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Data entry is one out of the many online jobs out there you can use to make money online.There are online and offline data entry jobs. Similarly, there are paid and online data entry jobs without investment which you can start without any capital.

One advantage is that these are data entry jobs online from home without investment, which means you will be able to work from home and any other remote location.

Additionally, some of these jobs are online data entry jobs without investment daily payment, meaning that you will get your payment soon daily or weekly. Check out other same day pay jobs in this post.

Therefore, continue reading this post to discover how you can use these online data entry jobs without investment and registration fees to make money online free without paying anything.

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Required Skills in These Online data entry jobs without investment

  • Fast typing speed
  • Advanced MS office skills in programs like PowerPoint, word, and Excel among others.
  • Knowledge of Google Docs
  • Excellent grammar skills to avoid typing errors and mistakes.
  • Some design skills to make the typed document visually appealing.


1. SURVEY JUNKIE: Earn up to $50 per survey on this site. Read our Survey Junkie Review.

2.  ZIPPY LOAN: Borrow a bad credit loan from $100 to $15,000. Check out 10 similar loan sites.

3.  NIELSEN MOBILE APP: Get paid $50 to use this app. Discover other 60 money making apps.

5.  SHOPKICK: Get paid to shop, and scan barcodes. Read our Survey Shopkick Review.

6.  PROOFREAD ANYWHERE: Learn how to make money proofreading. Read 40 proofreading jobs.

7.  SWAGBUCKS: Get paid to take surveys, play games, shop, watch TV, and more in this post.

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment and Registration Fees

1. Online Surveys

Taking a survey is all about entering specific information, such as demographic information into survey forms.

3 Best Online Surveys Data Entry Jobs without Investment

Pinecone Research: Get paid $5 per survey to complete simple demographics, product and form filling surveys online. Countries accepted: Germany, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

Harris Poll Online: Has been in the survey market for the last 45 years, mostly in the United States and Canadian markets. People in Canada can either use French or English portals to complete surveys.

Survey Junkie: Has top paid surveys with their prices ranging from $1 to $20 per survey. It pays in points which you can redeem or exchange into cash or gift cards. For example, 1000 points are equivalent to $10.

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2. Typing Jobs

All primary and complex typing jobs are a form of data entry jobs. Below is a list of simple typing jobs you can use to make money online.

5 types of typing Jobs Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Transcription: Process of listening to an audio file then he/she records those words, phrases, sentences, and statements into a document, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Blogging: Write blog posts then monetize them through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and ads among others.

Writing: Get paid to write academic projects, online publications articles, and marketing copies among others.

GetPaid4Typing: Get paid weekly to complete simple data entry jobs.

Proofreading: The last task during the writing process where someone with a very sharp eye and keen attention to details identifies grammar, punctuation, coherence, and other errors which might have been missed during editing. Check out 40 proofreading jobs hiring now.

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Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment Daily Payment At Home

3. Captcha Entry

Captcha Entry is a simple type of online data entry jobs without investment from home.I believe you have created an account at one point, especially a new email account. Before you sign in, you are presented with a Captcha used to recognize human identity from robots and machines.

Most Captcha entry software’s are not accurate and reliable, which means Captcha solving companies will often hire humans to complete such tasks.

This is one of the best data entry jobs from home because it is easy, there are many places to find such tasks, and you have the flexibility to work from anywhere. On the flip side, one main disadvantage of this type of online job is that the pay is low and you will not get rich overnight.


7 Sites Hiring for Captcha Entry Online data entry jobs without investment

2Captcha: They pay $1 for every captcha entry work. This rate increases depending on the complexity of the captcha.

CaptchaClub: This is an honest company which hires people from different countries globally to complete simple Captcha entry jobs.

MegaTypers: They pay $0.5 to $2 for every 1000 words you type. At such a rate, you can make more than $250 per month.

ProTypers: They accept candidates from anywhere in the world, and they pay in different ways; Paypal, WebMoney, Payza, and Western Union among others.

Upwork: This is a freelance marketplace where clients are looking for captcha entry freelancers post-work daily.

Captcha Typing Jobs: Another trusted site to find good captcha entry jobs. They pay every Friday with different methods, such as Paytm, PayPal, Western Union, and cheque among others.

Griyaas: They has easy captcha entry jobs, and you have 100% guarantee that you shall receive payment.

Captcha2Cash: An easy way to earn cash through decoding and solving Captchas.


4. Copy and Paste jobs

This is a very simple online job without investment because anybody in all age groups can do it. Also, you do not need any education or training to complete such tasks.

It’s merely the process of copying information from one place, database, server, file or software and pasting it into another. For example, copying information from a PDF document into an online content management system, such as WordPress.


4 Sites Hiring for Copy & Paste Online data entry jobs without investment

PeoplePerHour: They have more than 4,000 registered freelancer in the copy and paste jobs categories which mean so many tasks and projects in this category are available.

Freelancer: Another freelance marketplace where copy and paste data entry jobs are posted daily.

Clickworker: A platform where people posts all types of micro-jobs, such as copy and pasting side hustles.

Microworkers: Operates on the same model and Clickworker above.

Fiverr: Clients posts data entry copy and paste jobs, then freelancers apply to complete those projects. The client pays the freelance after delivery of perfect work. Therefore, you must register and get approved before you can bid and get awarded such projects.


5. Form Filling

Form filling is a very common online typing job due to the rapid growth of the internet which powers digital platforms supporting the use of forms, such as job forms, create account forms, registration forms, and online purchase forms and more.

This is a simple, genuine data entry jobs without investment from home which can be done by anywhere including non-educated persons.


5 Sites Hiring for Form Filling Online data entry jobs without investment

CyberExpo: They offer free online training and form filling software which make this one of the best places to get started with form filling jobs.

Monster: This is a job board where clients post form filling data entry jobs daily.

99dxb: You must have a typing speed above 17 WPM to secure a job on this site. They pay weekly.

Pentagon: Works with more than 100 clients who post more than 1000 form filling jobs daily. You will get an email or web push notification every time a new project is available.

Naukri: Another job site and board to find form filling jobs posted daily.

Data Entry Jobs Online From Home Without Investment

6. Image to text jobs

This data entry job without investment is as simple as it sounds from the title above. It’s merely the process of writing down text information in an image into a word document.

Sites to find image to text Converting Data Entry Jobs without Investment


7. Email Processing

This is a job where you shall get hired by large companies to help them to manage their emails. This could include reading emails, sorting spam from legit emails, composing emails and generally managing an email account.

The upside of this data entry job from home without investment is that you do not need any training to do it.  EmailProcessingJobs is one of the best sites out there you can use to find such jobs.

8. Micro Jobs

These are short, simple, and easy tasks that you can do online or in-person for people who need quick help.

For example, writing, virtual assistant, handyman, website design, and running errands for people are some examples of micro-jobs.

5 Sites to Find Micro Jobs Data Entry Jobs without Investment

Amazon Mechanical Turk: In this site, you shall find too many human intelligence tasks (HITs) you can apply to complete.

Spare 5: Get paid to complete image annotation, keyword research, translating documents among others. You will get paid weekly via PayPal.

Figure Eight: The prices for jobs varies depending on the seriousness and demand of the client.

GrabPoints: Earn money for watching TV, completing offers, answering surveys and downloading apps, among others.

Point Prizes: A simple way to earn money through points gathered by completing simple micro jobs, such as taking surveys, watching videos, referring friends, completing tests, and app downloading among others.

10 Ways Make $100 Daily on Swagbucks
  • Use the Swagbucks browser to surf the web and earn 10-20 SBs for every 20 searches.
  • Earn a free $5 sign up bonus given to all new members.
  • Test, review, download and install mobile apps and earn 15-50 SBs per app.
  • Shop online and earn points and cash backs. For instance, for every $1 you spend on shopping, you receive 3 SBs.
  • Complete surveys and polls and make around 40-100 SBs per survey.
  • Set and complete daily goals and earn more than 10 SBs for every goal you accomplish.
  • Play games online and earn more than 10 SBs for every game.
  • Refer a friend and take 20% of their lifetime earnings at Swagbucks.
  • Find and use swag codes and make more than 5 SBs per Swag code.
  • Complete other offers such as taking tests and make more money.

Final Words

There you go! You now have eight simple online data entry jobs without investment and registration fees. You do not require any capital to start most of these jobs which make things easy for you.You also have a little motivation that some of these are online data entry jobs without investment daily payment at home, which means you can get paid on the same day and you have the freedom to work from home.


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