Earn & Get Paid To Watch Videos For Money


Are you looking for a get paid to watch videos online legit opportunity?

You might be surprised that watching videos for money is a real thing online.

There are so many ways you can earn money by watching videos like the 6 get paid to watch videos opportunities below;

    • Get paid to watch YouTube videos
    • Get paid to watch ads videos
    • Get paid to watch Netflix videos
    • Get paid to watch true crime shows Videos
    • Get paid to watch horror movies videos
    • Get paid to watch TV videos

In this blog post, I am going to show you how to get paid to watch videos for PayPal money, gift cards, crypto earnings, and other types of rewards in the six opportunities above.


This post might contain affiliate links. I may earn some commission if you click on such links. You shall not incur any extra cost if that happens. Please read our full affiliate disclosure here!



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Get Paid To Watch Youtube Videos



At Gramfree you get 3 YouTube videos to watch daily. They pay 0.1 gram per video you watch for about 60 seconds.

That means per day you get 0.3 grams (0.1*3), per month you will have 9 grams (0.3 * 30), and per year will have a total of 108 grams (9 *12).

Apart from watching videos, there are other ways to earn like referrals, lottery, smart contracts and free rolls.

A gram is a type of blockchain crypto payment closely similar to Ethereum.

Currently, one gram is equivalent to $4.88.

You must have a minimum balance of 500 grams in your account to be able to withdraw from Gramfree.

So, if you get 500 grams, you shall receive $2,440 ($4.88 * 500) to Paypal, Payoneer, or Bitcoin wallet accounts.

Signing up is easy and fast, and you can use a Facebook account or a Google Gmail account. More so, registration is 100% free.

HOWEVER, I am not sure if Gramfree pays or not, and that is why I decided to try it out to test if they pay or not.

Currently, I am at 369 grams, which means I need 131 grams to meet the 500 grams withdrawal threshold.


You can help me achieve that by signing up through my Gramfree referral link, then make sure you complete the first-level task progress. If you do not complete it, my account will not be credited with the referral grams.

Join me in this journey and let us test if this site pays or not because if they pay, then this is a very lucrative opportunity to make money online in Kenya.



Timebucks has partnered with a third-party website called Engaged Hits to offer an opportunity where their clients can get paid $0.01 per YouTube video they watch.

There are some settings you will need to do before you can earn through this method. The good news is that I have created a step-by-step tutorial that can get you started.

Remember, Timebucks offers other make-money opportunities you get paid to refer new users, post on Facebook, complete short tasks, and view funny slideshows among others.



Picoworkers is a micro tasks website similar to YSense, Swagbucks, or MTurk among others.

Video creators who are trying to grow their channels on YouTube, Odysee, or AppleWatch pay workers on this site to increase the popularity of their videos.

The rate you get paid ranges from $0.05 to $1 depending on the length of the video. You can even get paid more if the employer asks you to do extra tasks such as liking, sharing, subscribing, or commenting on the channel.

Apart from video marketing tasks, there are so many other types of micro jobs on Picoworkers like form filling, data entry, forum posting, and article writing among others.

You can also make money as a Picoworkers affiliate if you do not want to become a micro worker.



If you go to Fiverr right now and search one of these phrases, “watch videos” or “YouTube”, you shall notice there are so many freelancers making lots of money by completing video-related tasks like;

  • Creating video elements like thumbnails, subtitles, background removal, editing, rendering, and more.
  • Offering video response feedback through writing reviews and summaries.
  • Repurposing videos by turning them into PowerPoint, and animation.

All these tasks cannot be done without watching the original video first.

This is a great way to spend time watching videos because you shall be making money and at the same time learning new skills or practicing the existing ones.

The advantage of using Fiverr is that there are so many other freelance tasks you can make money from like writing, design, programming, and marketing among others.

Alternatively, you can choose to become a Fiverr affiliate if you are not interested in becoming a freelancer.



There are these two platforms (MillionFormula and Youtuber.Money) that claim that they will pay you to watch YouTube videos.

I do not know if they can be trusted, and that is why I added them to this list so that you do some research on them, then provide your feedback in the comment section.

They seem to pay lots of money, and that is why they grabbed my attention.


Get Paid To Watch Videos For PayPal Money: 10 Ways To Earn PayPal Money By Watching Videos




Since 2010, Swagbucks has provided an opportunity where people can make money watching TV via Swagbucks live, and by watching online videos via Swagbucks watch.

On these two platforms, you expect to find 30 minutes to 1-hour-long videos from multiple categories like sport, fashion, lifestyle, or food among others.

Each of those categories has a playlist with more than 20 videos, and this means there are lots of videos to watch and earn money on this site.

The number of points you earn per video will depend on its length and category.

After gathering enough points, you can exchange them for real rewards in form of PayPal cash, gift cards, or merchandise.

There are so many other ways to earn rewards on Swagbucks like the $10 sign-up bonus, and the daily bonuses from playing games, taking surveys, shopping online and completing many other offers.

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Kashkick gives you an opportunity to earn PayPal money by completing short offers like taking surveys and watching videos among others.

You can make from as low as $10 to as high as a couple of thousand dollars.

It all depends on the amount of time you spend on the site, and the total workload you complete. Some days and hours of the day have more work than others.

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InboxDollars offers an opportunity to make money after watching TV shows, movie trailers, demonstrations, video intros and outros, and product features among other video-based content.

After 22 years of being in the rewards programs market, InboxDollars has managed to pay over $50 million in rewards to its participants since it was established in 2000.

Apart from watching videos, you can boost your earnings from other earning opportunities like reading emails and downloading coupons among others.

Every new member manages to get a $5 sign-up bonus added to their account immediately after they verify and update their account profile.



YSense was originally founded in 2007 as a paid-to-click website.

Later in 2012, the company diversified its business model and began to offer market research services.

Currently, it is one of the largest and most popular rewards sites on the internet where you get paid to complete several tasks, such as watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, and more.

Market research reports also show that they pay more than $30 million every month to their workers.

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You must get the MyPoints TV App to be able to make more money watching videos.

Yes, you can access videos from the desktop browser version of MyPoints, but the options are limited, and that is why you need the app.

In addition, you cannot earn more than 500 points daily from the browser, but you can cross that cap if you use the app.

One unique feature of MyPoints is that apart from rewarding you in form of gift cards and cash, you can also get travel and shopping rewards.

All new accounts are awarded a welcome sign-up bonus worth $10 Amazon or Visa gift card.


Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is a passive income earning app because you just need to download and activate it, then they will pay you $50 every year as long as you keep it active.

What they do is that they will record all your browsing data including the videos you watch daily, and that is why they are going to pay you.

Nielsen also offers alternative ways to make money like;

  • The Nielsen TV ratings programs
  • The monthly sweepstakes
  • The $10,000 contest
  • Ability to register multiple devices
  • The Nielsen TV family program



To understand how Earnably works, we must talk about another platform known as Hideout.tv, which is the founder of the latter.

Hideout.tv pays Earnably users to watch all the TV commercials and video ads from advertisers who work with that TV station.

All the points earned can easily be redeemed into cash and gift cards from your dashboard.



IRazoo has a rating of 4.6 from 1400 user reviews on TrustPilot, where it is marked as a verified company.

This is a reward site where you watch videos, download apps, take surveys, play games, and get paid.

Apart from watching TV, you shall earn PayPal cash and gift cards from watching trailers, movie reviews, and short films.

All new members are awarded a free sign-up bonus of 100 points after successfully creating a verified account.



FusionCash has paid over $ 5 million in PayPal, direct deposit and checks reward to its members for the last 12 years of operation.

Other than watching videos, there are several ways to make more on this platform like by;

  • Register a new account, and get the $5 sign-up bonus.
  • Join the active contributors’ members club to get a bonus of $3 monthly.
  • Promote your referral link, and earn some affiliate commission.
  • Earn cash from playing, renting, and buying games.
  • Complete simple offers like clicking, answering questions, and getting paid to do tasks.


Creations Rewards

Creations Rewards will credit your account with a $5 sign-up bonus when you successfully create a verified account.

Here you get paid cash or gift card rewards after watching videos, visiting websites, trying offers, and shopping online among other activities.

Note: You earn points first for every activity you complete, then redeem the points for real rewards after gathering lots of points.


Get Paid To Watch Ads Videos



If you check out Starclicks on Trustpilot, you will be impressed by their amazing rating of 4.8 out of 5 after being reviewed by more than 25,000 users.

It is marked as a verified company in the advertising agencies category because 92% of those reviews are positive feedback.

Apart from clicking ads and watching them, you can make money with the Starclicks referral program, which has made me over $150 so far.



Current was initially created as an app that pays you to play and listen to music.

After they lately introduced the Mode Earn App for Android devices, they introduced new ways of making passive income from tasks we do daily like unlocking phone screens and shopping online among others.

Watching ads, playing games, taking surveys, and completing offers are some other income boosters offered on this app.

After gathering enough points, you can redeem them into PayPal cash, gift cards, and merchandise.



Adviev was established in 2010 as a mobile ad exchange platform for advertisers and publishers.

As a publisher, you can allow this company to publish ads on your online business, such as your website, then they will pay you based on a CPM rate.

Advertisers can also get more sales and customers for their businesses by advertising on this platform.

On this platform, you shall get paid around 0.0015$ to 8.94$ per ad view.

There are two benefits of using this platform;

  • You can cash out as low as $0.25 to Payeer, Perfect Money, Litecoin, and Paypal among other payment gateways.
  • Getting started is 100% because there are no registration fees to pay on this site. However, they have other paid membership options if you want to increase your earning potential faster.



Permission.io is totally different from all the other ad viewing websites discussed in this post because they only pay in crypto payments.

This platform can be trusted because its pioneers and founders are the Polygon Group, one of the largest market leaders in Ethereum trading.

Apart from offering ad jobs, they have an active job site where you can get your dream technology career job.



AdWallet works with popular brands and business owners who promote their products and services through advertising.

They pay ad publishers around $0.50 to $3 per video ad view they place on their digital platforms.

The amount you make will depend on the information you put on your profile, especially details related to demographics and location.

After you attain the $10 withdrawal threshold, you are free to cash it out to a prepaid card, donations ad eGift card.

Unfortunately, their sign-up process is strict because you must provide a phone number, and verify it too.



Watching video ads is just one of the ways of making money on You-Cubez.

Completing surveys, referring friends, and watching videos are some other ways to collect some cash on this site.

For example, if you refer a new person to this site, you shall earn about 15% commission out of their lifetime rewards.

After earning your first 8 pounds, you will be able to cash out your rewards via PayPal or through cryptocurrency wallets.


Get Paid To Watch Netflix Videos


Netflix Tagger

Netflix employs a special group of influencers known as “taggers”, who recommend shows and movies to viewers using tags.

Date of release, main characters, topic, genre, and related content are examples of tags used during the labeling and grouping process.

Apart from tagging, these types of employees are paid to rate, annotate and write analyses for Tv shows and documentaries posted on Netflix.

According to this Glassdoor report, a tagger makes around $50,000 per year.

To get this job position, you have to visit the Netflix Jobs platform and then search these phrases, “tagger”, “editorial analyst”, metadata analyst, or “creative analyst” among others.

Note: This job is not always available, so you must bookmark that page, then keep checking on it regularly.



Viggle targets two types of fans: music listeners and TV watchers.

For all the shows, movies, films or trailers, you shall watch on this website, you shall earn Viggle rewards called Perk Points.

If 30 points is equivalent to one cent, that means you will need lots of points to make enough dollar. That means this opportunity will not make you rich overnight.

It will just offer you an opportunity to make passive income gradually on the side while doing activities you already do daily for free.



There are so many ways you can make money from rating, reviewing, critiquing, and analyzing Netflix movies like;

Work for Mystery Shopper as someone who gives feedback related to movie shopping.

Become a movie writer and reviewer at MovieWeb writer program.

Get paid to rant any opinion or view of all the movies you watch at ScreenRant Contributor program.

Become a footage critic writer for Found Footage Critic.

Get hired to write horror articles for Bloody Disgusting.

Become a digital publisher for major movie magazine outlets at PressPad.


Content Creator

Instead of working for the third-party websites above, you can choose to become a boss in the movie-watching niche by creating;

All these are examples of digital products, which can be monetized with advertising, affiliate marketing, direct sales or sponsored content.



A company like ScreenSkills will hire you to write captions for all dialogues, music and sounds used in a film, movie or video.

Take1 is an example of a company that is always hiring typing lovers who can turn spoken/audio tv and movie content into written transcripts.

There are so many outsourcing agencies like Media Match, which will link you to an appropriate translator job for movie producers.


Get Paid To Watch TV Videos


Nielsen Family

No more watching TV for free if you allow Nielsen to track your viewing habits so that they can be able to produce television program rating data.

According to this MoneyMisFit blog post, a tv watcher can earn more than $30 per week when they are registered to the Nielsen Family program.


Media Rewards

Most of us end up consuming too much media without getting paid. Media Rewards can turn the time you spend watching TV, browsing YouTube, and Listening to the radio into real money rewards.

They only have a few slots available monthly so you must bookmark their website so that you visit it regularly to avoid missing open opportunities.

They also provide other income-generating opportunities like paid surveys, which are paid in form of cash or gift cards.


The Viewers

The Viewers is a platform that promises to pay all United Kingdom residents who are willing to provide feedback about the TV programs they watch.

Your viewers will help them know what time people watch TV the most, and which programs have the best viewership.

Their surveys pay around 10 to 40 pounds, which means you can easily make around 3 pounds every minute of simple questions that take too little time to complete.



A TV video-watching platform that will help you to earn crypto payments while you watch TV-TWO from the comfort of your home.

They also have other multiple income boosting opportunities where you can make money by completing several tasks on the web.

TV-TWO is very active on Twitter, Facebook, and Medium, which is a good sign because you can go and see if they receive negative or positive feedback on those platforms.

Also, you can link as many devices as you have in your home to TV-TWO, which will maximize your earning potential.



If you are hired as an in-home nanny, babysitter, handyman, or any other type of caregiver, you get paid to watch TV in these ways;

One, during a free time like when the babies fall asleep, you can watch TV as you wait for them to wake up.

Two, the primary caregivers can pay you to look after their babies, pets, or older parents as they go out to watch TV movies.

Three, you can provide transport services as a ride-share driver or a delivery agent.

Four, you can choose to rent out a TV watching room, garage/yard space, or car.


Tv Career/Job

Working in the TV industry can attract lots of money and rewards. It can also get you a stable job instead of dealing with the seasonal problems of side hustles.

There are so many remote job listing sites like Flexjobs where you can get well-vetted legit work-from-home jobs.

Alternatively, you can check out TV careers job boards like the EntertainmentCareers.net platform for more alternatives.


Problem Solver

If you are an expert in TV-related issues, genre, or content, you can help these two problems solving companies (Innocentive and Ideaconnection)

You will help them to come up with better solutions to daily problems occurring in the workplace.



There are so many things you can sell to TV actors like your hair to make them look more appealing for their roles.

TV producers and agencies can also hire you to become a parts model, body double, and more as explained in this post on how to make money as a woman.


Get Paid To Watch True Crime Shows Videos


The bad news is that getting paid to watch true crime shows is a seasonal job that is only available regularly when the opportunity presents itself.

Below are some examples of such opportunities that have been announced this year.

Magellan TV

In April Magellan TV announced that they were paying $2,400 ($100 per hour) to a contestant who would sit for 24 hours watching true crime films.

The other contestants that emerge in the top 100 runners-up list would get a one-year free membership at Magellan TV streaming.



In January POM dating app promised to pay $135 per hour (or $45,000 per year) to contestants who were able to watch 7 hours of dating shows per week.



In November last year, Review.org was paying $2500 to contestants who were able to watch 25 crime-related holiday movies in 25 days.


Hallmark Movies

This company was established in 2000 by Crown Media Holdings and claims that they pay $1000 every month to winners selected in the watch category.


How To Get Such Opportunities

I do not know if these opportunities are still available.

What you can do is search this phrase, “get paid to watch true crime shows” on Google every day to catch such opportunities immediately after they are announced.

In addition, you can check out popular news sites like BusinessInsinder, Mashable, Local news, and Newsweek among others for such opportunities.


Get Paid To Watch Horror Movies Videos


Finance Buzz

During Halloween last year, this company FinanceBuzz announced that they were paying $1300  to people who were willing to be brave enough and watch 13 scariest horror movies in the world.



On their site, Dish Network claims that they will pay $1300 to a final contestant who will be able to watch 13 horror classic movies before Halloween.

I don’t know if you noticed that most of these opportunities are available during major holiday seasons like Halloween or Christmas among others.


Cable TV

This company is also paying $2000 to a contestant who can watch 13 binge-worthy horror movies. The winner also get gift cards from popular brands like Starbucks and Amazon.


How To Get These Jobs

These are seasonal opportunities available at specific times. You can find them by doing a Google search of this phrase, “get paid to watch horror movies”.

Alternatively, you can make it a habit to read digital publications, media outlets and news sites to discover such opportunities when they are announced.


Wrapping It Up

Now those are the legit ways to get paid to watch videos online.

You get paid to watch YouTube videos, ads videos, Netflix movie videos, crime shows videos, horror movie videos and TV videos.

Al these opportunities offer many rewards like getting paid via PayPal cash or gift cards.

There are so many other get paid to opportunities on the web like;


This post might contain affiliate links. I may earn some commission if you click on such links. You shall not incur any extra cost if that happens. Please read our full affiliate disclosure here!



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