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How To Get Free Money Now & Fast (Top 22 Ways)

by | May 2, 2019 | Make Money Online

Are you looking for ideas on how to get free money?

Did you know that you have countless options to make money online either as a side hustle or a full-time online job?

These 20 companies will give you free sign up bonus from $1 to $300 when you become a new member. The registration process in each will take less than 5 minutes, which means you will have more than $100 in less than 2 hours.

The good thing is that sign up is completely 100% free, and you do not need any technical experience to do so.

Better yet, once you are a member you can make more money in these companies through other available ways to get free money on paypal, such as taking surveys, shopping online, downloading and installing apps and participating in product testing among others.

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1. Get $10 from Ebates

EBates is one of the largest cashback sites in America, which will help you to save money when you are shopping online. They partner with more than 2,500 stores, which explains why they are famous.

It is free to join, and you will get a free $10 sign up bonus just for registering in their platform with no other strings attached.

The registration process will take less than 5 minutes, which means this is one of the easiest money making ideas, which will cost you nothing.

How to get free money on Ebates

Ebates will help you to spend less when you are shopping online, which will help to save a few dollars in your budget.

Get Cash Backs: When you visit shopping store sites, this app will automatically provide alerts for available cash backs offers. You can get up to 40% cash back on the original price of the product. For example, if you buy something worth $500 from Amazon, you are likely to get a $50 cash back if you use this app.

Apply for coupons: This app will automatically apply a coupon for you at the checkout post for every product you purchase.

Shop at the lowest price: This app has a feature called the Price Magic, which compares prices in different stores, and gives you the lowest available price.

Refer a friend: Once the referral is successful, you will earn $25 within 90 days of them becoming a member at Ebates.

4 ways to use Ebates, and take advantage of these money making ideas!

  1. Download their app: This is ideal for people who love shopping on their mobile phones. You will receive alerts and notifications from Ebates, making sure that you will never miss a sale.
  2. Install Ebates Browser Extension: After you install it, it will add a cash back button at the top of your browser. It will automatically find promos, coupons and cashback offers for you, which you can activate by clicking the button.
  3. Sign in your Ebates dashboard Account & Shop: All you have to do is log in into your account from Ebates official website, and shop in 2000+ featured stores and retailers, such as Amazon, Macy’s, Noble and Target among others.

2. Get $10 from BeFrugal

Similar to Ebates, BeFrugal is a cashback site, which will help you to save and make money while you shop online in major stores, such as Amazon and Target.

BeFrugal partners with more than 5000 shopping stores and merchants, which means there are many money making ideas and opportunities in this site.

Once you sign up, which is 100% free, you will get a $10 sign-up bonus.

Note: You cannot withdraw this amount until you earn an extra $10 in cash back offers within 90 days from the join date.

Unlike most cashback sites, which pay in PayPal alone, BeFrugal also pays through check and Amazon Gift cards. However, they have a minimum withdrawal amount of $25, which means that you can use only withdrawal when your account meets that threshold.

How to get free money on Paypal with BeFrugal in 5 other ways

  • Get up to 40% cash backs on purchases from 5000+ Stores
  • Get exclusive coupons
  • Find the best hand-picked deals, and only shop the best quality for low prices.
  • Get additional shopping deals from Amazon, Target, Macy’s and other 5000+ stores online.
  • You can also refer a friend and earn $10 for every successful referral.

3. Get $5 from Point Club

In PointClub you earn points for completing surveys and other offers.

The registration process only takes 30 seconds or less because all you need to submit is your email address and password. Once you confirm the email address, you will get a free 1000 points, which is equivalent to $5 sign up bonus.

Taking surveys is another money making the idea you can use to build riches in PointClub. You will earn around 90 points per survey, which you can change into cash or Amazon gift cards.

Similar sites: PointPrizes and Swagbucks.

4. Get $5 from Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a GTP (get-paid-to) site where you complete several offers, then you earn points called SB.

Once you get enough points, you can redeem them into cash or Amazon gift cards. For example, $7 Amazon gift card is equivalent to 620 SB.

Signing up will only take less than one minute, and you will get a free $5 sign-up bonus upon completion.

Ten other Money Making ideas on Swagbucks

  • Watch videos and earn 3 SB for every 30 minutes video.
  • Download and install phone apps, and make 15-50 SBs per action.
  • Earn points and cash backs when shopping online. For example, for every $2 you spend shopping you get 3 SBs.
  • Complete surveys and polls, which take less than 20 minutes. You will make 40-100 SBs per survey/poll. Check out other 50 best-paid survey sites
  • Get 10% of lifetime earnings on Swagbucks of a friend you refer as long as they remain members.
  • Use Swagbucks Browser Extension to discover and get alerts on latest shopping codes, swag codes, and
  • Enter into sweepstakes contests, cash giveaways, and other bundles.
  • Play games online and get paid 10 SBs per game.
  • Use Swagbucks browser and expect to make 10-20 SBs for every 10 to 20 searches.
  • Sign up to services and daily goals plans, and expect to earn more SBs.

5. Get $5 from InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a GPT site that will pay you to perform several tasks and complete offers, such as taking surveys.

The registration process will only take less than five minutes, and once you are done, you shall receive a $5 sign up bonus.

Other money-making ideas in InboxDollars

  • Read emails and earn money.
  • Search the web and make between $0.25 – $3 per search.
  • Watch videos and TV and receive $0.06 per video.
  • Take surveys and earn between $0.50 – $10 per survey. Discover other 50 best survey sites for 2018 here.
  • Complete offers, such as shopping on Group on and make more extra money.

If you love completing these offers on your mobile phone, you can download Inbox Dollars Android App or the IOS App.

6. Get $3 from Shop tracker

Shop Tracker is an app or site run, managed and operated by Harris Poll Online, a popular site operating mostly in the Canadian and the United States market.

Shop Tracker will pay you when you allow them to access your shopping history data. The app does not read any personal information, such as shipping addresses and payment information, so your security is managed.

Once you sign up, download, install and complete the short test of 5 questions, you will receive a free $3 sign up bonus within 48 hours once your application is approved.

Later, when you keep it active in your phone, the app will send you a price of $3 every month once you become a member.

Note: To qualify you must be above 18 years, be a US resident and at least have an Amazon account.

7. Get $5 from MobileXpression

MobileXpression is an app that specializes in collecting market research data related to internet usage.

The site will not read any personal information from your phone, so you need not worry about this at all.

Immediately after signing up through the complete process, you will get a free $5 Amazon gift card.

If you keep the app active, you will continue to earn more free rewards and passive income from it periodically.

Use the links below to sign up

8. Get $3 from Panda Research

Panda Research is a reputable market research survey site that will pay you to complete surveys, polls and other offers.

After registering and completing the sign-up process, you will get a free $3 sign-up bonus.

They have many surveys paying between $1 to $75, which means you can quickly multiply the $3 bonus into good cash, then withdraw it via PayPal.

9. Get $5 from FusionCash

FusionCash is a popular GPT site, where you can make money online in many ways, such as watching videos, taking surveys, and shopping online and clicking ads among others.

You will get a $5 sign-up bonus after successfully filling out the sign-up form, which involves submitting your name, email address The site has an A+ rating in popular review sites, such as Survey Police, which means that their money making ideas are legitimate.

FusionCash has operated since 2005 and has more than 3 million registered user. Therefore, this is a scam-free make money online opportunity.

10. Get $10 from Ibotta

Ibotta is a popular smartphone app you can use to make money on the side when doing grocery shopping.

Immediately after downloading and installing the app, you shall get a $10 sign up bonus free with no strings attached.

Other money-making ideas with the Ibotta App

  • Shop with the app and get 2% to 10% cash back.
  • Refer a new member and receive a $5 bonus.
  • Earn points called rebates, then redeem them into cash. For example, 15 rebates are equivalent to $1.

11. Get $10 from MyPoints

MyPoints is a GPT (get-paid-to) site where you can earn points for completing several tasks, such as taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, reading emails and answering polls among others.

After you have earned enough points, you can redeem them into gift cards; cash paid via PayPal and travel miles.

All you need is 2 minutes to become a member, and you shall receive a $10 sign up bonus after you complete the process.

12. Get $5 from VIP Voice

VIP Voice is a popular survey site where you complete surveys and then you earn points called VIP points.

After you have gathered enough points, you can redeem them into cash, sweepstakes entries and other prizes, such as vacation, electronics, appliances and much more.

You only need one minute to register, and you shall receive a $5 sign up bonus after you successful confirm your email address.

This is a good money making idea because you will earn around 50 to 150 points per survey, which takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

13. Get $10 from Earning Station

Earning Station is a survey site where you earn around 50 to 100 points per survey.

After joining, you shall receive a free $10 sign up bonus as a gesture of warm welcome to the team.

Other money-making ideas to Earn Station

  • Read emails and earn between $0.01 to $0.50 per email.
  • Watch videos and make $0.02 for every ten
  • Play games and get 20% cash back. For example, if you stent $10, you will get a cashback of $2.
  • Shop on Groupon and get up to 10% cash back.
  • Find promo codes and earn more free points on the site.

14. Get $2 from Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a survey site that will pay you in cash after completing surveys. You shall earn anything between $0.25 and $50 per survey.

Registering to this site is very easy, and you shall receive a $2 sign up bonus immediately after becoming a member.

You can even make things easier for yourself by completing surveys directly from your mobile phone using this link.

15. Get $2 from CashCrate

CashCrate is a famous survey site that will pay you $3 to $5 per survey. They have many surveys available, which means you can easily make good money from this site.

Apart from taking surveys, referring friends is also another money making the idea you can use to make $10 per referral in this site.

Immediately after completing the sign-up process, you shall get a $2 sign up bonus paid via PayPal.

16. Get $10 from Groupon

Groupon is a website that will help you save money when shopping through the use of coupons.

After registering you shall get a $10 sign up bonus and email alerts of available coupons you can use in various stores.

17. Get $300 from VIPKID

About Company:  VIPKID is the largest online school for Chinese children who want to learn English.

Compensation: $14-22/hour plus a $300 sign up bonus for new teachers.

Quick Facts about Online English Tutoring Jobs on VIPKID

  • This company was established in 2013
  • They hire people from home North America
  • You will teach Chinese Children (Kindergarten to grade 9)
  • Every class or lesson lasts 25-30 minutes
  • Their pay is $12 to $22 per hour depending on your experience and expertise.

Qkids & Education First  are other opportunities similar to VIPKID, and you can click here to discover over 16 companies hiring tutors now!

18. Get $250 from Lyft

Lyft is a company which is always hiring drivers who want to make extra cash with their driving skills.

After you are hired as a driver on Lyft, you become eligible to win a Free $250 sign up bonus after your first 100 rides.

Visit this link to check out Lyft Driver Requirements so that you can apply today for a chance to win the free $250 given to all new drivers after they complete 100 to 125 rides working for Lyft.

Also, in case your application is declined or you fail to meet the requirements, check out Uber , which is similar to Lyft and is always hiring drivers too.

Other Ways To Make Money With Your Driving Skills

19. Get $50 From Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Installing and downloading apps either on your mobile phone of computer is very easy, and can be done by anyone even extremely lazy people.

Not all app will pay you to download and use them, the Nielsen Computer and Mobile app is one out the money money making apps that will pay you a Free $50 after you download, install and keep the app active on your phone.

This app is managed by Nielsen one of the best Fortune 500 companies. The company conducts research on customer behavior, consumption choices, internet usage and other market research products.

You can also get free money on the Nielsen app through participating in the weekly sweepstakes entries.

Other Nielsen Products you can use to Make Extra Cash

20. Get $200 From Credible

Credible is a website that will help you to refinance your student loan. Refinancing is the process where a third party pays off your existing loan (usually one with a higher interest rate), and then you shall get a new loan (with a lower interest rate).

For example, if your current student loan is asking for a 40% interest rate, using a refinancing site like Credible.com can create a new loan for you with a 10-20% interest rate. That means that you will save half the amount you would have spent on the initial loan, which makes this one the best side jobs from home you can use to make extra cash every month.

Credible gives a Free $200 sign up bonus to all members who successfully register and manage to refinance their loans successfully.

21. Get $10 From Trim

Proper budgeting and financial management is the best strategy for increasing your savings. Remember that money saved is money earned because that is extra cash you can use for more productive investments.

Trim is one of the best financial advisors and manager you can use to track your expenses and create a smart budget. The advantage is that this app is free to use and it shall improve your life by increasing your savings.

Also you will get a Free $10 sign up bonus after you completely set up this up and begin to use it.

22. Get $5 From Drop App

Drop is another shopping app that will help you to make extra money when shopping in the following ways;

Earn points: Once you successfully link this app to your debit cards and shopping accounts you shall earn points which you can redeem into cash. For example, every 1000 points you make, that is equivalent to $5.

Get cashbacks: You can get up to 30% cashback on stuff you already bought with this app.

Get cash rewards: Such as gift cards, free merchandise, cash prices among other prizes.


Here are 20 simple suggestions on how to get free money on Paypal now! All these ways to make money online are legit and can be done by anyone. #money #howtogetfreemoney #makemoneyfast #makemoneyonlinefree #makemoneyonline #extracashideas #workfromhome #workathome #workfromhomejobs #howtomakemoneyonline #howtomakemoneyontheside #howtomakemoneyfromhome

Simple Ways To Make $100 Online Daily

Survey Junkie: Earn up to $50 per survey in this site. It is 100% free to sign up. Find out more here.

Swagbucks: Get $5 sign up bonus, and also make more than $1000 in this site as explained in this post.

Zippy Loan: This site will give an unsecured personal loan up to $15,000 even if you have a bad credit record as explained in this post. You can invest that loan into one of these business ideas.

VIPKID: Earn $22 tutoring kids online and also get a $300 sign up bonus as explained in this post.

Ebates: Earn up 40% cashback on things you shop from your favorite stores, such as Amazon, eBay and Macy’s among others. Find out more here.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile App: This app will pay you $50 among other prizes when you install, use and keep it active in your phone. Find other 50 money making apps in this post.

Fiverr: Earn $5 and above per gig in this marketplace with projects on writing, editing, design, data entry, translation, web development and programming among other fields. Find out more here.

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