Get Paid to Listen to Music & Earn PayPal Money


It is unfathomable to believe that getting paid to listen to music is possible.

Listening to music is fun and even more entertaining when you receive a reward.

Not everyone can get into a studio to record music, but the advancement of technology has made it possible for everyone to benefit.

Getting paid to listen to music is possible, and many people make passive income from different platforms daily.

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8 Apps Where You Get Paid To Listen To Music Online

Many apps pay you to listen to music online.

These apps reward the listener through the reviews an individual shares after listening to the song.

Some of the apps include:

#1 – Slicethepie

If you like sharing your feedback once you listen to a song, you can make money on Slicethepie.

There is no need to post comments freely, but you can offer constructive feedback which can earn you $0.10 per review.


#2 – Current Rewards

The app has a straightforward model, rewarding people for using it to listen to music.

They have curated music of all genres, allowing users to earn a little pay.
The Current Rewards App does not have subscriptions, which makes it better than Spotify.

In a good year, one can earn $600 and above.


#3 – HitPredictor

Hitpredictor is an app you can’t miss if you are a hardcore music enthusiast.

The management is always looking for new songs they add to their app.

They allow users to post feedback to help the artists to understand what to improve before officially releasing the song.

HitPredictor pays through Amazon gift cards.


#4 – Playlist Push

This standard app has collaborated with Spotify to help curate a playlist for listeners on Playlist Push.

You should have more than 1000 followers per playlist and at least 30 active listeners.

Once you meet the requirements, you qualify for $1.25 to $15 for each review you post.

Playlist Push is a website that invites music reviews to create playlist reviews and get paid.

Playlist Push Review Curator

Playlist push review curator manages a Spotify playlist with a significant number of followers.

Playlist push Real OR Fake

Playlist Push is genuine and not fake. Although it is easy to register and do reviews on playlist push, management must be strict regarding the quality of the review.

Your reputation score influences the amount of work you can get and the earnings you can receive per review.

How Can I earn money as a curator?

Once you have completed reviewing a song, you are paid $1.25 to $15 per review.

Playlist Push pays through a bank account, Venmo, or PayPal.


#5 – RadioEarn

Radio stations remain major entertainment platforms and have billions of audiences globally.

RadioEarn site pays people to listen to music from different programs in the United States.

You can sign up and start to earn passive income. The points you earn can be redeemed for an Amazon gift or Bitcoin.



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#6 – Nelson Market Research

Nelson Market Research app pays people to listen to music.

Once you download and install Nelson Market Research App will track your online activities.

The app will pay you for participation in research.

Streaming platforms post these research activities to investigate their users’ experience.

Nelson Market Research pays $50 and above in a year, depending on your participation rate.


#7 – Spotify

Spotify is a huge music platform that millions of users use monthly.

The platform supports music publishing by artists from all over the world.

How do you make money on Spotify?

Spotify does not pay artists directly like YouTube.

The company records the views and submits the royalties to the distributor, who then pays the artist.

Get paid Spotify Playlist

It would help if you had an organic following to qualify as a Spotify curator.

For every review you make, you can earn $15 per song.

Artists who want to promote their clients’ songs can pay you to add them to your playlist.

In doing so, you earn extra money, which is paid instantly.

How much does Spotify pay per 1000 streams?

Spotify pay is not great but it allows artists to monetize their works.

For every 1000 streams, Spotify pays $4.

They do not pay the artist directly but send the royalties to the distributor.


#8 – Youtube

YouTube pays artists for their creativity. One can make songs and post for monetization.

The more people listen to the music, the higher YouTube pays artists.

What to Do to Start Making Money on YouTube

You must create a YouTube channel through your Gmail account as an artist.

Once you have created the account, optimize it and post your music.

Once you attain 1000 subscribers and a 4000 viewing hours threshold, apply for monetization.

YouTube will start to place Ads on your songs that are paid.

You can also promote sponsored content to diversify your source your earnings.

How do artists make money from music videos?

You can make money from YouTube by becoming a musician and uploading songs.

A YouTuber earns $0.5 and above per 1000 views depending on geographical location.

Once a YouTube channel is monetized and gets over 1 million views, you can earn over $1000 per month.


Wrapping It Up

Get you paid to listen to music on PayPal?

PayPal is a global payment gateway supporting over 200 countries.

People would want to know whether paying to listen to music through PayPal is possible.

The answer is YES. Almost all platforms online utilize PayPal to pay music reviewers.

Create a PayPal personal account and share it with the company that contracts to review music to send the payment.

Getting paid to listen to music is not a lucrative source of income but serves as a motivation.

Rather than utilize applications that consume your bandwidth for free, you can try the applications listed in this article to make some passive income.



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