Jobs For 60 Year Olds With No Experience


At an older age, you may think it’s time to retire and relax at home, but finding jobs for 60 year olds can help you remain active.

Before we go deeper to cover some jobs for 60 year olds without experience, it is good to understand why you need to remain active.

Staying active ensures your brain remains active. According to CDC, being active as a senior helps to delay health problems.

Additionally, when you are active, you reduce the rate at which the brains deteriorate, reducing the chances of developing Alzheimer disease.

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6  Jobs For 60 Year Olds With No Experience

#1- Craftpreneur

If you have crafts skills and engaging in active work anymore, craftpreneurship can be a way to make money easily while at home.

Craftpreneurship is attractive to older adults because it requires less energy. They can do the job while sited.

Craftpreneurship presents an opportunity to establish friendships with neighbors with similar interests.

What is Craftpreneur?

A Craftpreneur is an individual who sells handmade products for profit.

Some of the products craftpreneurs may include baby toy crochets, pullovers, and blouses.

How much does a Craftpreneur earn?

A Craftpreneur can earn as high as $50k per year.

Women who decide to make their items and sell independently or as a group can earn even $100k per month.


#2- Store Owner

An older adult would find operating a store more enjoyable than spending time at home. The store sells all types of products depending on the individual’s interest.

The best-performing stores sell cereals, groceries, soft goods, consumables, and art.

Starting such a business can be an ideal job for 60 year olds.

How to Start a Store

A store is easy to establish depending on the products you want to stock.

The capital needed ranges from $5000 to $100k.

Once the store is set up, you can sign an agreement with suppliers for the products. Most of them accept payment after selling. Such suppliers collect their money during restocking time.

How much do store owners make?

A store owner is guaranteed $50k per year. When the location is strategic enough, it is possible to generate more than $100k per year.


#3 – Nonprofit Worker

An older adult would want to give back to society, and participating in a nonprofit organization is the best option.

This does not mean one has to give money but can become a volunteer to attend to the needy. Through doing so, they create long-term relationships and meet people who can care for them at an advanced age.

How can a 60 year old benefit as a nonprofit worker?

Helping others creates a sense of satisfaction. Older adults would find this job interesting because it helps future generations.

Additionally, a nonprofit organization can significantly help older people when they need assistance. Through such organizations, a 60 year old will get access to free medical help and other support services.


#4- Provide Counseling Services

When we see older adults, we relate them with the experience they have gained from facing different situations in life.

We denote this as wisdom that can be transferred to the younger generation to understand how to solve problems.

As a result, providing counseling services can be an ideal job for seniors.

Types of counseling Services a 60 year old can offer

A 60 year old can offer marriage, career guidance, substance abuse help, and educational counseling.

How much does counseling cost?

Counseling services cost $50 per session and above. Nowadays, it is possible to provide such services online.

This means a 60 year old will not have to travel long distances to meet clients.


#5- Consultant

If a 60 year old and you have a strong financial background, you can provide consultation services.

Many people need financial advice on starting a small business or investing in the stock market.

This means a 60 year old can start consultancy services and succeed.

How much do consultants earn?

Consultants earn between $50k – $100k per year, depending on the customer base. Therefore, it is advisable to set achievable targets depending on the place you live.


#6- Housekeeper

Housekeeping is ideal for older women who are compassionate enough to care for house chores. Although this may be a tasking job for older adults, it is exciting and helps them to be active.

A person employing 60 year olds will need to ensure they do lighter jobs to avoid affecting them health-wise.

How Much Do Housekeepers Make?

The nation’s average housekeeping salary is $15. This means a 60 year old will appreciate both the pay and the company the family provides.



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Jobs For 60 Year Olds With No Experience Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Jobs for 60 year olds with no experience in UK

In the UK, older adults who are 60 years old can find simple jobs and make a living.

Some of the jobs which can be found in different localities include:


Job Salary (May Vary)
Nanny $20 per hour
Bookkeeper $18 per hour
ESL tutor $23 per hour
Counselling $25 per hour
Retail worker $15 per hour
Home care provider $15 per hour


What is a good career to start at age 60?

The best career for 60 year olds includes store owner, nonprofit organization activities, consultancy services, and craftpreneur.

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What job can I do if I have no skills?

Some jobs you can do if you do not have skills include security guard, housekeeper, factory worker, and picking fruits, among others.

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Can a 60 year old get hired?

Yes, an older adult can get hired, but finding an ideal job is challenging. Therefore, seek jobs within your locality that are light enough and pay fairly.

Below are some of the best places where a 60-year old can find a job;

FlexJobs: This is a job site with screened legit jobs.

PathRise: An example of a recruitment agency for people looking for tech jobs.

Fiverr: This represents all the freelance marketplaces out there.


Which job is best for old age?

The job that is ideal and will make an older adult happy is provision of counseling services to youths and store ownership


What can seniors do to earn money?

Seniors can provide ESL training services online for pay, rent out space or provide counseling services.


Do companies hire older workers?

Yes, companies hire older workers a lot because they are experienced, and their level of wisdom and comprehension of the job is above average.


How can I change my life after 60?

At 60 years, there are fewer options for changing life, but seeking healthy living approaches would offer you more comfort.

Further, establishing new friendships and supporting the younger generation creates better connections.


Wrapping It Up

Findings jobs for 60 year olds are challenging, but some individuals and companies would find them highly helpful.

As a 60 year old, it is reasonable to find which will not affect your help. Some jobs include participating in NGO activities, counseling, nanny jobs, consultant services, and store owner.

People 60 years olds are looking to establish a new life but create friendships and connect with the community at different levels. Their services provide stability to the younger generation because they pass knowledge and ways of doing things better.

Such jobs will pay you well and ensure you have people around all the time to provide quality support.

Other Age-appropriate Jobs:




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