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Make money sexting jobs, did you know it was even a thing? In other words, would you like to get paid to sext, flirt or chat erotically online?

If you would like that, this post will show you some of the best phone sexting companies jobs hiring now.

The romance industry has really grown in popularity, especially after the development of the Internet, which brought about the invention of dating apps advancing the theory of online romance.

These trends have created so many online jobs, such as sexting jobs, phone sex operator jobs, porn star jobs, and cam girl jobs.

In this post, you will learn how you can get paid for sexting through applying for jobs in some of the best phone sexting companies online.

The advantage of these sexting jobs and adult texting jobs is that you do not need any training or special skills to do them. It’s also a simple opportunity to make money online free without paying any investment or registration fees.

In addition, to make money sexting you do not need an office because you can easily work from home or any other remote locations.

Apart from getting paid for sexting, below are some other examples of get paid to jobs that equally make money online.



Zippy Loan is a site which prides itself in providing its clients with fast personal loans using a simple, secure and transparent process. They have over 100+ loan lenders who provide a wide variety of unsecured loans for bad credit, which suits the needs of anyone willing to get a personal loan.

Zippy Loan Alternatives: MaxLoan365, TakeLend, and BadCreditLoans.


  • All states in the United States are accepted except for New York, West Virginia or the District of Columbia.
  • The amount you want to borrow must be within the range of $100.00 to $15,000.
  • You must complete all the four steps above on “how it works” section to get your loan approval.
  • Must be willing to work with the Lending period: 6 – 72 months.Read this post for more details: 10 Unsecured Personal Loan Sites for Bad Credit


Simply put sexting is the process of communicating or interacting with another person on a given platform, such as a phone app or website.

The form of interaction which takes place is flirtatious, erotic and explicit because the involved parties often exchange message, photos, and videos which create or build up a casual and sexual atmosphere of romance, desire, and lust.

In most cases, the parties involved exchange those conversations through their mobile phones, PCs, tablets and any other electronic device which can access the internet.


It is a term derived from two words, “sex and texting”

Therefore, simply put it’s the process where someone sends or receives sexual texts.

Sexual texts are also known as explicit and suggestive messages, images, audio and videos meant to arouse the sexual appetite of the receiver.

Therefore we can say that the process sexting involves sending or receiving one or more of the following;

  • Nudes (can be selfies, photos or videos of fully or nearly nude body parts)
  • Sex acts (either recorded on video or those simulated on texts)
  • Flirting messages which propose or refer to sex talk


  • It gives you the ability to work from home or any other remote location you wish.
  • It can be done by anyone because you do not need any technical or expert skills.
  • It is a way to earn income easily without having to crack any code or do too much heavy lifting work.
  • You can easily form personal long-lasting connections that could result in meeting your soul mate or end into even marriage.
  • You are able to maintain an anonymous identity which means you can be free to explore and get out of your comfort zone without the fear of being judged by family or close friends.
  • You do not have to do anything beyond your moral standards because there is nothing like a voice talking or video recording. All you have to do is read and respond to text messages.
  • This type of job offers you too much flexibility and control. For example, you decide when to work, you pick your clients based on your taste and determine the depth at which you are willing to take the flirting or erotic conversation during sexting.
  • As you explore you will be able to gain more self-awareness and identity since you will learn a lot about your fetishes, hidden passion and also discover unexplored abilities in you.


I know you might be still wondering why someone would pay another just to flirt or chat erotically and sexually with them. In case you are, below are some of the possible reasons;

Loneliness: Loneliness causes idleness and they say that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Chatting is one of the simple activities most of us result to when we are idle or bored.

Self-esteem issues
:  Most clients who pay to sext are men. Such men may be unable to approach or form connections with women in real-life situations. Therefore, virtual anonymous relationships might be their simplest way out.

Professionally Busy people: Some people might be too busy to meet up with real people or even be in social interaction environments. Due to that, they might engage in finding online mates and friends during tea, lunch and other resting breaks they get while at work.

Dating apps: The development of too many dating apps has encouraged people to find soul mates, hookups and one night stands online. In the process, some may pay to get an extra thrill out of it.

Anonymity: The fact that one can assume an anonymous identity online increases this pervasiveness further because it gives the ability to become someone they are not in real life just to make some extra cash on the side.

Rejection: People who have been rejected or those who have experienced abusive relationships tend to feel unwanted. In their endeavor to find love and fill that gap they might result in sexting.


Swagbucks is the number one get paid to (GPT) site on the web. In this site, you complete offers and get paid points called SBs. After you gather enough SBs, you exchange them into cash, gift cards, merchandise, shopping vouchers, and other rewards.

Swagbucks Alternatives: InboxDollars, LifePoints, TimeBucks, and MyPoints.

Ways to make money on Swagbucks

  • Get paid to surf: Surfing is simply the process of browsing the web. Swagbucks will pay you 10-20 SBs for every 20 web searches you make using their browser.
  • Get a free sign up bonus: Swagbucks gives free $5 sign up bonus to all new members.
  • Get paid to take surveys & polls: Make around 40-100 SBs per survey or poll.
  • Get paid to shop online: Earn points and cash backs. For instance, for every $1 you spend on shopping, you receive 3 SBs.
  • Get paid to use apps that pay: Test, review, download and install mobile apps and earn 15-50 SBs per app.
  • Get paid to play games: Earn more than 10 SBs for every game.
  • Earn Referral bonuses: Refer a friend and take 20% of their lifetime earnings at Swagbucks.
  • Get paid to watch TV: Most of us love to watch TV and videos. Swagbucks will pay you approximately 3 SBs per 30-minutes video/TV show
  • Get paid to complete daily goals & tests: For example, earn more than 10 SBs for every goal you accomplish. Or find and use swag codes and make more than 5 SBs per Swag code.

Read this post for more details: 10 Ways to make Money on Swagbucks


Flirting is the process of behaving romantically, sensually and sexually to someone in order to arouse their sexual appetite or catch their intention. In most cases, it is not use for serious reasons, such as finding love.

First, you will need to apply for a job in one of the 11 phone sexting companies featured in this post.

You will need to follow their sign up links, and complete the joining form.

Once you are accepted, you must complete your profile with attention grabbing content and graphics to attract more clients.

Next, you will want to browse through the available sexting jobs and apply to those which fit your qualifications.

The amount for get paid varies in each company. Therefore, to get the exact figure on how much you shall make, I recommend you read information provided in this post on each company for that.

You should also check out the specific “make money” page of each make money sexting company to clearly understand their monetary offers.


Sexting, and flirting will require you to be romantic, dress in certain way or even sometimes be someone you are not.

If you are a principled person who loves to uphold sexual morals, you still can get paid to have general chats and talks with people online.

These might be people who are not looking for sexual partners but those looking for a friend to talk to.

First, you can start by looking at these companies which will pay you to send text messages, be an online friend, and talk to lonely men among others.

Check out some companies you can find chatting or talking jobs below:


Below are some of the tips you can use to become a professional sexter also known as a pro sexter.

a) Give sexy pictures

This is true is you are especially sexting with men. They what they see so using sexy images can grab the attention of high paying and potential clients.

b) Be in the mood

Sexting is not a job to do with a double mind. You need to 100% present in the situation and give yourself to it fully to be able to grab the attention of the other person. However, do not over-exaggerate your mood because remaining yourself is also a special ingredient in the process.

c) Listen and read

The only way you will be able to respond to the needs of the other person correctly is through fully understanding their wants by listening to them carefully or reading their texts thoroughly from a point of understanding.

d) Apply some humor

Adding some humor can make the process of sexting very fun. Most people looking for people to sext or chat with are lonely people. Therefore, being funny can really turn then one and make them forget their present life troubles.

e) Be creative

Do not stick on to one outfit or one strategy of sexting on all guys. Discover the needs of each guy then come up with creative ideas to personalize you sexting to each one of them.



You must be at least 18 years to even think of making sexting a side hustle.

Most of these sexting companies will work with people who are above 21 years for two reasons.

Firstly, their clients are mostly older men who prefer mature women.

Secondly, the use of minors can easily result in lawsuits from their caregivers which these companies try to avoid so that they do not make losses.



To perform well on sexting jobs you must have an outgoing, engaging, charming and loving personality.

If you are highly introverted and morally guarded like me, you are likely to bore your clients which means you will not make good money.

Therefore, this is a type of job which requires someone with a sweet, sexy, charismatic and relaxed approach to life.



You must have excellent conversation skills and must love to meet new people, easily talk to strangers and make new friends quickly.

Since most of these sexting platforms are online, you must also be someone who enjoys spending too much time on social media sites, dating sites, and other similar online communities.

You must have excellent multi-tasking skills because you will likely handle three or more clients at a go.


Speed & Grammar

Most sexting apps will require you to have a fast typing speed of at least 25 words per minute to avoid wasting the time of your client or boring them when they have to wait too long for your response.

A fast typing speed also means making more money because you are able to respond to many messages.

Most of these sexting apps serve clients from the US, UK and other western countries who have English as their first language.

Therefore, your grammar must be really good to avoid causing any communication barriers and boring atmospheres with too many grammar errors.



Maintain Privacy: Do Not Share Personal & Real Details

Avoid giving your real phone number, emails, social media accounts or real name on these platforms.

If these details are required, it is advisable you create or attain new ones dedicated to these types of tasks only.

It is not advisable to also share too many images of yourself because bad people can easily use them to find you or perform a cyber-bullying campaign to turnish your name and image to special and close people, such as your family members.


Be Cautious

Stick to the platform provided by the sexting companies above and avoid shifting the chat to personal Skype, Watup or text messages. This can help in future identification in case of any abuse in the future.

Additionally, follow all the terms of use, community guidelines and rules laid down by the sexting apps and websites to avoid being banned.

Finally, do not use your normal PayPal and bank accounts where you transact normal dealings. Create new accounts for this kind of job only.


1. FlirtBucks


FlirtBucks is always hiring women who love and enjoy chatting and socializing online for paid sexting jobs. These workers are called “Chat Hostesses”.One advantage of working for Flirtburks is that you will not be required to engage in any nudity or extreme pornographic activities. All you have to do is be yourself, then chat with your clients in the most relaxed way you enjoy.

Another upside of this site is that you will have full control. You will be allowed to choose your clients, decide what you want to chat with them and also pick your own working hours.

To be accepted, you must be at least 18 years, have a computer with a webcam and a high internet connection. These are the only major requirements which means you will not incur any extra cost of having to buy additional hardware and software.


  • Flexibility: Free to set your work schedule
  • Control: Choose your clients and topics. You will only do that which is within your comfort zone.
  • Remote: Ability to work from home or any other remote location
  • Free: No upfront or investment fees required
  • Secure payment: Get paid through Paypal or check

How much can you earn on Flirtbucks


Flirtbucks pay commissions based on two factors: Time spent on the chat and the length of time the chat hostess has participated in the program.

In other words, to earn more you must maintain a highly active Flirtbucks account.

They pay every two weeks through PayPal or Check.

2. Mygirlfund.com


An online community that brings together girls and men who want to get some satisfaction or connect at a personal level through chatting or flirting with one another.

Unlike other sites which do not encourage personal meetups, this one encourages physical hookups of people who have grown close after the chat interactions.

Their website does not disclose how much they pay, but people who have used the site claim to have made at least $40,000 annually.


  • Unique: They have more than 20,000 women and girls from all over the world.
  • Flexibility: They do not place any limitations on how many people one can connect with.
  • Safety: Your identity and personal information will be kept secret.
  • 24/7 availability: You can log in anytime and find available girls to chat with all the time.

3. ChatRecruit.com


An online business program that offers three main services: Live phone chat, live webcam shows, and content subscription services.

This company is UK based but they hire chat models from the USA, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world.


  • Your English must be excellent and fluent
  • Must provide a bank account since they only pay through bank deposits.
  • Must proof identity with passport among other methods.
  • Must be at least 18 years or older.
  • Must have a good internet connection
  • Have a computer with a webcam


Remote: You are free to work from home and any other remote location.

Flexibility: You work on your own work schedule so you can make this a side job, or part-time weekend job and a part-time evening job.

Safety: They do not display any personal information on your public profile so your security is guaranteed.

Fast Cash: Get paid directly to your bank account.


Shopkick (READ REVIEW) is an app for smartphones, iPhones, Tablets and other electronic devices that will reward you after you complete several activities during your in-store or online shopping processes.

Shopkick Alternatives: Ebates, Drop and ShopAtHome

Ways to make with Shopkick

  • Walking into stores: All you have to do is turn on the app anytime you walk into your favorite store to earn kicks.
  • Scanning barcodes: All you have to do is turn the app on then hold your phone close to the product barcode.
  • Submit shopping receipts: Do not through away your shopping receipts anymore because this app will pay you to share them with their team.
  • Link your credit card: Do you love to pay with your credit card? If you do you can link it to this app and you shall earn kicks for every dollar you spend.
  • Invite friends:For every new member who signs up using your referral code, you shall get 250 kicks.
  • Watch videos:Check out the in-app promotion videos to make money with this app.
  • Scan QR codes from home:If you do not have time to go into stores you can also submit online QR codes to make more money.
  • Shop online:You can also shop in Shopkick partner stores to earn more kicks.

4. Text121Chat


This company was started in 2003 by a single client. Currently, it has grown to a big sexting company with more than 300 staff.

They offer four main services to their clients: Text Chat, Adult Phone Sex, and Customer service. Therefore, you can apply to become a chat agent, phone sex operator or customer service representative respectively.

You will enjoy flexible working hours all set to your own preferences.

They do not disclose how much the chat agents make, but their workers have reported that they make more than $200 per month as long as they send at least 1000 messages per month.

5. LipService


This is a staffing agency that was formed in 1987 by Audiotex. They offer many types of jobs, such as PBX operators, telephone reps ad chat staff among others.Requirements

  • Must be 18 years and above but some positions may need you to be over 21 years.
  • Have access to the email
  • Live in the United States or Canada
  • Have a great voice and personality
  • Have a dedicated landline for communication
  • Have a PC or MAC computer with a webcam.
  • You must be reliable and have the ability to work under minimum supervision.

6. Phrendly


This is a social dating app where you can get paid to flirt with men or women.

Unlike many dating sites, this one encourages transparency and real connections because you are not allowed to initiate the conversation if you are an agent getting paid to flirt.

Additionally, catfishing is highly discouraged which adds to your security. For instance, in most cases, they do not allow upload of outside photos to your profile. You are expected to use their software to take original photos to reduce catfish episodes.

They pay 35 cents for every message you receive from an interested client who initiates the conversation.

They also pay in the form of points called “drinks”. For example, if you have 30 drinks, that is equivalent to $300 which means 1 drink=$10.

Apart from making money through flirting on text, you can also turn on the “gifts” feature and be able to receive several tokens of appreciation from your clients. For instance, you can get virtual champagne worth $100 or a dozen roses worth $50.

The main goal of Phrendly is not to become a dating site but an online flirting platform. In that case, they do not allow any exchange of personal contacts. If a client sends you a message with personal details (phone number, email, or social media handle) the system will decline the message.


Survey Junkie is a company which pays people who are at least 13 years and above to take surveys. You can also participate in polls or focus group studies then you get paid. Additionally, you can earn money through getting others to sign up using your affiliate or referral link.

Survey Junkie Alternatives: Harris Poll Online and Pinecone Research.

3 Proofs That Survey Junkie is Legit

Survey Junkie Reviews: Survey Junkie has a rating of 9/10 on Trust Pilot, a very popular public review site. See all reviews here.

The professionalism of their site: If you follow this link which takes you to the Survey Junkie website, you will notice its very organized, attractive and mobile friendly. They have also clearly outlined their mission, privacy policy, and information.

Search Volume Statistics: If you use a keyword research tool like Keyword Everywhere you will notice that these keywords, ‘Survey Junkie,’ ‘Survey Junkie Review’ and ‘Is Survey Junkie Legit’ have more than 20,000 monthly searches. If more people are searching for something on Google, that means it is popular. See a detailed explanation here.

Read this post for more details: A 2019 In-Depth Survey Junkie Review

7. ChatOperatorJobs


This is a site that is always hiring flirters and phone sex operators called admin workers to answer messages sent by clients from dating websites.

They pay $0.20 for every message you answer. They pay weekly through PayPal. They claim that some of their chat admins comfortably make $500 per week or more.

You are allowed to work from anywhere, set your own working hours and you do not need any experience or special training to make money sexting on this site.

To be accepted you must have good grammar, answer at least 75 messages a week to keep working and be at least 25 years in age.

To get started you need to have an electronic device (cell, PC or tablet), an internet connection.


8. TextKings


A platform that offers e-commuting work from home jobs to text moderators or operators.

They hire people to answer messages sent by people through a web-based platform which supports sexting.

You must be able to type 25words per minute because they have a high workload and many clients.

You must be aware that you shall mostly engage in answering casual, erotic and sexy messages because this is an online flirt community platform.

In that case, you must be above 18 years, have a valid ID and have good English which meets the specified standards.

They pay around 7-10 euro cent for every message you send and they also give performance bonuses from 25 to 125 Euros. Therefore, you can easily make 100 to 500 dollars every week on this platform.


9. Arousr


A platform that hires girls who are willing to get paid for sexting through offering these services: Adult chat (Sexting), Phone Sex and Video Sex Chats.

You are not expected to offer all three services above. This means you do not have to move out of your comfort zone to do anything you do not like.

To get started, you must provide 3 full body and face photos with the word Arousr written on them .This strict verification helps to keep away catfish kings and queens.

You must also provide an office ID to prove your age and submit at least 2 introduction videos to entice or market your profile to potential sext clients. The videos are not compulsory in all cases, but they are highly encouraged.

They pay $0.20 per message sent and $0.70 per minute on voice chat which means you can easily make good money on this site.

10. DreamLover


This is an online platform that connects females with men who love to text, chat, and share pictures or videos.

Therefore, this is an online community where you shall get hired to communicate with your potential lovers through SMS text messages, phone calls and video calls among other methods.

Unlike many sites that put a specific pay rate, this one allows you to negotiate with potential clients and set your own rates.

They pay by check or direct deposit twice a month and you must have at least $50 to receive your first payment.

11. Freelance Marketplaces & Jobs Boards

Apart from sexting apps and the website above, you can also get paid sexting jobs from job boards and freelance marketplaces.

You will not find too must work in these places but at least it’s a place to get started especially if you do not meet the requirements placed they most sexting companies above.


Use Secure Sites

Secure sites use special encryption procedures that will keep your personal information safe and hidden from hackers, catfish masterminds and any other bad person.

To know if a site is secure, you can look at the small “padlock” feature on its URL. Also, you must make sure the site is using HTTPS protocol on the URL.

Read Reviews

Before signing up for any of the sites above, make sure you read reviews left by other users. If the negative reviews are more than positive, you need to keep away from such sites.

You also need to make sure if the reviews are making any complaint about their payment because I am sure you do not want to work for free.

Don’t Pay Money upfront

Avoid any sites which ask you to pay any registration or investment fees during sign up or before paying you.

Most of the sexting companies featured above are free to join and will not ask for any money from you.

Protect Yourself

Avoid making it easy for scammers through being reckless with your personal information. In that case, do not share addresses, phone numbers, email ids and any other personal details on your public profile.


Proofreading is the process of reading a document word after word with the aim of identifying any grammar, punctuation and coherence errors which might have been missed during the process of editing.

An easy way to get started on finding highly paid proofreading jobs and building a successful career is through learning from the experts.

For example, Caitlin Pyle from ProofreadAnywhere.com is one six-figure proofreader who will teach you how to get started in this FREE proofreading workshop & course.

Read this post for more details: 40 Online Proofreading Jobs for beginners Hiring Now


Sexting is not a side job for everyone because one must have an outgoing and flattering personality to do it. For that reason, in my opinion, it is not an easy online job for anyone.

If you lack such a personality like me, you can consider the following alternatives of other get paid to part-time jobs;

Remember that none of these is a get-rich-overnight type of opportunity. All require effort, consistency, and patience. Therefore, you can always multitask on more than one of these side hustles to increase the possibility of making more money.

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