Jobs Where You Work Alone-16 Jobs For Introverts & Shy People

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Have you been looking for jobs where you work alone from home?

If you have, you came to the right post where you shall learn tips on how to make money online while working at home during part-time hours.

Also, you shall also get our top recommendations on the best jobs where you work from home, and make a full-time six-figure salary even without a full-time 9-5 job.

These jobs where you work alone come in many types such as;

These work alone careers are also ideal low stress jobs for introverts who love to work without external distractions.

They are also ideal entry level jobs for shy people who want to work online from home and get paid.

If you are a stay at home mom or housewife looking for work at home jobs, these easy jobs can help you make extra cash when your kids are sleeping or outside playing.

Therefore, if you want to work by yourself, these creative careers for introverts or work alone jobs are the best choice for someone like you.




Swagbucks: Get paid cash rewards and points for completing offers, such as browsing, watching videos, taking tests, and completing surveys, among others. InboxDollars is the next alternative to Swagbucks.

Survey Junkie: A popular survey site online to earn cash by sharing your thoughts and opinions.

Zippy Loan: Get a fast unsecured loan for bad credit from $100 to $15000 deposited to your bank account by tomorrow. That loan can help you start a business which will help you to make $50 or more daily.

Flexjobs: This site will help you to find your dream remote job from some of the best work from home companies

how to sell feet pics





This is number one on the list, because that is what I have been doing since 2018. I work from home and I do not have a 9-5-day job.

Blogging is one of the best jobs where you work by yourself since it’s a job where you are your own boss. It is also a job where you work independently without the supervision of anyone else except yourself.

I interact with my readers and clients mostly through email. That way I do not meet them face to face.

One advantage of becoming a blogger is that anyone can do it. You do not need a college degree or special expertise to do it.

Another upside of this side hustle is that starting a blog is very cheap. All you need is an affordable hosting plan like the Bluehost startup plan for $2.75 per month only.

You will also need this step by step guide which will walk you through the process of creating a blog in less than 1 hour with zero coding skills.



A proofreader scans and edits errors in documents. Punctuation, sentence coherence, and spelling mistakes are some examples of errors a proofreader identifies and corrects in documents.

Such errors are often missed especially by a person with less attention to details, a sharp eye and great mastery of grammar rules.

A proofreader often requires a quiet work environment, and that is why this is a job for people who prefer to work independently with minimum supervision.

A proofreader mostly interacts with documents. The only time he/she networks with people is when looking for clients or delivering their work.

This proofreader makes more than $30,000 per month. You can take her FREE Proofreading Workshop where she shares the secrets of becoming a six-figure proofreader.

Additionally, you can also check out these entry level proofreading jobs from home no experience for beginners who are just starting out on their proofreading career.




Celebrities and business owners who are busy or those without an in-house team will always hire virtual assistants to do the administrative or secretarial tasks for them.

For example, bloggers or businesses who rely on Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites are always hiring Pinterest Virtual Assistants.

A Pinterest VA will create pins, schedule pins, and optimize Pinterest accounts among other tasks.

This six-figure earning Pinterest VA shares the tips you need to become a successful side hustler on this job for introverts without a degree in this FREE Pinterest Masterclass & Workshop.

If you are a blogger looking for tips on how to drive traffic from Pinterest, check out my Pinterest Ebook where I share the tips for having multiple viral pins.

You can also check out my YouTube Channel where I have posted Pinterest marketing videos on how to use Pinterest for website traffic.

Apart from Pinterest VAs there are many other types of virtual assistants like social media strategists hired by celebrities of brands who promote content on social media.

Such VAs will do tasks like replying to emails, moderating comments and scheduling posts among others.

If you are a total beginner interested on starting this part time job for introverts, I recommend you take this FREE 30-days or Less Virtual Assistant Success Masterclass.




In most families the parents are away either for work or other travelling arrangements.

While they are away, some will often hire in-house nannies to babysit their children or elderly parents when they are away. is of the best site to connect with clients looking for nannies.

Others will hire pet sitters to walk their dogs, feed them and groom them when they are ways. Apart from pet sitting, people who love pets can make extra money from home in these 5 other ways.

Rover is the best places to get hired by clients looking for dog walkers.

Yes, you are not working totally alone in this job. But you almost alone because you are looking after 1 or 2 babies or pets who even can’t talk or interact with you the same way normal people would.



This is an example of typing job where you move information from one source to the next as explained in this post on 7 data entry jobs from home without investment.

Data entry is mostly a job you can do from home, and it’s a job that does not involve working with people since all you work with is data.

It is also an entry level job for introverts with no experience because you do not need any special training or expertise to get started.

All you need to have is fast typing speed, fast internet connection and the right laptop or PC with an ideal monitor size.

Flexjobs is a popular job board you can use to find well-paid data entry gigs posted by clients.



Not all photographers shoot outdoor activities.

One way to become a photographer who works alone is through taking professional photos of yourself then selling them to interested clients.

For example, clients in the feet fetish community are always buying feet pictures which explains why taking and selling feet pictures is highly demanded.

Closely related to selling feet pictures is the sale of hand pictures used to many purposes explained in that post.

Cam models are also always taking their nude pictures then sending them to prospective clients in exchange from money.

You can read this post on all the type of body part pictures you can take and sell online for money.



A blogger is only one example of writers. There are copywriters often hired by marketing companies to write sales copies like magazines, and newspapers.

There are also ghostwriters who write books for people.

Research and academic writers often help people to complete their tasks, especially those of academic or educational nature projects.

Writing requires a critical mind with high attention to details and concentration. That is why this is a job mostly for introverts who like to work alone.

Fiverr is one of the most popular marketplaces where you can find well-paid writing jobs. Upwork and freelancer are also other options similar to Fiverr.

This freelance writer gets paid $200 for every 500 words. She teachers how to land high paying writing clients on this Make Your Way to Your First $1000 Writing course.




Did you know you can get paid to chat? There are so many types of texting and chatting jobs online where you work online like the four below;

One, you can get paid to receive, process and answer text messages on these get paid to text opportunities.

Two, you can get paid to talk to lonely people and strangers who are looking for online friends that can offer them companionship virtually.

Three, you can get paid to flirt text men who are looking for fake internet girlfriends or those who want to get sexual arousal or satisfaction from people willing to engage in sexting and flirting activities with them.



Online shopping is very popular on this Internet shopping age.

Selling things online is one of the most profitable ways to make money online while you work from home.

The existence of marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon and Shopify which allow you to create virtual shops has made selling online very easy.

E-commerce companies like Alibaba and AliExpress also make selling online through virtual shops very easy.

On some business models like drop-shipping you even do not need any capital to start this zero-investment business idea.

If also you want a business loan to get started, there are many bad credit site loans where you can get an unsecured loan with zero security.

There are so many things you can sell online such as;




As a delivery person, the only time you interact with people is when you are collecting and dropping off their packages.

Most of the time you are in your car or motorbike moving from one delivery location to the next which qualifies this to be a job where you work alone most times.

You can work from companies like DoorDash as a person who delivers food to customers.



A freelancer is someone who work independently from a remote location. Unlike in-house employees who have to report to work physically, a freelancer can work from anywhere.

Virtual workplace employees are becoming highly demanded because its cheaper to work with freelancers as opposed to managing an in-house workforce.

Graphic design, web development, translation, transcription, research writing among others are the common types of freelance work completed by freelancers.

Freelancer and Fiverr are some of the best sites to get started at if you are applying for freelance work.

If you love to work from your mobile phone, you can download Fiverr Mobile App on that link.




Apart from the fee free work from home jobs or make money online opportunities above, there so many other professional careers where you can also be able to work by yourself like the 6 below;

#12- Network, Web and Software Administrators

This is a career where you shall mostly interact with technological devices, such as computers and systems.

Sometimes you shall interact or consult your colleagues, clients and probably your boss, but those are the limited times.


#13- Research Specialist

This type of person mostly works with universities, private agencies and research organizations to help in the process of gathering data, testing hypothesis and compiling final reports or findings.

That way most of the time such a person is always reading or analyzing data making them interact with people less.



#14- Financial Analyst, Accountants & Economists

These people mostly analyze financial records to help organizations and people make informed financial decisions or manage their finances better.

Such a person will mostly work with financial documents, such as balance sheets to gather data they can use to compile reports with for their clients.


#15- Engineer

Whether you are a mechanical or biomedical engineer among other types, you shall interact with people less in your line of work.

For example, a biomedical engineer is always designing new medical devices such as prosthetics to improve the health of people.


#16- Librarian

The job of a librarian of collecting books into similar categories, archives, databases and sections to make it easy for readers to access the right copies.

Therefore, a librarian mostly interacts with books and all other pieces of manuscripts passing some of kind of information.


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