Can you Sell a Car with a Salvage Title?


Can you sell a car with a salvage title?

Yes, selling a car with a salvage title is possible.

What does a salvage title mean?

A Salvage Title is an official indication that a vehicle is damaged beyond use and is considered a total loss by an insurance company.

Once an insurance company declares a vehicle as a salvage title, the insurance issues a salvage certificate.

How can you tell a car has a salvage title?

Seeing the salvage certificate the insurance company issues is the easiest way to know a car has a title.

The other way to know a car has a salvage title is to check the Vehicle identification number (VIN).

Always make everything transparent when selling a salvage title car to avoid legal issues.


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What Makes A Car Salvage Title?

Car Accident

Once a car suffers an accident and suffers damage that is too expensive to repair, it qualifies as a salvage title.

The owner can proceed to obtain a salvage certificate from the insurer.



When summer is about to end, the weather goes crazy. Any person who resides near the rivers knows how floods destroy everything.

If by any chance a car gets swept away by floods, and the owner recovers it, there is no guarantee it can work perfectly again. If it is found to be damaged beyond repair, it qualifies as a salvage title.



Insuring a car against fire is good because it can, unfortunately, get damaged beyond repair. If that happens, it is advisable to obtain a salvage title.


 Benefits Of Selling A Salvage Title Car

Tax write-off

Selling a salvage title car can help to stop paying those taxes for a car that does not serve the owner.

There is a benefit of the recycling bonus that comes with selling a salvage title car.


Create space in the compound

Rather than having a car occupy so much space and have no use, selling it is advisable. Selling a salvage title car helps to get rid of unwanted junk.


Recoup some Money

Selling a salvage title car helps to recoup some money. Rather than have the car rust while packed n the garage, it is good to sell and make some money.



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Ridesharing: Get a job from Uber or Lyft of moving customers from one place to another.

Delivery agent: Get hired to deliver packages to people, such as groceries, shopping items, and pizza among others.

Junk Car Selling: After using your car for some time, the maintenance cost starts to exceed the benefits of its use, hence the need to sell it.

Car Wrapping: Put ads on your car then get paid per mile or day.

Scrap Selling: Sell your old car as scrap metal to a salvage yard near you.

Gas Saving: They say the money saved is money earned. Learn the tips for saving money on car gas.

Renting: List your car for hire on sites like RentalCars.


How to Sell a Car with a Salvage Title

Determine If the Car Is Totaled

Of course, this is the first step to undertake. It is vital to ensure the car is totaled and the insurance is not ready to suffer the repair cost.


Get a Salvage Title Certificate

A salvage title proves that the car is written off insurance.


Repair the Car and obtain a rebuilt title

Once the car is fully repaired and inspected, go ahead and obtain a rebuilt title. This makes it possible to list the car for sale.


List the car for Sell

After obtaining the rebuilt title, go ahead to list it for sale. The buyers can obtain insurance coverage if it is proven to be road worthy.

The other option is to sell the car to a scrapyard if you cannot repair it.

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Where You Can List a Salvage Title Car for Sale


Craigslist is the market for everything. A salvage title car would find a buyer when listed on this marketplace.

The website has a salvage cars section, making meeting buyers easier. Be careful, Craigslist is not regulated, and the sellers have to oversee the sale process until the end.


Dedicated Salve Title companies

There are companies established to deal with salvage title cars. They operate in almost every state in the United States. Reach out to them and recoup some money from a salvage title car.


Auto Auctions

Auto auctions are a great option, especially for sellers who want to dispose of high-end cars. If someone wants to dispose of a Bugatti or Roll Royce, an auction can be a great option.

Luxury cars still hold high value, and many buyers would want to repair and get them working again.


Salvage yards or Scrap yards

There is a time a salvage title car is not worth a rebuild. This is where a salvage yard comes into play.

Selling a salvage title car to a junkyard may not fetch the intended price, but it is better than nothing.

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How to Buy a Car with Salvage Title

Get Inspection

The first step is to invite a mechanic to assess every part of the car. Once the mechanic has finished the inspection, negotiate the price with the car’s owner.


Check the car’s history

Having complete know-how of the reasons that lead the car to be labeled as a salvage vehicle is vital to eliminate future legal troubles.

Ask the sellers for documentation to ensure the information shared matches the car description.


Verify the Issuance of the salvage Title

This is a crucial process because counterchecking the time, the salvage title was issued to help ensure the damage occurred recently.


Consider Financing Options

 A car with a salvage title is a risky venture because there is a likelihood of spending more money to repair it than planned.

In this case, getting a loan to acquire the vehicle should not be an option unless the damage is not severe.

Pros and Cons Of Buying A Salvage Title Car

The Pros:

Buying a salvage title car is a way to save money because new cars are expensive, and thus buying a car with few defects is more economical.

It can be a good idea to fix the dents and get it working just as new.

The car might have minor damage, which will cost a few bucks to fix. If that is the case, then acquiring a salvage title car is advisable.

A salvage car is used to get parts to fix another one.

In most cases, car repair shops use this opportunity to buy salvage cars because they can obtain parts. Using spare parts from a secondhand car is more profitable than buying a new one.


The Cons:

Unfortunately, if the car is excessive, it will cost too much to repair, making it economically unsound.

There is also the risk of fraud when buying salvage title cars. This is a danger that a buyer should avoid at all cos.

It is hard to get credit or insurance when buying a salvage car. Such a complication makes it unviable to buy a salvage title car.



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Can you Drive a Car with a Salvage Title?

A car with a salvage title cannot be driven on the road. This is because it is declared not road worthy. Moreover, it is possible to purchase insurance for a salvage title car.

The only option to drive a salvage car is to repair and update it to qualify for a rebuilt title. After doing so, the car can then qualify for insurance, registration, sale, or be driven on the road again.


Salvage title car insurance

Verifying a salvage title car is hectic, but if the value is justifiable, then it’s worth it. After verifying, approach a company for a salvage title car insurance, which can be issued with a rebuilt title.

Salvage title car insurance has to meet the following requirements:

  • Detailed Mechanic inspection
  • Physical damage inspection by an insurance agent
  • Details photos of the car
  • DMV approval indicates that the car is road-worth.

Even though this process may get the car insured, it is not easy. Insurance companies always have doubts about salvaging title cars.


What is a restored title?

The owner can obtain a restored title if a car is repaired, inspected, and proven roadworthy. Do not get confused. A restored title is the same as rebuilt title in some states.

After proving the car is good as new and will not pose any threat to motorists, it is possible to seek insurance. Some states demand minimum liability coverage.

It is recommended to obtain complete coverage to avoid any possible conflict with traffic law officers.


Other Salvage Title Car Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Salvage Vehicles for Sale in Ohio?

There are many places to sell salve vehicles in Ohio. One of those places is Erepairables.com. The website lists all salvage cars for buyers to place their bids. Any person looking for a salvage vehicle can utilize this website.

Another great place to sell salvage title cars is Salvagereseller.com. The website provides live bidding features to help buyers to track bids.


Is it worth buying a car with a salvage title?

Yes, and No. Buying a salvage title car should be the last option because of the repair costs involved before it starts to work again.

In most circumstances, salvage cars are reserved for skilled mechanics or individuals who cannot afford a new one but have a few bucks to fund repair.


How do I sell my salvage car in California?

First, get the salvage title and then list on salvage car resellers. Finding a buyer privately without engaging a third party is also possible.


Can you sell a car with a salvage title in Ohio?

Yes, it is possible to sell a salvage car, but the insurance company will only pay after receiving the car’s salvage title.


Does CarMax buy cars with salvage titles?

CarMax can buy cars with salvage titles but cannot resell them because of the quality certification, which compels them to protect their customer trust.


Can a salvage title be cleared in Ohio?

Yes, a salvage title can be cleared in Ohio, but the car has to undergo s lengthy inspection process. Once the car is fully inspected, it is then cleared for a rebuilt title.


Does a salvage title decrease a car’s value?

A salvage title decreases a value by 20% – 40%. Some may fetch even lower prices depending on the level of damage.


What is the downside of buying a car with a salvage title?

It is hard to obtain a license for a car with a salvage title. Additionally, a salvage title car cannot get financing.


How do you change a rebuilt title to a clean title?

A rebuilt title car cannot obtain a clear title. This is another downside of purchasing a salvage title car.


How much does a salvage title cost in Ohio?

A salvage title fee is $5. The State inspection fee is $6.50, while the Lien notation with title transfer is $15. Before getting a salvage title, one has to pay these fees.


Are Rebuilt titles better than salvage?

A rebuilt title car is better than a salvage title because it can be registered, insured, and driven on public roads.


How does a title go from salvage to rebuilt?

A salvage title car that undergoes repair and inspection by the authorities qualifies as a rebuilt title car.


Does a rebuilt title affect insurance?

A rebuilt title car will cost more to insure than a new car. In most states, a rebuilt title car may never get cleared for re-insurance.


Can I drive a salvage title car in California?

Legally, a salvage title car can neither be insured nor driven on public roads. There are some processes to follow, and if fulfilled, then the government can authorize such cars to be driven


Can you register a salvage title in Alabama?

Under Alabama law, a salvage car cannot be registered.


What does a salvage title mean in Minnesota?

Once inspected and stamped by the insurance company, the Salvage title car cannot be registered or driven on public roads.


Can you insure a car with a salvage title in MN?

No, a salvage title car cannot be insured in Minnesota.


What is the downside of buying a car with a salvage title?

A salvage title car cannot be insured, and if it qualifies for insurance, it costs more than a new car. Additionally, a salvage title or rebuilt title car cannot receive financing.


Can you Sell a Car with a Salvage Title?



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