5 of the Best Facebook Groups for New Bloggers

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The first six months of starting and growing a blog are stressful for most bloggers.

You will feel like giving up, get exhausted from too much information and even get discouraged by not making money, low traffic, and sometimes negative feedback.

Joining bloggers communities, such as best Facebook groups for new bloggers discussed in this post, will make the journey bearable in the following ways.

Firstly, you will discover that you’re not the only one facing those challenges.

Secondly, you will get a platform to network, collaborate and get all your questions answered by other bloggers.

Finally, you will receive personalized advice and recommendations from bloggers in similar niches to yours who overcame the challenges you are facing.

NOTE: This post only features 5 best Facebook groups for new bloggers, and this does not mean that there aren’t better Facebook groups out there, but these are the ones I have used and they have helped me gain success in a short amount of time.

Therefore, you are welcome to leave a comment below this post sharing any other best Facebook group you have used and think other new bloggers need to try it out.





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5 Of The Best Facebook Groups For New Bloggers


1. Becoming a blogger


As a new blogger, you do not need a Facebook group with 1 million plus members.

I believe what you need most is a community of bloggers (both new and experienced) who are willing to help each other like this one.

This group has 3k plus members, and I think it is one of the best Facebook groups for new bloggers because it is a community of bloggers who will help you to overcome all your blogging fears and make money blogging.


4 reasons becoming a blogger is one of the best Facebook group for new bloggers

1. All the information, books, courses, tools and recommendations you need to get started are pinned on the first welcome post in the group. For example, there is a guide on how to start a blog, blogging tools, how to get blog traffic and how to make money and becoming a blogger course.


2. The group admin, Cate Rosales is reliable, approachable and dedicated to helping new bloggers. She comments on every post, and even you can reach her directly through her inbox to get personalized advice.


3. In this group, you are free to ask anything related to blogging, such as all your struggles, fears, wins, confusions and anything else you need to discuss with fellow bloggers. It is one of the most active Facebook groups where members are highly engaged. Thus, you do not have to worry about being lonely or not getting your posts not responded to at all.


4. Apart from getting a community of bloggers who can answer your questions and hold your hand, you will also get a place you can promote your blog content through the weekly promotion threads.




2. Blogging like we mean it


This best Facebook group for new bloggers has around 7k plus members, and I think it is a gold mine in the following ways;

5 reasons blogging like we mean it is one of the best Facebook group for new bloggers


1. Unlike most Facebook groups with countless rules, this one has one rule only-“Do not spam or self-promote your ”


2. The admin, Carly Campbell from Mommy on Purpose, is one of those role model bloggers you want to subscribe to their newsletter and RSS feed because she only offers quality blogging tips and resources.

She is the author of one of the best and most recommended Pinterest traffic resource the Pinteresting Strategies eBook. Her weekly emails never disappoint because you always learn something new from them.


3. This group has a unique blogger friendly model of operation. For example, when a member asks a question you are allowed to share links referring to useful content from your blog or other bloggers. If you do this in most other facebook groups for bloggers, all posts or comments with links will be deleted. However, do not forget the one rule above on spamming and self-promotion here.


4. This group allows some form of self-promotion, but you must take time to monitor what level is permitted or ask Carly directly before you break the one rule of this group.


5. You can ask any question either directly by posting a new post or through the Q & A threads or Facebook live videos.


I feel I need to mention that the experienced bloggers in this best Facebook group are very supportive. For example, recently Whitney Bonds from Tried and true mom jobs shared a link to one my blog post, and this act of kindness helped to double my page views.

In case you want the guide too, follow this link how to research keywords



3. Bloggers Promotion


This is a Facebook group with an entirely different method of operation than the two above.

It is one of the best Facebook groups for new bloggers because it is a platform, which allows you to promote yourself and your blog.

It is a group with more than 59k members and does not put any limitations on using it for self-promotion blog.


4 ways you can use this best Facebook group for new bloggers


1. Use it to grow your social media profiles and pages.


2. Use it to find bloggers to collaborate with or freelancers or experts to work within your blog niche.


3. You can use it for link building and boost engagement in your blog posts by looking for bloggers in the same niche as yours to exchange comments and backlinks.


4. You can promote your services and products in this group and find freelance work, paid gigs and guest posting opportunities.





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4. Bloggers Unite on Pinterest


I know you have probably heard most bloggers confess that Pinterest is their main traffic source.

This is because you need at least six months to get Google or search engine traffic to a new blog, yet on Pinterest, you can get traffic right away in a couple of weeks to a new blog.

However, I am not saying that you should ignore SEO. No! No! That is a costly mistake because Pinterest traffic is not stable-it changes when its algorithm change. Therefore, diversifying your traffic sources is the way to stay safe.

Now that you know how Pinterest is important to bloggers, I believe you understand why you need to join at least 2-5 Pinterest-related best Facebook groups.


 4 ways you can grow your Pinterest account with this Facebook group


1. Promote your pins and find trending pins to repin to your boards in the weekly threads.


2. Use it to grow your followers.

Quick tip: Another tool you can use to grow you Pinterest followers is Milotree


3. Promote your group boards and find collaborators. You will also be able to discover new group boards and tailwind tribes relevant to your niche you can join.


4. Boost engagement (comments, clicks, and saves) on your pins.



5. Pinterest Savvy Bloggers


Megan Fulton from A Hint of Meg manages the group, and she is a Pinterest virtual assistant so you can learn a lot from her or use her services.

The major advantage of Bloggers unite on Pinterest Facebook group is that it allows you to promote and grow your Pinterest profile, BUT I noticed that there is little activity when it comes to asking questions and collaborating with other bloggers.

For this reason, I like to use this best Facebook group together with the Pinterest Savvy bloggers Facebook group where there is too much engagement-you can ask questions, network with other bloggers and find collaborators.

For example, Sarah Beth Fournier from Caffeine and Conquer posted asking bloggers to share their experience with Pinterest which I did. Later the news that she had featured me in the post warmed my heart-who knew that I could earn a backlink from a Facebook group?

Apart from getting your questions answered and collaborating with other bloggers in this group, you can also promote your Pinterest account in the weekly promotion threads below.

Weekly Threads Schedule

Monday: Share your Pinterest Account

Wednesday: Ask a Question (questions are permitted on the wall at all times)

Friday: Group Boards

Saturday: Get Feedback

Sunday: Anything Goes (Pinterest related naturally)



Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers Conclusion


Over to you!

Nobody paid or forced me to recommend these best Facebook groups, and this is why I kept the list too small because I have only recommended what I use.

Therefore, there is a high possibility that I have left out many other best Facebook groups like those featured in these two posts: 15 Facebook groups for WordPress bloggers and 17 Facebook groups for bloggers.

In the same spirit, feel free to leave a comment sharing some of the best Facebook groups which have contributed to your growth as a new blogger. I would love to discover new suggestions I can try and add to the post.

Want more blogging guides and posts? Follow this link best guides for new bloggers.


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  1. I loved this post! So many blogging tips articles you see on Pinterest are click-bait or just repeating the same info, but this one was actually helpful and great to read. Thank you so much for this <3 I've found that Facebook groups are so far just as good for my traffic as Pinterest is.

    1. Hello Maddy,

      I am glad that you loved the post. Before I started blogging I always hated running into shallow articles or spammy links, and out of this experience I decided that all my posts will be unique, valuable and detailed. I am glad you living by this same evangelism too. Sure, I totally agree that Facebook is a great source of traffic when used right.

      Cheers! Keep up the good work.

    1. Hello Ashley,

      I am glad that the post helped out. Feel free to recommend some of those you found useful and you would like me and other bloggers to try.


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