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How I Make Money Online With a Blog (A Case Study Of

How I Make Money Online With a Blog (A Case Study Of


Hi there,

My name is Hildah Mwende, a blogger and copywriter.

I am the owner and founder of this blog you are reading right now,

I also have some niche sites like this one-TheRugsGal.Com, where I write content on rugs.

I will talk about niche sites on another day and post. Today, we focus on how I make money blogging on


When did I start

I started this blog in March 2018.

That was after I lost my official 9-5-day job.


When did I start making money on

In February 2019.

Yes, I made less than $100 the whole of 2018 on this blog.

That was because I was making these costly blogging mistakes.

It took me a whole year to get it right!

Don’t be discouraged because I have this guide to show you how to do it the right way.

When you do it the right way, I guarantee you shall be making more than $1000 by your 6th blogging month.


How do I make money on

Firstly, I make money through affiliate marketing.


Secondly, I make extra cash through advertisements published by


Thirdly, I make money by selling digital products.

For example, I have written these two eBooks on SEO and Pinterest Marketing.

Finally, I make money through sponsored content where brands pay me to review their products or allow them to write guest posts.

What are traffic sources?

I get traffic to this blog in two main ways;

One is organic traffic from search engines. This is the result of doing proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on this blog!

Two, I get traffic from Pinterest, which is also a source of free traffic. Get more tips here.

Apart from the two main ways above I also get traffic from;


Where do I recommend you get started in blogging?

I would you start by reading this step-by-step guide on how to start a money-making blog the right way!

If you have a blog and you want more personalized help or tips, email me at [email protected].

Tools & Resources I Use In SproutMentor.Com


This is the WordPress theme I use on, with a combination of the FreeSpirit child theme.

Visit this Screenshot Evidence for proof that I use the Divi Theme!

how to sell feet pics



This is the web-hosting company where is hosted.

Check out this screenshot for proof.

Their Managed WordPress packages are the top recommended for bloggers getting more than 100,000 page-views monthly.

how to sell feet pics



I use this too to create landing pages and sales funnels for the affiliate marketing or CPA marketing which I promote.

See a screenshot of my Buiderall account.

how to sell feet pics



When I need any WordPress technical assistance iMark Interactive is the company I use.

Grayson Bell, the founder is highly recommended by bloggers.

I have hired them for speed optimizations tasks and other technical jobs.

Check out this screenshot for proof that this is a company I use!

how to sell feet pics



This is the platform I use to sell my digital products like books and courses.

Check out proof here!

how to sell feet pics


I cannot list all the tools and resources I use one this blog here because they are many!

Click on the image below to get the whole list!

how to sell feet pics



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