Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous?


Is selling feet pics dangerous?

No. selling feet pictures is not dangerous as long as you remember the tips to stay safe below.

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6 Safe Ways To Sell Feet Pics

1. Maintain Foot Fitness


Engage in basic to expert-level foot exercises to keep your feet slender, shapely, and in the right stature for your career.

For example, you can use any of these feet’ healthcare products to boost the immune system of your feet and the whole body in general.


2.  Invest in Foot Health & Cleanliness


You must take good care of your feet to eliminate any bad odor, blisters, crookedness, warts, and cuticles.

This is possible through regularly undertaking pedicure cleaning, exfoliation, and moisturizing procedures from time to time.

Check out these foot-protecting products you can buy below at affordable prices from Amazon;


3. Learn from Foot Models


Foot models sell foot pictures more professionally, which means they get paid more.

Here are four things you can learn from parts models;

One, practice the art of creatively taking different feet poses.

For example, you can type barefoot pics, feet with socks, and feet with shoes among others.

This will increase the scope of your buyers.

Two, if you are selling your feet pictures on public platforms like social media, remember to keep your identity anonymous for your own safety and security.

Three, have specific contact details for the business of selling feet pictures. For instance, you can designate one email address and mobile number for activities related to feet pictures.

Four, copyright your photos by adding watermarks and other branding effects.

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4. Understand Your Clients


Your clients’ needs and tastes will be different.

For example, buyers from the fetish nation will want something sexy, romantic, and arousing.

On the other hand, a blog or marketer buying feet pictures might look for something very professional.


5. Sell Quality Feet Pics


Quality can be achieved in different ways.

For instance, you can hire a professional photographer or buy a high-resolution camera.

Also, you can choose your location wisely so that it complements or increase the aesthetic appeal of your feet further.

Quality feet pictures will always receive higher price bids which means you shall make more money.


6. Be Reasonable In Your Pricing


Normally clients buying feet pictures can pay as low as $10 to as high as $200 per picture.

That difference is brought about by the factors below;

Your level: If you are a total beginner, you will want to keep the price you charge on the low end to attract clients. You can gradually increase that price as you understand the market and your client’s needs.

Clients’ demands: If the clients request additional details, such as drawing tattoos on your feet or applying butter among others, then you should charge higher for such pics than you would for normal feet pics.

Picture quality: A picture shot with the right camera on the right background will be more aesthetic, attractive and quality hence attracting higher prices.

The beauty of the feet: Feet that are well-groomed and so beautiful will attract more clients, especially those willing to pay lots of money.

The platform: Selling feet pics on social media will make you more money than selling them through third-party websites like Instafeet because you will not be charged a commission.

The client: People buy feet pictures for different reasons which create many types of buyers. For example, a client with a feet fetish is likely to pay higher than a blogger who is just buying the image to use it on their blog post.

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Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous?




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