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Dna simple is a company that will pay you to donate saliva for money. They argue that they pay $50 for every saliva spit you give.

The aim of this Dna simple review is to give you a Dna simple shark tank update explaining what happened to this saliva donor company after Mark Cuban shark tank deal.

We shall also answer the following questions;

  • Is Dna simple legit?
  • What happened to Dna simple after Shark Tank?
  • Is Dna simple still in business?

The reason we write these reviews is to help you identify legitimate opportunities to make money online. We also would love to expose common make money online scams so that you do not invest in businesses which take money away from you.

Apart from getting paid to donate saliva @ Dna simple, you can also get paid to do the following:

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Dna Simple Shark Tank Update

Dna Simple Company Summary

dna-simpleName: DNAsimple

Website: https://www.dnasimple.org/newhome

Social Media Profiles: LINKEDIN (https://www.linkedin.com/company/dnasimple/), FACEBOOK (https://www.facebook.com/dnasimple/), TWITTER (https://twitter.com/dnasimple?lang=en)

Founder: Olivier Noel

Founded Date: 2015

Industry: Product Research

Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Sign up Cost: Free

Business Model: Get paid to donate saliva and DNA

Do we recommend it: Yes & No (read the “do we recommend it section below”)

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What is
Dna simple?


Dna Simple was formed back on July 1, 2015 after a medical student, Olivier Noel, realized that researchers were struggling with the processes of getting and recruiting study participants. To solve the problem above, he created an online database that allowed patients, scientists, and researchers to connect from any location in the world over the internet.

That online database in what came to be called Dna Simple as we know it today.

Three months after its formation, more than 30 research companies and scientists had already signed up. This fast success resulted in DNA Simple being featured at GenomeWeb, a leading genetics news agency, and Shark Tank (read more on DNAsimple Shark Tank promo below).

Therefore, the primary goal of Dna Simple is to pay anyone to contribute to scientific studies. For example, they pay $50 per spit to people who provide saliva samples for DNA research studies.



Is Dna Simple Legit?

 I have not used DNAsimple yet because they do not accept candidates from my home country.

The good news is that there is not much information that indicates that DNAsimple is not legit. Most evidence like the four below shows that this company is not spam.

Up-to-date social media profiles: The social media profiles (that are Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin) are updated at least weekly which shows that this company is still active on business in 2019.

DNA simple reviews: If you read through reviews left by fans on this Facebook Page, you will notice that there is not too much negative feedback provided. This is a good sign that not too many people are frustrated with this company.

Mark Cuban Investment: Mark Cuban invested $200,000 on DNA simple shark tank pull in exchange for a 24% stake in the company. This about it, why would an investor put all that cash at risk if this company was not legit?


Dna Simple Shark Tank Deal


Olivier Noel & Mark Cuban @ Shark Tank

Olivier Noel presented the ideas on Shark Tank, a popular reality show which helps entrepreneurs in Africa to realize their investment goals.

Noel proposed the idea to the sharks, and asked them to invest $100,000 to finance the idea in exchange for 12.5% stake at the company. (Read more about the idea in the” what is dna simple section”)

Noel made this pitch at the age of 29 when he was studying M.D & Ph.D in Medicine at the Pennsylvania State University College. The Dna Simple idea was inspired by his research projects in the medical field where he noticed requiring study participants was very hard.

That is how he came up with an idea where, a willing participant would earn $50 if they agree to give saliva spits for DNA research analysis.

That Shark Tank pitch caught the attention of many investors, such as Mark Cuban who claimed to have invested $200,000 into the DNA Simple project since he had engaged in a similar business before where he used to sell his blood.

You can read the post shark Tank Dna update in that post to understand what happened after Cuban invested the $200,000 capital into the business.

Apart from Shark Tank, the DNAsimple company and its founder have been featured in many main stream publications, such as Forbes 30 Under 30, BuzzFeed, and FastCompany among others.

Other similar Shark Tank pitches you can check out: robin shark tank and smartgurlz.


Dna Simple Website

Initially when I wrote this review back in November 2019, the DNA simple website was down.  I tried to access their official website, I noticed that their website http://www.dnasimple.org was not active. I do not know if it was under maintenance or I was blocked from accessing it due to my location.

However, when I can to update this post in April 2020, the website (https://www.dnasimple.org/newhome) seems to be working perfectly well and redirecting to a page that is active and well maintained.

Dna Simple Reviews

We are always updating our posts to make sure they provide relevant and up-to-date information. Thus, you can always check for Dnasimple future updates here.

There are several other places you can check out Dna Simple updates, such as:


Dna Simple Sign Up


Step One: Sign up

 Visit the DNAsimple website http://www.dnasimple.org, then click on the sign-up button/link to get directed to the registration form where you shall fill the requested details.

Step Two: Profile

After successful registration, log in to your dashboard then fill out information about yourself, such as age, height, location, medical history, and gender among others. Make sure those are accurate to attract the right investors.

Step Three: Matching

Based on the information you have given in step two above, you shall be matched with researchers who might be interested in your DNA. You have to wait for a clear clarification/notification from those researchers letting you know that you have been chosen as one of their candidates.

Step Four: Kit Collection

The researchers who choose you will send a DNA collection kit and plastic tube to the address you provided in step two above. You shall use that kit to take saliva swabs from your cheeks. Once you are done you must send the sample back through the same mailing address.

Step Five: Approval & Payment

Once your sample is received, the researcher will deposit your $50 through the payment method you provided in step two above when completing your profile and personal information.



What happened to Dna Simple After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, DNAsimple founder Olivier Noel got all the funding he requested (that is $200,000 in exchange for 15% stake at the company from Mark Cuban).

After the establishment of the company, Noel announced that they had surpassed the 130,000 sign up mark by the beginning of 2018.

Their new goal became hitting the 1 million mark by the beginning of 2019.

Check the (Dna Simple update) section above to discover some of the places you get information on the progress of this company.


Is Dna Simple still in business?

Yes. Judging from its social media pages mentioned above, we can say that DNAsimple is still in business because those accounts are active. The official website too seems to be up and very active. However, when you click on the sign up link, you get a response saying that they are not currently accepting new applicants.

The word “temporary” in that sign up error message or response could mean that they will be recruiting new applicants anytime in the future. Therefore, you can bookmark the page to check it out in future. Alternatively, you can sign up to their newsletter to get updates when applications are open.



Do we Recommend Dna Simple? 

Our answer is both yes and no.

Yes because…..

This company is legit and not another make money online scams to avoid.

The founder Olivier Noel has a credible reputation and a strong education/experience background.

The idea was funded by Shark Tank investors which means it was legit and liable for them to invest their money into the business idea.

We did not find any DNAsimple reviews that were negative or those on customer complains which means those who have used the DNAsimple company were not disappointed.

Therefore, we did not find any red flags discouraging you from using this company to make extra cash if you really interested in doing so.

No because….

I do not recommend using this method to make money online for the following reasons:

A) DNA is Delicate Information

Social media sites, emails, websites and most other directories or databases on the web ask for age, gender, location, name and other basic information about you.

DNA is more private information that reveals too much about yourself and family genealogy unlike all the information above.

These companies guarantee the privacy and safety of that information, but we all know that this monster called the internet is not 100% safe at all!

Think of what would happen to you if that information was accessed by unauthorized persons. Just imagine this for a moment to understand why I would have reservations to engage in this type of business.

B) Third Parties Involved

DNAsimple is just a database or platform provided for scientists and interested patients who want to participate in research projects.

In that case, you are not selling your information and DNA to DNAsimple, but you are selling it to other third party companies whom you don’t know too much about.

In case, anything bad happened you might not be able to sue DNAsimple because they clearly state that they are “servicing you” on behalf of their clients.

It is hard to win a case or get justice when too many parties are involved because each of them operates on different terms and rules.

C) Choosy Clients & Low Earning Potential

If these researchers are paying you, they must be tough on their selection process.

For example, they might not choose DNA sample with some hereditary deformities or conditions because they are also looking for perfection.

Thus, you are likely to get less work or even make so little because there is too much competition before getting approval from most of those researchers.

D) Wrong Use of your DNA

Most of the researchers and scientists who will hire you to donate saliva and other DNA components do not clearly state what they do with those samples.

You cannot assume that everyone is honest, ethical and genuine where the money is involved.

Some might be taking your DNA for cloning purposes, while others might use it to alter evidence in crime scenes plus many other wrong or unethical uses.

Before prioritizing the money, kindly think above some of the crimes you might be advancing through providing your DNA.


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Alternative Ways to Make Money Online

There are so many other legit ways to make money online if you are looking for opportunities that are legit and scam-free. Some are even easy and weird ways, such as getting paid to sell feet pics, get paid for sexting & flirting online, or getting paid to play games from home.

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This is a top selling DNA test kit which is easy to use. Once you buy the kit, you will provide a saliva sample following the instructions explained on the manual. You shall then send back the kit to the company who will analyze the results for you and give you the results within 6-8 weeks. That way the results are more accurate because they analyzed and compiled by experts.
23andMe DNA Test

This DNA test kit is grouped into more than 1,500 ancestry and personal traits which will give you detailed results on your DNA composition. They offer vast information in the results which will help you to compare your ancestry and traits history with that of your family members and friends. You do not have to worry about security because they use encrypted methods to keep your information safe. Imagine being able to explain your tastes, preferences and personality through the help of a DNA kit like this one which offers in-depth breakdown of your DNA composition and make-up.
SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Blood Test

This is a blood DNA test which is used by pregnant mothers to determine the gender of their unborn child. The test is used to find if the mother’s blood has Y chromosomes which signify that she is carrying a boy. This test can be easily done from home without the help of a doctor and only takes 2-5 minutes to get the results.
Embark Dog DNA Test

There are more than 250 dog breeds. Dog sellers can easily sell you the wrong or dangerous dog breed. This dog DNA kit will help you to identify such scenarios because it will help you to discover the specific breed type and health condition of any dog. You can also use the results provided by this kit to connect your dog to its ancestral relative sharing similar DNA composition.
STK's Paternity Test Kit

A test that will help you to identify the real parents of anybody. This DNA test kit is ISO certified and all the lab tests costs are included in the sale price of the kit. If you want online results and hard copy results, the company will give all those to you. Your results and information is treated with high levels of confidentiality making it safe.
MyHeritage DNA Test Kit

This DNA testing kit is unique because it not only help you to find your DNA composition but can also help you to identify relatives you did not know about from your maternal or paternal sides. It will also give you an understanding of your ethnicity composition. It is easy to use because you do not need any special training and the process takes less than 2 minutes to complete. This kit comes at an affordable price and it draws its data from huge global databases which makes it convenient for everyone.
DNA Test Kit tellmeGen

This is not only a DNA test kit but also a health tell kit which will help you to discover underlying health conditions from your ancestry. This is an added advantage because you might discover a health condition early enough before it gets to the complicated stages. Another upside of this kit is that the company updates it automatically without any additional costs on your side.
National Geographic DNA Test Kit

Unlike other DNA test kits which relay the data in text version only, this one also produces a video of your DNA results on top of the text-based report. They also offer DNA results about your regional ancestry origin dating back from 500,000 years ago. This might help you to know if you were related to ancient historical figures and personalities like Benjamin Franklin and many others.

This is a DNA test kit which will help you to trace your relatives, family connections and lineage through time. You will also be able to know which ancient-age invaders and fathers were directly related to your family lineage. The data provided can also help you to come up with a geographic connection to your family origin.
Canine Breed Identification Test Kit

A DNA test which will help you to determine or identify the breed of your dog. There is so many benefits to knowing your dog’s breed, such as being able to choose its feeds and language of communication better. The results takes around two weeks, and you can be sure you shall receive an in-depth final analysis since the results are analyzed by experts.




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