AGE: 35% 18-24, 28% 25-34, 18% 35-44, 11% 45-54, 8% 55+

GENDER: 52% female and 48% male.

INTERESTS: 33% in employment, jobs, education career consulting services, 26% in financial and banking services, MLM, industrial, 15% in online and small business opportunities, 13% in technology, 8% in gifts, shopping and occasions, 5% in lifestyle, hobbies and fashion trends.

GEO: 71% United States, 17% United Kingdom, 7% Canada, and 5% Australia.

LANGUAGE: 72% en-us, 17% en-gb, and 11% others.

BROWSER: 56% Chrome, 29% Safari, 4% Opera, 3% Edge, and 8% others.

OPERATING SYSTEM: 45% Android, 32% IOS, 14% Windows, 6% Macintosh, and 3% others.


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