Sproutmentor blog income Report

This is a blog income report for one of my blogs for AUGUST 2021.

Here is a breakdown of how I made this income above in two strategies: ADVERTISING & AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Look at the proof on the screenshots dated July 1st to July 31st.



This post might contain affiliate links. I may earn some commission if you click on such links. You shall not incur any extra cost if that happens. Please read our full affiliate disclosure here!





I have Mediavine ads published on this blog which account for this income.



I am an affiliate of many online products, services or brands like;


This is a proofreading course for people interested in making money online by reading and editing. Watch these two videos here and here to learn how I was able to promote this course through my blog.



PINTEREST VA is an alternative you can promote instead of Proofread Anywhere. This is a course for people who want to learn how to become a Pinterest manager, that is a virtual assistant paid to manage Pinterest accounts for brands and online marketers.





This is a very popular CPA network where you can make money by promoting CPA offers. Watch these two videos here and here to see the strategies I used to make this money on Maxbounty.



When I cannot find an affiliate offer on Maxbounty, this is an affiliate network alternative I use to promote make money offers or sites like InboxDollars & Swagbucks among others.



This is Amazon’s (yes, that popular e-commerce company) affiliate program. I do not make much with this blog on Amazon because the niche is not product-based. One of my niche sites makes more than $1000 on Amazon (this is a story for another day).



I just discovered this make money by clicking ads platform where I get paid to refer new users and click on ads. You can learn more about this opportunity here



I recently started using Warrior plus and so far I have made that amount as explained on this video on how I market warrior plus offers. You can use ClickBank instead of Worrior Plus.



This is the blog theme I use on my blogs. 


FIVERR= $115

This is one of the places to get an online job online. When I am writing blog posts on how to make money online through freelancing, I mention Fiverr. See an example on this video.



I made the least on July because my affiliate link was broken and I was not aware about it. I have made more than $1500 on Survey Junkie (See Proof Here).



I get traffic from two main sources;

PINTEREST: I marketing my content on Pinterest as explained on this Pinterest course for bloggers.

SEARCH ENGINES: I perform search engine marketing of my blog content through a process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO)



DIVERSIFY MONETIZATION: Currently am only making money through affiliate marketing and advertising on this blog. I plan to diversify into doing Email Marketing & Product Sales, such as eBooks & online courses.

GROW TRAFFIC: This blog gets less than 50,000 pageviews every month. If I can double that, I could largely increase ad revenue. I am planning to venture into Paid Advertising because currently I use free traffic sources.



Watch this video to discover the tools I have used to make the money on this blog;


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