Ecom Cash Code Review: Is Ecom Cash Code Scam?

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Welcome to my Ecom cash code review!

The reason I write these reviews is because most people like me who love working from home are always looking for legit opportunities to make money online.

There are so many make money online scam programs and opportunities which will end up stealing money from you or wasting your time.

These reviews will help you to know which opportunities are real and which ones you should avoid.

Today we are exploring the Ecom cash code program. In this review, I will provide answers to the following questions:

      • What is Ecom cash code?
      • Is Ecom cash code scam?
      • Is Ecom cash code legit & real?



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Let’s start by analyzing the name of this program. Ecom stands for E-commerce. Therefore, this program claims to give you a code or strategy you can use to earn cash from E-commerce business model.

Once you have access to the system, all you have to do in plugin a simple code then begin to earn cash. Too good to be true, right?

Teo Vee, the short form for Teo Vanyo , is known to be the main guy behind this product because he is the one who explained how the program works in the initial pitch video.


Ecom cash code sign up & how it works

You have to access the sales page of this program first to be able to sign up. I looked for the official website, original pitch video, online ad or email having the sales page link but I could not find any.

If the sales page happens to hype you enough to pay for the system, you have to pay the $47 signup fee  or $97 in other sales page versions, to access a dashboard where you can make the quick cash using a code.

They claim to offer free training and affiliate marketing tools which will help you to make money using their system. I do not have proof of this because I did find the sign-up link anywhere.



Here are 7 red flags which proof that Ecom cash code is a scam!

#1 Where is Ecom cash code official website?

A website is a very legit sales page which helps you to determine if a program is legit or not. It gives relevant information on how the program works, its owners, the compensation strategy and profile to interested clients or employees.

The fact that I could not find an official website to the Ecom cash code product is a huge red flag you should not ignore.


#2 Is this the original pitch video?

When I failed to find the official Ecom cash code website, I began looking for the sale video by Teo Vee.

I only came across this Ecom cash code Youtube channel which seem to have a mix of content on health living,  crypto currency and kashtree program review.

Although the title of the channel was Ecom cash code, there was only one video below with a similar title. The video is very shallow and uninformative. Check it below.


#3 Is it a My Ecom Club sales funnel?

Judging from the fact their names are closely similar, there is a high possibility that Econ cash code is a sales funnel used to drive sales and customers to the My Ecom club.

If that is the case, My Ecom club is a scam you should avoid at all costs!

Check out the my ecom club better business bureau (bbb) profile to see that they are not recommended by anyone.


As I was reading through the complainants, I found a link between the two programs when Teo Vee, the same guy behind Ecom cash code sales video was mentioned in the following complain raised by a person who got scammed in the My Ecom club.


Below are other programs used as sales funnels for the My Ecom club. Make sure you avoid them too at all costs.

  • Ecom Freedom Blueprint
  • Get the Discovery
  • Get This Plan
  • Passive Money Miracle
  • Job Killer
  • Click N Flip


#4 Use of Fake testimonials

The most popular testimonial on how Ecom cash code is a perfect side hustle was given by a lady who claimed that the system helped her to make more than $80,000.


Most fake and scam websites hire people on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr to write their reviews. Others simply purchase professional stock images of real people then write the reviews themselves.

It looks like Ecom cash code hired the lady from fiver because she actively sells voiceover and professional spokesperson services on Fiverr.



#5 Too many clone websites

 When you visit a legit, secure and non-scammy website, you get redirect to the original domain containing the name of the website, such as

However, in this case, you get redirected to multiple website URLs all pitching the same product using a different domain name.

 That is a marketing strategy used by scam websites to ensure that they remain in business after one website is shutdown or recognized by many people as scam.



#6 The fake hype

 You are promised to be taught a “little known secret” and “loophole” in the e-commerce business world you can use to make lots of cash.

Additionally, most testimonials given are from people making more than $80,000 with the secret system.

Does that not sound too good to be true?

They seem to be selling you a get-rich-quick system which will make you a millionaire overnight. There is no such thing as overnight success online. The sooner you accept that, the faster you shall eliminate the possibility of getting scammed online.


#7 Inconsistent information

I mentioned that Econ cash code is known for using multiple clone website to get people to the sales page.

The registration or sign up fee on some website is $97 while on others the fee is $47.

This inconsistency in the facts is a huge red flag you should not ignore.



Yes, the Econ cash code program is legit and real in the sense that it actually exists to market a very popular Internet program known as My Ecom Club.

On the other hand, I do not think this program is worth your time and money investment because it markets a program with a very bad reputation.

Additionally, this program is not free to join. You will pay a $47 or $97 sign up fee for something you do not have actual proof that they deliver what they claim to provide. After all, the testimonials and payment prods used in the website are all fake and written by writers hired from Fiverr.

In short, I do not recommend Econ cash code to anyone!

My Recommendation

Affiliate marketing and drop shipping are two main legit ways I know can help you to make extra cash in the E-commerce business market.

For dropshiping I recommend you check out Shopify. They offer get started guides for beginners and free or affordable tools for experts in that field.

For affiliate marketing, I recommended you sign up to the affiliate programs of the websites or products below. I can assure you that all are legit, tried and tested by me on this blog.

Zippy Loan: Get a $50 bonus for every successful sign up through your affiliate link. You can get an affiliate link from Maxbounty affiliate network.

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