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10 Best Divi Child Themes For Photographers

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Divi Theme

Are you a photography blogger or do you own a photography website?

If you are, here are ten best Divi child themes you can use for your next photography website or blog.

All are affordable because they sell below $100.

What is a child theme & why do you need one?

A child theme takes all the features of the parent theme, and it is used for the following reasons;

  • It will save the time you spend on developing a website/blog because you do not have to start from scratch.
  • It will save you from any losses when the primary parent them is updated.

Recommended reading: Pros, cons, and uses of child themes.

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10 Divi theme child themes for photography bloggers or website owners. The Divi theme is a multipurpose WordPress theme loved by many. #Divitheme #Divichildthemes #WordPressthemes

What is Divi?

2. Photelo

3. SlowPhoto

4. Southern

5. Creative

6. Photography

7. ET Wedding

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9. Prutha

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