How To Get Atleast 2000 Pageviews Daily Free From Pinterest

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How I Get FREE Traffic From Pinterest


To a blogger, online marketers or brands, traffic is very important.

You need those clicks, visits, and page views to make money.

In other words, for your affiliate links to get any clicks/conversions, or in order to make any sales on your digital products, your audience must visit your blog post or product landing page-and that is how traffic becomes important.

There are many ways to get traffic both free and paid, such as social media, search engines, forums and many others. For example, apart from Pinterest, I get my other 50% traffic from Google as explained on his book on how to rank any keyword on Position 1 in Google.

In this book, I will show you how to drive atleast 2000 pageviews daily for FREE  using one of my favorite platform- PINTEREST.

I do not get tons of traffic from Pinterest. All the same, the goal here is to show you how I make sure that I get above 2000 pageviews daily.

I manage a range of 3000 to 7000 pageviews daily, which makes a total close to or slightly above 100,000 pageviews monthly from Pinterest. (See the screenshots)







How is 2000 pageviews important?


Let’s analyze the income potential of 2000 visits daily to a blogger like me.

You are guaranteed $1000 every month from display ads if you are with Mediavine.

Placing ads on your site is just one of the many passive ways of making money with a blog. Affiliate marketing, which is another method which can guarantee you another $1000.

Additionally, if you create digital products like books and courses, you have a guarantee of another $1000.

Therefore, you can comfortably make $3000 per month with 2000 pageviews daily.





What will this book teach you?


  • The 8 strategies I use & you can use to get 2000 pageviews daily for FREE.
  • If your niche is Pinterest friendly, you will get 3 useful tips/foundation factors you can use to drive over one million visits every month from Pinterest.
  • You will also get 3 other detailed guides on:
    • Other free ways to drive traffic
    • How to make money with a blog or any other digital platform.
    • How to start a money making blog the right way.





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