master SEO more.

Keyword research

On-page SEO

Link building

Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question below sharing your experience with off page SEO techniques.


Off page SEO Tools

Domain Age Checker: Measure the domain age and authority of your website and those of your competitors.

Moz Open Site Explorer, and SEO review tools: Determine the PA, DA, outbound links and other SEO metrics of your website and others on the internet with these tools.

MozTrust and Trust Rank Checker: Measure the trust rank and score of your website and any other on the internet.

Buzzsumo and SemRush: Measure social media signals of off page SEO with these tools.

Convertkit, Boomerang, Hunter, and Violanorbert: These are tools that will help you manage your email outreach promotion efforts.

Ahrefs: This a powerhouse tool for backlink analysis and exploration.

Google Analytics: Find all website usage metrics data related to your audience and search engine performance.Find a comprehensive list of all the SEO tools you need to run your online business in that article.



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    1. Hello Simran,

      Thank you for appreciating the post, Simran. I have never been serious with guest blogging, I think I should borrow some tips from you.

      Well I do not think rich snippets increase ranking in serp. I think what they do most is increase click through rates (CTR) on serp results.


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    1. Hello Jenny,

      I am happy that you found the article useful and relevant.

      I must confess that I do not use these two (blog commenting and guest posting) a lot to build backlinks because my time has been so stretched. I plan to improve on that this new year. Thank you for the recommendations.

      Most articles on SEO do not place more emphasis on article submission, so I am not sure if it will be relevant in 2019. I will gather more expertise feedback on that and get back to you soon.

      Above all, I wish you a success in your business and a highly productive new year.


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