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CASH WALK APP REVIEW: Is CashWalk a Legit Get Paid To Walk App?

CASH WALK APP REVIEW: Is CashWalk a Legit Get Paid To Walk App?



Welcome to my Cash Walk App Review!

CashWalk is a free app that pays you to walk, run and engage in any other physical activity.

Apart from earning money for walking or running on this app, you also get motivated to live healthier and achieve your fitness goals.

For every 100 steps you walk, you shall earn one coin. After you gather enough “stepcoins”, you qualify to get a reward.

Although this app will not pay you with cash rewards, you will get gift cards and merchandise, which you can resell to get the cash.


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CASH WALK APP REVIEW: CashWalk Summary & Overview


Product Name: CashWalk/ Cash Walk


Download Link:

Category: Health & Fitness Apps

Creator: CashWalkLabs.Inc

Contact details: [email protected]



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CASH WALK APP REVIEW: CashWalk Pros & Cons


CahWalk Pros

  • CashWalk is FREE to use meaning you will not pay any registration fees.
  • CashWalk will not require you to turn on location services or internet connection for it to work effectively. These two benefits make this app cost-effective and a battery-life saver. That also means you can use this app both indoors on the treadmill or outdoors.
  • CashWalk will motivate you to start being healthy, achieve your fitness goals and lower your risk of getting chronic illnesses resulting from a poor lifestyle.
  • CashWalk is a lightweight phone app, meaning it will not cause your phone to have slow speed or lack of space issues.
  • CashWalk is a minimalistic app with a very simple interface even for beginners looking for extra income.
  • CashWalk is regularly updated to fix bugs and add better features. For example, it was last updated in January,26, 2022.


CashWalk Cons

  • In CashWalk the rewards are low, which means you don’t expect to become rich by using this app only.
  • I like to be paid in cash. If you prefer that too, the bad news is that CashWalk does not pay in form of Cash sent to you PayPal account or Apple Store Wallet. Instead you shall get paid in gift cards and merchandise.
  • CashWalk is not available worldwide.
  • If you forget to click on the treasure box icon everyday before midnight, all the steps counted by CashWalk on that day will get lost.


CASH WALK APP REVIEW:  Features of CashWalk


CashWalk Step Counter

CashWalk is a free app that will count the steps you make daily while walking. If you make 100 steps, they will reward you with one stepcoin. Thus, if you make 1000 steps you shall have 10 stepcoins at the end of the day.


CashWalk Activity Tracker

Apart from measuring the steps you take while walking, CashWalk will also track any steps you take when doing other physical activities like running, swimming and much more.

You can use this information to monitor whether you are achieving your fitness goals or not.


CashWalk Lock Screen Pedometer

Instead of opening the app all the time, this feature will allow you to see all the data collected by the CashWalk app from your lock screen.

Some users of the Cash Walk app have complained that this feature is not fully effective.

For example, this CashWalk user posted their experience on Medium and complained about the two inconveniences below;

One, the Cash Walk app will display to many ads on you lock screen, some of which will redirect to third-party websites without your permission. The good news is that you can turn off the ads because after all you don’t need internet connection to use this app.

Two, when the phone screen is locked, this user noticed that all the steps they made were not counted. If this is true, that means your phone must always be on for this app to work effectively. This will drain your battery so fast or it will mean you have to be active on your phone to earn rewards from this app.


CASH WALK APP REVIEW: How To Earn Rewards With CashWalk


Stepcoin is the term used to refer to the points you shall earn for the steps you take.

In other words, it is the digital currency used on the Cash walk app.

100 steps are equivalent to 1 stepcoin.

Earned stepcoins can be redeemed into gift cards or spent of purchasing merchandise and products from well-known brands like Amazon, Startbucks, Nike & Adidas.

What a great way to earn passive income while you get healthier and wealthier at the same time.

Below are the three ways you can earn stepcoins on CashWalk;

CashWalk Basic Rewards

These are the stepcoins you earn from walking, running or engaging in other physical activities.


CashWalk Plays

You can also earn more stepscoins by playing games that pay on the Cash Walk app.

This app has a game called the lucky scratches.


CashWalk Invite Rewards

Do you have a Youtube Channel, Instagram account or any other social media platform with more than 20 subscribers or followers?

If you do, you can reach out to the Cash Walk support team using this email address ([email protected])

On the email, you will express a desire to become an affiliate and give reasons or proof why you are a good fit.

Once you get accepted, they will send you a special referral code and link, which you can promote on any platform.

Any new user who signs up using your code or link, you shall earn more stepcoins.


CASH WALK APP REVIEW: CashWalk Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


How Does The Cash Walk App Work?

First you start by downloading this app from Google Play for Android devices or from Apple Store for iPhone devices.

After you successfully install the app, it will start to track the steps you make when walking or running.

For every 100 steps, you get 1 point known as the stepcoin.

The daily goal is to reach 10,000 points, which is equivalent to a $10 gift card from popular brands Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Xbox Live and Starbucks among others.

Thus, you earn coins on CashWalk by walking more!


How Do You Earn Coins in CashWalk?

In Cashwalk, you earn coins in three ways; walking, playing the scratch games and inviting new users using your referral code.

Refer to the “how to earn rewards with CashWalk” section above to learn more about the above ways of making extra income on this free step-counter app.


Is Cash Walk a Legit App?

Yes, Cash Walk is a legit app.

Users of this app have confirmed that this app PAYS OUT, which means its not another make money online scam.

In addition, during registration they don’t ask for too much personal information, which means your security is guaranteed.


Other Than CashWalk, which Walking Apps Pays The Most?

There are so many get paid to walk apps out there which you can use to earn money while walking or running.

Other than the Cash Walk app, below are the top three which I would recommend you check out;

Cash For Steps: This is an iPhone app available of Apple Store, and it’s created by Oleh Stakhovych, where you can earn real money by walking or running.

SweatCoin: It works the same way as the Cash Walk app. Both will pay you to walk outside.

StepBet: This app will allow you to set your weekly step goals. You shall then earn cash rewards for all the weekly goals you accomplish.


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