On Page SEO Made Simple As 1, 2, 3

On page SEO Made as simple as 1, 2, 3 sproutmentor


How To Rank Position #1 On Google For Any Keyword


On Page SEO Made Simple As 1, 2, 3 Ebook teaches you the things you need to do in your blog or website to grow your organic traffic and eventually your revenue.

Have you been made to believe that SEO is hard and complicated?

They lied to you!

Yes, I agree the SEO learning curve is steep, and that does not mean it’s hard. Once you learn the important things to focus on, SEO gets easy and manageable.

Not implementing SEO early on in my blogging journey is one of the blogging mistakes I wish I never made on Sproutmentor.com.

I have always been a Pinterest Girl. In March 2020 when my Pinterest account got suspended for one month, that is when I began to implement the SEO tactics shared in this book.

6 months later those efforts are beginning to pay off as shown in the two images below from Google Search Console.


I know those images show a small win compared to other SEO gurus stats you have seen. I shared those to encourage you to start working on SEO today.

You can be sure that next year a time like this I will be sharing a better success story.

In this book I share the 9 on page SEO factors I have been working on and how I have been implementing them so far.








A) It is a source of FREE organic traffic

If you can get your content to rank high on search engines, your website will get free targeted organic traffic from the right people looking for the information on your site. Targeted traffic equals more money!


B) Diversification is important

You need multiple sources of traffic so that you continue making money even when one of the source stops working. I learnt the importance of this the hard way when my only source of traffic-PINTEREST died suddenly in March 2020.


C) Its more consistent

Unlike Pinterest where you have to create new pins daily or other social media platforms where you have to post daily to remain relevant and noticeable, Search engine traffic can last for long time with little to no effort additional efforts.


D) It improves website usability

Creating a website, which complies with all SEO ranking factors and best practices discussed in this article is also a way of making more user-friendly websites. If users enjoy your site, then this will increase your profits and sales too.


E) It gives you a competitive advantage

Some websites perform better than others in the same niche all because others are good in SEO and other digital marketing activities than others. Take advantage of SEO best practices to outdo your competitors. Moreover, your competitors are doing it, why not do it too?


F) Search engines have a large market share

75% of all searches and buying decisions in the marketing world begin in search engines. There is no reason why you should ignore the importance of SEO in this case.






The 9 on page SEO Factors you should focus or work on

The 4 off page SEO factors which will supplement your on page SEO efforts

10 Easy ways of writing blog posts that will rank in position one.

My 5-step keyword research process using free tools.



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