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Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body Online

Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body Online

Did you know you can get paid to sell pictures of your body online? 

This is a make money online idea that favors women mostly. That does not mean that men cannot do it.

Men can do it too because this is a general guide on how to make money showing your body online for both males and females.

Do not run away, fearing that all you have to do is sell nudes and other adult content. That is one side of the coin.

On the other side, you can get paid to sell mainstream body pictures like your feet and selfies. If you want to get paid for pictures of yourself, then see how to make money selling photos of yourself online during my spare time.

In addition, for tips on how to make money with your body online, check out these two blog posts on how to make money as a webcam model or this one on how to get paid to sext on these phone sexting companies.

If you want my recommendation, I believe that Shutterstock is the best to submit pics for the cash app, where you sell body pictures for money.



This post might contain affiliate links. I may earn some commission if you click on such links. You shall not incur any extra cost if that happens. Please read our full affiliate disclosure here!



GET PAID FOR PICTURES OF YOUR BODY – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)



Who Wants Pictures Of Your Body?

Companies will always need pictures to market their products and services. For example, as a blogger, I buy the images I use from DepositPhotos or Shutterstock.

Single men and women in cam sites, dating sites, or on these sites where you get paid to talk to lonely men need sexual images to satisfy their desires.

People who love to sext chat will pay for video calls and images which offer them that. Read this post on phone sexting companies’ jobs for more details.

In some other instances, someone can pay you to be an online girlfriend. Since they are paying you, they might ask for your body pictures.

Alternatively, if you do not want to sell nudes and other adult-content-related photos, you can get paid to sell mainstream photos. Read this guide on how to get paid to be an online friend for more details.


Is It Illegal To Sell Pictures Of Yourself?

It is not illegal to sell pictures of yourself as long as they do not have the features below;

One, they are not obscene (that is, they do not contain any offensive content against the standard morality and decency standards)

Two, you are not a minor (that is, if you are below 18 years, you must do it with the help of a parent or guardian)

Three, your state law does not prohibit it. For instance, most state laws prohibit kiddie porn.

Four, it is not blackmailing. For example, a side chick might want to sell a picture of their sponsor to the media to expose them.

Five, no copyright issues. As long as you own the image, you free to sell it.

Have more legal questions? Click here to talk to a Lawyer >>>


Is This Safe To Sell Your Images Online?

Yes, it is safe to sell your body pictures online as long as you observe the precautions below;

Make your social media business accounts different from personal accounts:  Instead of using your personal social media account to sell your body pictures, create a separate business account.

Avoid falling in love with clients: You cannot reason objectively when you are in love. To avoid making wrong decisions, do not get your feelings involved.

Be anonymous: If possible, hide your identity and every personal detail as much as you can. It’s advisable to use a different name from your real one.

Please do not show your face: People will forget your name, but they will not forget your face. If you don’t like dealing with cyberbullying or if you want to keep your identity secret, you should keep your face out of this business.

Family Awareness: Let your close family members know your dealings so that they can make a follow-up quickly in case of any uncommon circumstances.

Avoid dangerous meeting points: Some clients will want to meet up. In such a case, avoid such deals or meet in non-risky places in the company of someone else. If possible, do not meet up with clients at all.


How Much Can You Earn Selling Pictures Of Your Body?

The amount you make when selling pictures of your body will depend on several factors


A high quality picture shot with the right camera with a combination of the right background and environment will often be attractive, hence attractive high price binds.

The object on the pictures must be highly attractive to attract better buyers.

For example if the nails on hand pictures are very pretty, buyers might pay more for the image.



To take a perfect picture you will need the right equipment.

You do not need perfect skin color or perfect looks to get paid for your body pictures.

All you need are basic skills on how to use the right editing software’s like Photoshop and a high-resolution camera.

If you want my recommendation on the best camera to buy, I would advice you to get the Canon PowerShot SX530 if you have a low budget or the Nikon D850 FX-format if you have a high budget.

The two cameras’ above do not come with tripods; hence you will need to purchase them separately.

If you have a low budget, I would recommend you go for the Lightweight Tripod, or the AmazonBasics 60-Inch Tripod if you are on a high budget. Both options come with a bad, which makes transportation efficient.



There many places to sell pictures of your body like five above.

Platforms which allow you to negotiate directly with the client will allow you to charge high and fair prices.

Also selling photos via your personal websites will eliminate third-parties hence increasing the amount you make from selling the picture.



Some clients will pay more than others depending on their financial abilities and need for that photo.



The photo can be a graphic, gif or video.

Definitely photos in video or animated forms will sell more because they take longer time to create and produce.



If you just starting out on this part time job of selling photos, you will charge lower prices to attract more clients as compared to an experienced photo seller who had been in the market for a longer period.



GET PAID FOR PICTURES OF YOUR BODY– How To Make Money Showing Your Body Online On 6 Sites




It is a platform where you can sell or buy photos and videos.

Photos or videos are organized into folders known as Boxes.

The more boxes you sell, the more money you shall make.

Therefore, your goal is to fill the boxes with attention-grabbing photos to get more followers.

You shall get all the money you ask from the client. That means BentBox does not take any commission from the money you make.

The advantage of this platform is that they have many buyers.

Another thing I loved about this platform is that you are given the right to choose if you want to see mainstream or adult content.

Additionally, they have many payment methods like credit cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, and more.

Click Here To Check Out BentBox >>>>



Another platform we recommend for selling photos and videos.

It is not free- you have to pay a one-time membership fee of $3.

The goal is to get as many credits as possible because that is how you make money.

1 Credit is equivalent to 1 dollar.

You get credit through messaging your followers and asking them to give your photos credits.

Below are several things you can do to boost your potential of making lots of money on SquarePeep.

One, follow many people so that they follow you back.

Upload photos frequently and regularly. For example, try to upload more than three images daily.

Check what is trending on the NewsFeed Tab, then make sure you share similar content too.

Use attractive headers and tags to name your images, so you make more money!

Click Here To Check Out SquarePeep >>>>



This a platform that allows models and influencers to create a fan base.

Your fans will become your buyers.

This platform is not free.  You have to get a premium membership to access more premium features.

Additionally, you do not get all the money you charge the client because this site gets a 25% commission. For instance, if you charge $50, then you shall get 37%.

The advantage is that they have many buyers, which means you will make lots of money on FanCentro.

Additionally, they pay through many methods like ACH, Wire, and PayPal, giving you more flexibility.

Click Here To Check Out FanCentro >>>



IsMyGirl.Com is another legit sites and app to sell pictures of yourself online for money. Your users also known as subscribers will pay $1 daily or $20 monthly subscription feel to be able to view your images.

IsMyGirl.Com is also a platform I use to sell videos of myself online. If you post a video, your users will pay $16 per video to be able to watch it.




Using editing software’s like Canva, its easy to transform still photos into a video. The video would even sell more if you added some background voice telling a story from the images.

After you create such videos, you can easily sell them on this platform- ManyVids.Com

You can make money off nudes videos. Its also possible to create videos where you are selling selfies.

If you have been wondering how to make money with a nice body, this is one of those opportunities where you can take videos of your perfect body then sell them on this site to sell pics for cash.



AVN social media site is one of the best sites to sell pictures of yourself, especially those for the adult industry.

You get paid for pictures you post on this site as long as you have an active account which Is well set-up according to the company’s guidelines.



1. Start selling your photos, graphics and images online for $10 per imageor more!

2. Get paid to read as explained on this FREE Webinar taught by a lady who makes $40,000 every month through reading.

3. Make $500 or more daily through sending emails as taught by this digital marketer who has built a seven-figure email marketing business.

4. Sign up with Survey Junkie to do quick surveys paying more than $50 daily.

5. Alternatively, you can even use Swagbucks to get paid to do regular everyday tasks like watching videos and searching the web!




GET PAID FOR PICTURES OF YOUR BODY – How To Make Money Selling Pictures Of Your Body Online



Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Snapchat, Onlyfans, Tiktok are some of the common social media sites you can sell pictures on.

You must remember to use the right keywords and hashtags to help interested customers to find your pictures.

Make sure you also build the strength of your account by gaining more followers and popularity to increase your chances of making more money.



Apps to sell photos like Foab, Kik, Whisper and Dreamstime are some common apps to use to sell photos.

The good news is that most of these apps are free and you can find them on Google Store if you use an Android phone or on Apple Store if you use an iPhone.




I always buy photos and videos to use on my blog from Shutterstock and Deposit photos.

Those photos which other bloggers and I buy from such stock photography websites are sold by photographers.

You can sign up as a photographer on such sites and begin selling photos too.



Marketplaces are online spaces where buyers and sellers meet to buy or sell anything respectively.

Photos are one of the many things sold on such platforms.

Etsy and Craiglist and some of the best marketplaces you should check out.



Instead of selling your body photos on these third-party websites, you can simply create your own photography website and sell photos from there.

Use this step by step guide to create a WordPress photography website.

You can also use a platform like Shopify to start a photography website using an E-commerce or dropshipping business model where you can also sell other products used in photography too.




GET PAID FOR PICTURES OF YOUR BODY – How To Make Money With Your Body Online




Refer to this Guide: How to sell feet pics, where to sell feet pics and how much to charge for feet pics definitive guide.

If you search the phrase “sell feet pics” on Google, you shall realize it has about 83 million searches every second. That means selling feet pictures is very popular.

People who suffer from foot fetish are always looking for attractive feet pics. Foot fetishism is a condition where a person gets sexual arousal or has a strong attraction for body parts, such as the feet.



Some movie producers will often enter into contracts with people who sell pictures of feet they can use to complement the message in the film, movie or documentary.

A blogger writing content related to feet, like this post, will need foot pictures to complement and support the text.

Marketers or brands who are advertising feet products or services, will also require high quality profession feet pictures to fulfill their marketing goals.

Therefore, selling feet pictures is a very major side hustle idea on the Internet which some people are using to make money like this lady.




Hand pictures can be used for many purposes. For example, they can be used to market a service like nail art.

They can also be used to teach gestures, teach actions like how to wash hands properly and even communicate a message like types of skin diseases on hands.

Check out this sell hand pictures online guide to discover how and where to sell feet pictures.



Nudes are photos where you sell your body while naked.

This is a type of sexting job online where participants get paid to chat, flirt and sex talk with lonely men and women online.

You must make sure you love flirting or chatting erotically with strangers before you start on this online job. You must also be above 18 to do this kind of online job because it is an adult activity not encouraged for children.

One of the places to sell nudes is one of these best cam sites, such as Chaturbate, Xmodels and MyGirlFund among others.

Below are other websites and apps to sell nudes on: MyVipFans, OnlyFans, Fancentro and ExtraLunchMoney among others.



DNAsimple is one of the many companies that will pay you to donate saliva for money.

They argue that they pay $50 for every saliva spit you give.

Read this post to understand how you can get paid to sell saliva online.



Sperm donation is the process where a man gives away his semen (fluid containing sperm) to a sperm bank. The semen is produced after ejaculation either initiated through sex or masturbation.

These sperms can be used by researchers for study purposes. They can also be sold to couples who are unable to give birth naturally.

Most sperm banks pay around $40 to $100 for every semen sample. is one of the best websites you can use to find a sperm bank near you.

Refer to this guide on how to get paid to donate sperms for more details on this ways to make money online on the side.






How to choose the right camera.
Where to sell photos online.
How to become a professional photographer.
How to become a six-figure earning digital photographer.
The pros and cons of getting paid to take photos.

how to sell feet pics




While man have a place to sell sperms, women have sites they can also sell their eggs.

A site like the will facilitate that.




Another thing women can sell online from their breasts is milk.

A site like OnlytheBreast will allow you to sell breast milk to interested mothers/buyers.



Sites like will connect women who are willing to become surrogate mothers to willing hires.

This way you get paid to sell your womb.



Stool is used for many purposes like lab tests to facilitate disease research.

A site like will allow you to sell stool and make money.




#10 HAIR

If you have beautiful hair which you want to do away with, you can sell it on sites like Hairsellon among others.



Before you decide to donate bone marrow, you must remember that the extraction process is very complex and can be risky too.

Check out this guide to learn more about this.



Blood plasma is given to people under shock, trauma or serious burn accidents to prevent blood clotting.

A site like will allow you to donate plasma for money.




Welcome to the end of this detailed guide on get paid for pictures of your body.

By now I want to believe you have tips on how to make money showing your body online on BentBox, Fancetro, SquarePeep and other sites where you sell body pictures for money.

I also shared tips on how to make money selling photos of yourself on Selfie apps like EyeEm and on sell nudes apps like OnlyFans.

Finally, we talked about how to make money with your body online, and I gave you a list of all the body parts you can sell and make money online like your feet, hands and face among others.


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