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How much to charge for feet pictures is a question, which cannot be answered with a specific answer like $20, $50, $100, and so on.

You can check out this how to sell feet pictures guide to learn as much information you need on selling feet pictures.

Below are some of the factors which are used to determine how much to charge for feet pictures:


1. The client or buyer

Bloggers, magazine owners, movie makers, and foot fetish individuals are some typical clients looking for feet pictures.

Some will pay more to get higher quality feet pictures, while others will pay less.

For example, a movie maker will offer more money for profoundly beautiful feet pics compared to a blog looking for relevant feet pics to add to their posts.

Therefore, the amount you charge on this case will depend on your clients’ offer or the price you both arrive at after a negotiation.


2. Your level

You could be a beginner just starting, an intermediate feet pictures seller, or a highly professional feet pictures model who has been in the business for a longer time.

Usually, the price will range from $5 to $100 per pic in most cases.

As a beginner, you want to start with charging low prices like $5 to $20 then gradually increase your value as your expertise and presence in the industry grows.


3. The feet

Some feet are more beautiful than others.

Similarly, feet have different features. For instance, some are slender, while others are wide and fat.

Also, some have beautiful and well-kept toes and nails while others lack that level of perfectionism

Thus, the more perfect and beautiful your feet are, the more you should charge for them.

Pro Tip: Every foot pic is unique in its way, so do not let beauty and perfectionism standards placed on the market discourage you from venturing into this side hustle.


4. The Picture

Photography is an art, and some people have mastered it better than others. A small group of artists was born with that talent of taking breath-taking photos.

That said, if you pay a professional photographer to take your feet pictures, then you should ask for more money for them.

Similarly, if you know how to take high-quality images with the right, artistic composition, print quality, and other photoshoot elements, then it deserves better pay.

In short, the high the quality of the picture, the more the money you should charge for it.


5. Presence of custom features

Sometimes feet buyers are looking for more than plain feet pictures. For example, so want feet pictures with peanut butter applied to them while others want feet pic with highly expensive art designs.

For any additional features, you should charge and extra cost.


6. The format

Most times, feet pictures are solved in a graphic or image format.

In some cases, the client may require pictures in other formats, such as video, animation, or handmade drawings, among others.

Charge more as the format becomes complicated and highly expensive to replicate.

For instance, you can charge $10 for image format feet pictures and $20 for video or animation feet pictures format.


7. The platform

By platform, I mean, where you sell the feet pictures or the specific app or website you shall use to market your feet pictures.

Some platforms are more popular than others. The more popular, the higher the possibility of finding higher-paying clients.

Therefore, you can increase your chances of attracting higher prices by selling feet pictures on well-known platforms like Instafeet, Craiglist, Shutterstock, and Instagram, among others.


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