Who Am I

Hi, my name is Hildah.

I am a blogger, copywriter, ghostwriter and freelance writer.

I am the founder of this blog which I started in 2018. I have other blogs which I started in 2020 after perfecting the skills of blogging like this one-TheRugsGal.Com.



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What I Do

I do four things;

  1. Blog Writing
  2. Copywriting
  3. Ghostwriting
  4. Freelance writing

Are you looking for a writer who understands SEO and knows how to write SEO optimized content? You just found me!

Or do you need content marketing copies which attract, engage and convert your readers to buyers? I am your writer for that too!



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How I Do It

I use the expert skills, knowledge and experience I have gained for the last 10 years. I started writing since 13 years. I have studied a bachelors degree in Journalism and I have worked in many local media outlets in my country.

I officially started making money writing in 2011 in my first college year with freelance writing, then I transitioned to blogging in 2018.

In summary, writing is in my DNA and its my heartbeat.


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