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Data Entry Jobs From Home Without Investment

Data Entry Jobs From Home Without Investment


Data entry jobs from home without investment and registration fees are examples of zero investment business ideas, fee free work from home jobs with no startup costs or ways to make money online free without paying anything.

One advantage of these work from home jobs is that they are online data entry jobs from home no experience. This means anyone can do them even people without a college degree or any special expertise and skills.

Some of them are work from home apply now jobs since they are offered by work at home companies which are always hiring.

Others are legit typing sites for money which offer highly paying typing jobs for anyone with fast typing speed and accuracy.

Google and are some of the best places to get Google data entry jobs from home and 3-hour job online data entry jobs. Apart from data entry, there are so many other Google online jobs like advertising and search evaluators among others.

The Main Skills These Online data entry jobs without investment

  • Fast typing speed
  • Advanced MS office skills in programs like PowerPoint, word, and Excel among others.
  • Knowledge of Google Docs
  • Excellent grammar skills to avoid typing errors and mistakes.
  • Some design skills to make the typed document visually appealing.






This is number one on this list because it is what I do. Blogging pays my bills!

I have built a full-time income from this blog and my other niche sites like this one-

In this post, you shall find my blog income proof and a step-by-step guide to start a money-making blog with zero prior experience.

I also have a FREE 7-day Email Course to show you how to make your first $1000 from a blog.



This 6-figure earning proofreader has a FREE 45-Minute Workshop where she teaches the strategies she uses to land high-paying clients. She also a course where you can get the skills you need to perfect your proofreading expertise.

You can also check out these online proofreading jobs with no experience required for beginners with entry-level or no skills in that post. Most of them are hiring now!



Before I became a blogger, I was a freelance writer. I still do it even today but as a copywriter.

Fiverr and FlexJobs are the two platforms I use to get clients looking for copywriters and other digital content writers.

This six-figure earning freelance writer taught me all the skills and strategies I apply to land high paying clients. Can you believe she makes more than $200 for every 1000 words article?

Visit this link to learn more about her and how she does it!



A Pinterest Virtual Assistant is hired to help online marketers drive traffic from Pinterest by creating pins.

50% of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest– that how important Pinterest is to online marketers.

This six-figure earning Pinterest VA has a FREE Workshop where she teaches Pinterest VAs how to launch successful businesses making more than $2000 every month.


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Fiverr: The lowest you can get paid for a data entry gigs on this site is $5. If you prefer to use your mobile phone to make money, download the Fiverr mobile app using that link.

Flexjobs: A site you can apply for remote work from home jobs where you can be able to work from anywhere on flexible work schedules.

Freelancer: One advantage of freelancer data entry jobs is that they are highly paid, and the site has lots of clients, which means you shall never lack work on this site.

Upwork: This is a site which creates a virtual workplace where employees go to hire freelancers from anywhere in the world. Data entry specialists are freelancers highly demanded on this site.





Threehourjob: The name of this company is also spelt as It is one of the places hiring data entry keyers. Read our Review here.

Sigtrack: This is a data entry job application database where you can apply for job posted by clients registered on their servers.

Amazon: On this site, you shall get Amazon work from home data entry jobs which allow you to work from any remote location even from the comfort of your home.

Accutran global: This Company is always hiring for entry level data entry jobs. That means it offers stay at home jobs for beginners without prior experience, technical skills or too much expertise. Transcription is another type of online job offered on this site.

Capital Typing: You shall get hired to become a data entry specialist on this site. Email processing jobs, live chat support agent, transcription, and language translation are examples of other jobs you can offer on this site.

Axion Data Services: Digital document processing is the popular part time data entry job you can get hired to do on this site.

DionData Solutions: Filling medical claims, inventories, catalogs, surveys, cards and enrollment forms are some common examples of data processing jobs you shall complete on this site.

Birch Creek Communications: It provides research, transcription and virtual data entry jobs.

Pixie data entry: This Company a 4 star rating on Glassdoor which means it offers lots of data entry jobs.

Tcqdata: This platforms offers a data entry software you can use to take data entry classes when you are a total beginner in this side hustle idea.





Swagbucks: Get paid cash rewards and points for completing offers, such as browsing, watching videos, taking tests, and completing surveys, among others.

If you like to use your mobile phone, sign up to Swagbucks through this link for mobile users.

InboxDollars is the next alternative to Swagbucks.



Survey Junkie: A popular survey site online to earn cash by sharing your thoughts and opinions.

Check out my honest Survey Junkie Review to be able to determine if its a site you would like to try out or not.

You can also check out the most recommended survey sites which pay in cash not points on that post for more options.



Zippy Loan: Get a fast unsecured loan for bad credit from $100 to $15000 deposited to your bank account by tomorrow.

That loan can help you start a business which will help you to make $50 or more daily.



StarClicks: Get paid to click ads and pages on this site. A very lazy and easy way to make extra cash!


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Taking a survey is all about entering specific information, such as demographic information into survey forms.

3 Best Online Surveys Data Entry Jobs without Investment

Pinecone Research: Get paid $5 per survey to complete simple demographics, product and form filling surveys online. 

LifePoints: Has been in the survey market for the last 45 years, mostly in the United States and Canadian markets. People in Canada can either use French or English portals to complete surveys.

Survey Junkie: Has top paid surveys with their prices ranging from $1 to $20 per survey. It pays in points which you can redeem or exchange into cash or gift cards. For example, 1000 points are equivalent to $10.

Read & Refer: 50 Survey Sites for 2019





All primary and complex typing jobs are a form of data entry jobs. Below is a list of simple typing jobs you can use to make money online.

3 types of typing Jobs Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Blogging: Write blog posts then monetize them through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and ads among others.

Writing: Get paid to write academic projects, online publications articles, and marketing copies among others.

Proofreading: The last task during the writing process where someone with a very sharp eye and keen attention to details identifies grammar, punctuation, coherence, and other errors which might have been missed during editing. Check out 40 proofreading jobs hiring now.

Read & Refer Further: 7 Typing Jobs for 2019




Captcha Entry is a simple type of online data entry jobs without investment from home.I believe you have created an account at one point, especially a new email account. Before you sign in, you are presented with a Captcha used to recognize human identity from robots and machines.

Most Captcha entry software’s are not accurate and reliable, which means Captcha solving companies will often hire humans to complete such tasks.

This is one of the best data entry jobs from home because it is easy, there are many places to find such tasks, and you have the flexibility to work from anywhere. On the flip side, one main disadvantage of this type of online job is that the pay is low and you will not get rich overnight.


7 Sites Hiring for Captcha Entry Online data entry jobs without investment

2Captcha: They pay $1 for every captcha entry work. This rate increases depending on the complexity of the captcha.

CaptchaClub: This is an honest company which hires people from different countries globally to complete simple Captcha entry jobs.

MegaTypers: They pay $0.5 to $2 for every 1000 words you type. At such a rate, you can make more than $250 per month.

ProTypers: They accept candidates from anywhere in the world, and they pay in different ways; Paypal, WebMoney, Payza, and Western Union among others.

Upwork: This is a freelance marketplace where clients are looking for captcha entry freelancers post-work daily.

Captcha Typing Jobs: Another trusted site to find good captcha entry jobs. They pay every Friday with different methods, such as Paytm, PayPal, Western Union, and cheque among others.

Griyaas: They has easy captcha entry jobs, and you have 100% guarantee that you shall receive payment.

Captcha2Cash: An easy way to earn cash through decoding and solving Captchas.




This is a very simple online job without investment because anybody in all age groups can do it. Also, you do not need any education or training to complete such tasks.

It’s merely the process of copying information from one place, database, server, file or software and pasting it into another. For example, copying information from a PDF document into an online content management system, such as WordPress.


4 Sites Hiring for Copy & Paste Online data entry jobs without investment

PeoplePerHour: They have more than 4,000 registered freelancer in the copy and paste jobs categories which mean so many tasks and projects in this category are available.

Freelancer: Another freelance marketplace where copy and paste data entry jobs are posted daily.

Clickworker: A platform where people posts all types of micro-jobs, such as copy and pasting side hustles.

Microworkers: Operates on the same model and Clickworker above.

Fiverr: Clients posts data entry copy and paste jobs, then freelancers apply to complete those projects. The client pays the freelance after delivery of perfect work. Therefore, you must register and get approved before you can bid and get awarded such projects.



Form filling is a very common online typing job due to the rapid growth of the internet which powers digital platforms supporting the use of forms, such as job forms, create account forms, registration forms, and online purchase forms and more.

This is a simple, genuine data entry jobs without investment from home which can be done by anywhere including non-educated persons.


5 Sites Hiring for Form Filling Online data entry jobs without investment

CyberExpo: They offer free online training and form filling software which make this one of the best places to get started with form filling jobs.

Monster: This is a job board where clients post form filling data entry jobs daily.

99dxb: You must have a typing speed above 17 WPM to secure a job on this site. They pay weekly.

Pentagon: Works with more than 100 clients who post more than 1000 form filling jobs daily. You will get an email or web push notification every time a new project is available.

Naukri: Another job site and board to find form filling jobs posted daily.



This data entry job without investment is as simple as it sounds from the title above. It’s merely the process of writing down text information in an image into a word document.

Sites to find image to text Converting Data Entry Jobs without Investment




This is a job where you shall get hired by large companies to help them to manage their emails. This could include reading emails, sorting spam from legit emails, composing emails and generally managing an email account.

The upside of this data entry job from home without investment is that you do not need any training to do it.  EmailProcessingJobs is one of the best sites out there you can use to find such jobs.



These are short, simple, and easy tasks that you can do online or in-person for people who need quick help.

For example, writing, virtual assistant, handyman, website design, and running errands for people are some examples of micro-jobs.

5 Sites to Find Micro Jobs Data Entry Jobs without Investment

Amazon Mechanical Turk: In this site, you shall find too many human intelligence tasks (HITs) you can apply to complete.

Spare 5: Get paid to complete image annotation, keyword research, translating documents among others. You will get paid weekly via PayPal.

Figure Eight: The prices for jobs varies depending on the seriousness and demand of the client.

GrabPoints: Earn money for watching TV, completing offers, answering surveys and downloading apps, among others.

Point Prizes: A simple way to earn money through points gathered by completing simple micro jobs, such as taking surveys, watching videos, referring friends, completing tests, and app downloading among others.


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