Online Jobs For 16 Year Olds At Home


In this post, we shall talk about how to make money online at 16 years old.

So, in this case, 16 years represents teenagers looking for tips on how to make money as a teen.­­­­­­

These side hustles are also ideal for high school and college students looking for the best online jobs for students.

We are going to look at three little-known low-stress easy jobs for teenagers who are beginners without any skills or experience.

These part-time side jobs are also 100% free, which means they are ways to make money online free without paying anything.

If you prefer video instead of text, watch the video below;­­



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How To Make Money Online At 16 Years Old In 3 Ways


1. Make Money with Your Voice & Speech


Your voice is a free God-given resource that can make you money.

Also, if you have a good mastery of any language like English or French you can make cash out of that.

Again, if you are this person who has a very powerful voice that is a voice that can be used to do things like recordings or voiceovers.

There are many companies that can actually pay you to use your voice like ATEXTO.


This company simply works with very known companies like Transcribe, Voice Base, IBM, OneZone, and Voicey among others.

These are clients looking for people to do voice-related jobs like transcription, language translation, speech recognition jobs, and voiceovers.

To get started at Atexto, you just visit their website (https://www.atexto.com/), then click on the “become a tasker” option on the homepage.

Read the requirements of this job from their remote online jobs page, then complete the sign-up form.

Once you get approved, complete the available jobs then you shall get paid through PayPal.

Remember the good thing about working for this company is that it is genuine.

Also, it’s well known and it works with real clients that mean you are assured that you’ll be paid.

Alternatively, or another way to maximize your earnings on this company is by joining the referral program.

For every new user who signs up through your affiliate link, you will earn a commission which will increase your possibility of making more money with Atexto.


One best alternative to Atexto is Corti.io, which offers speech recognition and voice jobs to people who have a medical background.

Another alternative to Atexto is ConverseNow where voice assistants are hired regularly.

In summary, the goal at the end of the day is you look for opportunities where you can monetize your voice.

If these three companies (Atexto, Corti, and Converse Now) are not places you’d wish to work at, you simply can go to google and search, how to make money with my voice or how to make money with my speech.



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2. Make Money With Your Gaming Skills


One thing that teenagers love doing is gaming.

I am sure from one time to another you’ve played the game on your mobile phone or on your play station.

There are so many platforms or you can get paid to play games.

One of the best places to get started as a teenager is at THETAN ARENA.


This is a website where you get paid to play NFT games in the blockchain technology.

Read this post to get money-earning games that are perfect Thetan Arena alternatives.


3. Make Money From Your Talents


I know you have some kind of talent like acting and singing among others.

Where you live there are companies known as CASTING AGENCIES.

These are third-party partners who look for talent on behalf of the hiring agencies or clients.

For example, if you think you have a singing talent you go to a casting agency and tell them that you think you have a talent, then they will test it.

Once you pass the test, they will then they will place you or connect you to an employer looking for a singer, model, or your skillset.

Some casting agencies will even train you or perfect your skills before they link you up to the right employer.

To get such casting agencies, go to Google and search casting agencies near Me.


Final Thoughts 


There are thousands of opportunities on how to make money online at 16 years old.

On this post, I narrowed down those ways to three because I was only interested in talking about strategies that are unique, free and little-known.

If you want the whole list of other popular ways of making money online as a teenager, read the two posts below;

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