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Divi WordPress Theme Review
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  • Easy of Use
  • Flexibility



1. Ship with the Divi builder plugin
2. It is multipurpose and helps you to create any website
3. Multilingual support
4. Affordable and convenient pricing
5. Certified by Sucuri
6. Availability of lots of third party plugins and child themes
7. Integrates well with the WordPress customizer
8. A wide range of cool features like A/B testing.
9. Wide range of customization options

I could not find any so far

Choosing the best WordPress theme, which suits your business needs can be time consuming and  confusing, especially for beginners. There are too may options out there from either WordPress.org or from other marketplaces.

If you are not so lucky to have a mentor, designer and any other trustworthy person to give you the best recommendations, there is a high possibility of wasting too much time on research or worse off picking the wrong theme choice.

In this Divi WordPress theme review, I want to save you from these frustrations by walking you through 20 amazing features of Divi 3.0 by Elegant themes, which is the theme I use in all my websites.

Before I can write anything I will provide proof that I actually use Divi because this post is not a scam. These are honest opinions and experiences from someone who has used Divi.


I know the above image has brought the topic of child themes into the picture. This is a wide topic that needs to be discussed in a whole new post. For today I will just provide an article you can read on the uses, pros and cons of child themes. Additionally, I know you must have visited Divi web page by now and found out that it is a paid premium theme.

If you are wondering why buy a theme when you can get over 1000 + free options in WordPress? My answers to this question would completely take shape in  a new post and that is why I recommend you read this article free vs premium themes.

So what is Divi 3.0?

Let me begin this Divi WordPress theme review by giving you a quick introduction to Divi.

This is a multipurpose theme that you can use to create any type of website. Watch the this video to find out more about the features and uses of Divi.

 Are you fascinated by Divi already?  I am tempted to believe that you are.
You can actually leave it at that and head over to Elegant themes and buy Divi today, but I would prefer you continue and find out more about Divi in these 20 amazing features discussed in this Divi WordPress theme review.

1. Divi theme ships with the powerful Divi builder

Divi builder plugin is a drag and drop page builder. You can test the power of the  Divi builder in this LIVE DEMO.

The Divi builder has a backend and frontend visual editor. The backend builder is found in the WordPress dashboard, while the visual builder is a WYSIWYG  (What-You-See-is-What-You-Get) editor that will allow you to make changes and see them visually in real time. This is the back-end editor…….


This is the visual editor of the Divi builder in the front-end of all your pages…….


Just to give a quick summary in this Divi WordPress theme review, below is a list of all the most important five characteristics of the the Divi builder that I love.

  • You can build everything visually with the WYSIWYG visual editor.
  • You see changes instantly in real-time when you are making them because Divi is a responsive theme.
  • You can drag, drop, clone, delete and duplicate any module to save time.
  • You can adjust the height and  width of each section easily with the visual builder.
  • They support redo and undo features instantly.
  • They have an automatic saving feature such that nothing is lost in the event of an unannounced shutdown.
  • You can copy and paste content elements in one page on to other pages.

Visit the Divi video gallery to watch all the videos related to the features listed above so that you visually understand what I mean. Look for the section that is similar to the image below to get access to all the videos.


2. Divi theme is loved and praised by its customers

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress premium theme in the world. This is one feature that you will find more proof about as you continue reading this Divi WordPress theme review.

The theme has a large customer base, which shows that it is a product worthy the recognition. Elegant Themes serves a wide base of customers, and I am sure you will not be disappointed when you become one of them. I have never been at any point so far


3. You will experience an amazing support

It is important to always pick a theme with  24/7 hours support, where you can make any consultation and find help in times of need.

This is the largest downside of free themes because most do not have assured support or detailed documentation on how to solve issues that may arise.

In Elegant Themes You will get three main forms of support: live chat, email and tickets for the Divi theme.

All your pre-purchase questions about Divi will be answered through the live chat.

The amazing thing about this feature is that you get instant response. In fact, Elegant Themes support team personnel is the one that initiates a chat first immediately you visit their homepage.

After you join Elegant themes membership, you can get any issue resolved through email communications or opening tickets in the members area section.

For example, check an example below from my email inbox where I receive responses and updates regularly. For complicated issues, all members can send tickets to Elegant Themes support team for more specialized attention on the issue.

For example, I recently experienced an issue with my Divi builder and the amazing  Elegant themes support team took care of the issue in the shortest time possible.

See below that my problem with the Divi builder was resolved to the fullest in the ticket section.


As you can see I was given technical instructions to implement to solve the problem.

Let me be honest here, I am a non-techie and I could not perform any of that instructions. The fun part is that the problem was solved for me by SiteGround support team in less than 10 minutes.

There are many scenarios where SiteGround’s technical support have saved me the cost of hiring an expert who would probably charge me over $1000.

In summary, a combination of Divi theme and SitGround hosting in a match made in heaven for online entrepreneurs like you and me.

After completing this Divi WordPress theme review, you can feel free to read my comprehensive SiteGround Review 2018: 10 Reasons You Should Use This WordPress Hosting to find out more about their amazing web hosting features.

Here is my chat with SiteGround support team.


4. Divi has a wide range of tutorials and guides

Even if you are a complete non-techie beginner, Divi is easy to learn.

One amazing feature about Elegant themes products is that they have prepared a detailed Divi documentation tailored for beginners and non-techies.

All tutorials on the different Divi modules and features are linked to in this Divi WordPress theme review to show you that anyone can use Divi as long as they are willing to learn how to use it.

Additionally, you can also get a lot of information from their Divi tutorials in Youtube,  Elegant Themes Blog and also in Divi Soup, a site for offering tricks, hacks and tutorials on how to use Divi.


5. You Will find a supportive Community on Social Media

Divi fans are everywhere on social media, and they are always willing to assist on every problem and answer questions readily.

One of my favorite Divi community is Divi Web Designers Facebook Group, which I will use several times in this Divi WordPress theme review.

You can find out more groups in the comprehensive  list discussed in this article best Divi Facebook Groups.

All the questions I have asked like the one attached below are answered in the shortest time possible.


6. You are assured of better goodies in Future by the frequent updates

Divi is a theme that gives away too much goodies every time.

The team behind Divi is always adding and releasing new features at least every month.

These updates make the functionality of Divi better, and they also correct any flaws that may exist.

When you choose to use Divi you are assured that the deal with continue getting better every new day.

One way I proof this is through the Divi Web Designers Facebook Group. Kindly click this link to go to the group before proceeding.

In the search area, enter Nick Roach and hit enter.

From the results you will notice that Roach, the founder of Divi is always announcing new updates at least every one month.

Follow direction in the image below.


7. After purchase you get Divi plus 87 + themes and plugins

This Divi WordPress theme review will only focus on few products, but you can follow this link to browse all the Elegant themes products.

First, when you purchase Divi theme you will get access to 87 themes, such as the popular magazine and newspaper theme Extra and 7 plugins, such as the famous email opt-in  plugin Bloom

social sharing plugin Monarch and Divi page builder.

Buying Divi from Elegant themes means getting over 90 products both themes and plugins at $1 each.

View a Live Demo of Bloom.

View a Live Demo of Monarch.

View a Live Demo of the Divi Builder.

View a Live Demo of Extra Theme. 


8. Elegant Themes pricing package is Unique

First, as mentioned above is that joining Elegant Themes membership plan is equal to purchasing 87+ themes and plugins each at $100.

Another attractive and unique pricing advantage of Elegant Themes is that they have a lifetime plan where you pay a one-time fee of $249 and enjoy all the products fully forever without additional costs or upgrade.

This means that you will enjoy all upgrades of Divi and other products without paying any additional payment.


9. Divi is a Multi-purpose theme you can use to create any website

You can make any website you wish with Divi. No Jokes or fluff here!

There are over 1 million plus active websites using Divi on the internet. Look at a small sample gathered from Alexa in the image below.

If you are still doubting,  you can leave this Divi WordPress theme review for a moment and visit 25 sites made with Divi to  take a look at real life examples.

I want you to visit this website  Free Divi layouts  and on the sidebar scroll down to the categories and tags section to see that you create over 30+ website types with Divi.

This flexibility is made possible by the amazing Divi content modules, which you can use to build any design you want without any coding.


10.You will Get over 180+ Pre-made layouts

No scam or jokes here! Elegant themes simply gives you free templates and blueprints to work with instead of starting from scratch.

There is no excuse why you cannot use Divi even if you are a complete beginner or non-techie because most of the hard work is done for you in these layouts.

These Divi layouts will save you time and you can also use them as a source of inspiration when deciding on the design of your next website.

All you need to do is load the layout from the library and edit it. Find out how to do this in this video on the Divi Library.


11. Divi is translated in 32 languages

Divi is a theme that takes care of customers needs.

Most times we assume that all websites should be in English, but this is just a misconception.

Elegant Themes has changed this narrative, and created a theme that allows you to create a websites with over 32 foreign language options.

It is possible to change all the elements of Divi both inside and out to the language interface , which serves your audience better.


12. Divi Library will save you time

You can save page layouts or even section modules in the Divi library as you create your design.

This is amazing because you can use the saved layouts later in other websites and only change several features to save time and resources.

One outstanding features of the Divi library is the ability to save global items, which when you make changes these modifications are adopted on all pages.

These global items are good for footers, page headers and others more which are explained in 5 useful Divi global modules.

You can also import and export layouts from or to other locations in your device or the web.

I allow you to take a quick break from this Divi WordPress theme review so that you van watch the video below to understand how to use the Divi library and the global items to make your life easier.


13. Divi is a responsive theme

You can set Divi’s responsiveness in all devices: mobile, desktop and even tablet.

This is important because it helps you to determine if your content is easy to read on different screen sizes.

Responsive themes offer better readability and usage for users in all platforms.

You can use several tools, such as Responsitor and User agent switcher, one the best Chrome extension to test if your theme is responsive.


14. Divi theme has a wide range of customization Options

The design settings and customization option in Divi theme are endless.

You can adjust color, borders, animation and almost everything you want to play around with to achieve the best design.

This means that you can make your website unique as possible even if you used a pre-made layout or bought a pre-defined child theme.

Divi will support all the creative ideas you have because there is pretty much everything you can do with the customization options.

The good news does not stop there because you can add custom codes and CSS  in Divi under the advanced settings table to make the theme appearance and design even better.


15. Divi theme is well integrated with the WordPress customizer

I know you must be asking how is this an advantage?

If so, I will tell you.

Imagine a scenario where the two: Divi and WordPress customizer, were accessed from different location. This would be confusing and a waste of time.

Luckily, Divi has pulled all into one location as shown in the image below.


16. Divi theme supports split testing

If you are a fun of creating more than one products to test which performs better, Divi’s split testing  ability will take of this for your needs.

This function is easy to use and allows you to set numerous goals on anything you want to test on your page on Divi.

This is an advantage because it will pick options that will convert well with your customers.


17. You can find anything in Elegant Market place

If you want to buy anything related to Divi or other products by Elegant themes, they have a large collection of them all in the Elegant market place.

Here you can find any child themes, plugin and  layout among other products you may require.


18. You can control multiple usage with the role editor

If your site is managed by more than one users, Divi’s Role Editor can help you to control their functions.

This property in divi It helps you to limit the authority of some users to establish some logical order in the process of content management.

Similarly, it improves the security of your content because it will ensure that sensitive information is only accessible by appropriate custodians.


19. Divi blog module will transform your Boring post layout and design

Are you tired of boring blog page layouts?

If so, I have a solution for you in this Divi WordPress theme review.

Divi’s Blog module can help you to improve the visual attractiveness of your blog.

Watch the video below to see the amazing transformation you can get from this module.


20. Divi cares about the security

The team behind Divi adheres to all security standards a theme must meet.

Divi has passed all tests carried out by Sucuri audit team.

All Divi codes are certified by Sucuri.


So what are some disadvantages of Divi 3.0?

Since I began using Divi until to date when I was writing this Divi WordPress theme review, I have not experienced anything to complain about this WordPress theme because I am satisfied with their services.

However, I have heard people mention these three “problems” frequently.

I am using the term “problems” sparingly here because all have solutions based on my own personal experience and that of other Divi users.

a) The Divi shortcodes: It is said that once you use Divi you are stuck with it forever and cannot change to another theme because it uses shortcodes which cannot be used in other themes.  Nick Roach, the founder of Divi has clearly refuted these claims and provided the solution in this article , If You Use the Divi Theme with WordPress, It Doesn’t Have to be Forever.

b) Divi support after purchase of the theme is awful: I disagree because Divi has several methods you can communicate with them after purchase of the theme package. Yes, it is true they do not have an instant live chat but they have forums, email communication and fast response in Facebook group communities.

c) Divi is bad for SEO because it will slowdown your website: This is a complete lie because my website is fast. Similarly, you can visit Divi Web Designers Facebook Group to find out that all Divi users disagree with these claims. See the image below.


Divi Theme Review 2018: Divi 3.0 FAQ

What is Divi 3.0?

Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme created by Elegant themes and you can use it to create any website.

Will Divi slow down my website?

Not at all. Divi code is tested and certified. Moreover there are many options you can improve the speed of your website, such as choosing a good host or optimizing your images before uploading them.

Is Divi worth buying?


After purchasing Divi theme, you absolutely join Elegant Themes membership plan which allows you to have access to over 87 themes and 7 plugins.

Can I change to another theme in future if I use Divi?

Sure you can. I know you have heard of the horror of Divi shortcode lock-in. However, this is not something to be scared of anymore because the team behind Divi already created a solution.

Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Use the comment section below to leave a question or comment, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



My name is Hildah Mwende. I am a freelance writer and a coach. My expertise falls in the following subject areas, but it is not limited to them: WordPress, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Find a comprehensive list and description of all my competencies and specialties here.

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