Online Jobs For 13 Year Olds That Pay Good Money


How to make money as a 13 year old is the main question this post seeks to answer. Put in another dimension, we can also say that the main lesson you will learn is how to make money fast a kid.

The content in this post applies to teenagers who are ages 13-18 years. Therefore, simply put this post is for any teenager or parent to a teen who want information on how to make money as a teen.

There so many creative ways to make money as a teenager especially online. The advantage of these online jobs for 13 year olds is that you do not need any capital or upfront fee to get started.

Therefore, stick around and learn how to make money at school during your spare time of after classes.

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How To Get $15,000 Online!

Zippy Loan is a site which prides itself in providing its clients with fast personal loans using a simple, secure and transparent process.

They have over 100+ loan lenders who provide a wide variety of unsecured loans for bad credit, which suits the needs of anyone willing to get a personal loan.

Zippy Loan Alternative: Next Day Personal Loan.Com


  • All states in the United States are accepted except for New York, West Virginia or the District of Columbia.
  • The amount you want to borrow must be within the range of $100.00 to $15,000.
  • You must complete all the four steps above on “how it works” section to get your loan approval.
  • Must be willing to work with the Lending period: 6 – 72 months.


  • The process is simple, fast, secure and reliable.
  • The funds are deposited directly to your account within one business day.
  • All credit types are accepted even for people with a bad credit score
  • They have a large pool of lenders 200 and more
  • Their repayment period is more extended than in other sites.

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Completing paid surveys is one of the best creative ways to make money online because you can do it from your smartphone if you do not have a computer.

Additionally, you do not need any training or special expertise to complete a survey because most are on simple topics.

The best voted survey site for teens by our readers is Survey Junkie (Read our detailed Survey Junkie Review)

Most survey sites hire participants who are 16 years and above, however, there are few like the ones below you can find jobs for 13 year olds.

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How Websites Make Money


The existence of website and page builders like Divi and Wix has made creating a website an easy job even for people who do not have coding expertise.

For example, I have studied journalism without any background in website development languages. Despite that, I used the Divi builder to build this blog sproutmentor. I set up this blog all by myself without the help of any developer. I used Divi Documentation manual and Youtube videos to get started.

You do not need any coding expertise or knowledge of any website development language to create a website all thanks to those builders. These builders come with manuals that will get started.

There are so many thing you can do with a website, such as:

A website can make money in many ways; advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content and other monetization strategies explained in that post.

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Swagbucks is a popular website with too many get paid to jobs.

There are several ways 13 year olds can make money on the site, such as;

After you complete each activity above, you earn points called Swagbucks or SBs. These points can be later redeemed into cash, gift cards, merchandise, shopping vouchers, and charity donations among others.

Sites similar to Swagbucks: TimeBucks & InboxDollars (check out their Android & IOS mobile apps)

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A skill is could be a set of abilities or competence you might have gained from prior training or learning.

Also a skills could be a talent which is an inborn ability that enables you to be good at something over everyone else.

Having the right set of skills will enable you to complete tasks within the specified time and energy.

For instance, you may have some expertise in the following;

Freelance marketplaces like Fiverr are some of the best places to find clients who are willing to pay for the skills above and many more.

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Almost every teenager owns a smartphone. These types of phones must use Android or iOS apps for full functionality.

Most apps do not pay but there are few money making apps that pay users after they complete several tasks, such as walking, reading, shopping and answering surveys among others.

Downloading and installing these app on you smartphone is one of the best creative ways to make money as a 13, 14 or 15 year old.

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If you are a 13 year old who loves taking care of others and things, then this might be the best online job for you.

For example, you might be a teen who love to look after pets, such as dogs. Rover is one the best site you can use to apply for dog walking, pet feeding or pet grooming job.

You must have a loving, kind and big heart for this job.

Below are some examples of care-giving jobs available online:

Remember: You must read the specific requirements of each website mentioned in the posts below before you apply to identify is they accept teenagers or candidates below 18 years.

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Every home has chores which are done on a daily basis.

People without in-home nannies and cleaners might need an extra hand to complete daily chores, such as;

  • Garbage removal
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Shopping Groceries
  • Moving
  • Installations
  • House renovation and decoration

Below are some of the best sites you can find the tasks above:

The advantage of this way to make money as a 13 year old is that you get paid on a daily basis.

Additionally, there are many online websites like the two below which will connect you with the right clients looking for such services.

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You might have old books you do not need anymore. You can sell such books on sites like Bookscouter among others.

You can also sell old used clothing on sites like ThreadUp among others.

Selling feet pictures is also a thing on sites like Craiglist and Instagram stories.

If you know how to create handmade crafts and vintage items you can sell them on sites like Etsy.

Generally you can sell any merchandise online on Amazon, ebay and any other online store.



Vlogging is the process of creating video content for YouTube.

Just like Google, Youtube is also a search engine where people go to consume content and find information.

A youtube channel make money in many ways, such as Advertising, Affiliate marketing and sponsored content among others described in this post.

This is a perfect job for 13 year olds because with only a smartphone you can easily record a video.

There are so many kids YouTube star some even below 10 years who are making over $22 million per year on Youtube.

You can read this post to learn how kids are making money on YouTube, with little to no experience and expertise or sophisticated equipment.

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