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How To Make $300 Per Day With Part-Time Jobs

by | Jan 27, 2019 | Make Money Online

re you looking for a part-time job you can do in the evenings after work or in your spare time?

Most billionaires will tell you that they have multiple income sources, and this explains why you need to have a side hustle or a part-time job.

The advantage of these part-time evening jobs is that you can perform them in your free time and even from the comfort of your home.

Some of these are high paying part-time jobs, which will make you say goodbye to poverty and welcome financial freedom.

Most do not have any startup cost, which means you have no excuse why you are not using them to make some extra income.

Therefore, purpose to write your story to financial freedom with these 100+ Part-time evening jobs.

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100 part time work from home jobs you can do during your free time if you want to make extra cash from home. You can easily make more than $300 per day with these make money online side hustles. #workfromhome #workfromhomejobs #workfromhomecareers #parttimeworkfromhomejobs #workfromhomecompanies #makemoneyonline #extracashideas #work #money #sidehustles #onlinebusiness

Make Money On Swagbucks

SWAGBUCKS is the largest get paid to (GPT) site on the internet!

Once you get enough points, you can redeem them into cash or Amazon gift cards. For example, $7 Amazon gift card is equivalent to 620 SB.

10 ways to make money on Swagbucks

  • Watch videos and earn 3 SB for every 30 minutes video.
  • Download and install phone apps, and make 15-50 SBs per action.
  • Earn points and cash backs when shopping online. For example, for every $2 you spend shopping you get 3 SBs.
  • Complete surveys and polls, which take less than 20 minutes. You will make 40-100 SBs per survey/poll.
  • Get 10% of lifetime earnings on Swagbucks of a friend you refer as long as they remain members.
  • Use Swagbucks Browser Extension to discover and get alerts on latest shopping codes, swag codes, and
  • Enter into sweepstakes contests, cash giveaways, and other bundles.
  • Play games online and get paid 10 SBs per game.
  • Use Swagbucks browser and expect to make 10-20 SBs for every 10 to 20 searches.
  • Sign up to services and daily goals plans, and expect to earn more SBs.

Get a $5 sign up bonus here

Short Tasks and Virtual Assistance Part-time Evening  Jobs


1. mTurk

A must-have source of short micro jobs and part-time evening jobs because there are so many unlimited offers in this site. It is a one-size fit all platform where you can find all types of paid short tasks to complete in your spare time.

2. Spare 5

Get paid to complete small part-time jobs and tasks for brands, such as Pinterest, Microsoft, and Expedia among others. Examples of such works include image annotation, keyword research, translating documents among others. You will get paid weekly via PayPal.

3. Figure Eight

You can find all types of short and straightforward part-time evening jobs on this website from transcribing videos to social media management among others. The prices for jobs varies depending on the seriousness and demand of the client.

4. AirTasker

This is a site which will help you to monetize your skills and talents. You can find any part-time jobs related to cake baking, web development, graphic design and coaching among others. Some workers in this site make up to $50,000 per month completing simple tasks.

5. Coin Bucks

This site has a little twist to it because you get paid with Bitcoins for completing simple tasks, such as completing surveys, installing apps and engaging in trial/user testing offers. This is an excellent part-time evening job because there is a variety of tasks you can complete.

6. HubStaff Talent

This is a marketplace with thousands of startups, companies, agencies and e-commerce businesses looking for the best talents to complete short tasks for them. You can quickly land a fulltime job from this site because you will be working with brands a lot.

7. Earnably

A site with so many simple tasks, such as watching videos, listening to the radio, writing captions and taking surveys among others. The advantage of this opportunity is that you will get paid in many ways, such as gift cards, Bitcoin, PayPal and wallets among others.

8. GrabPoints

You will find straightforward part-time evening jobs on this site. For example, watching TV, completing offers, answering surveys and downloading apps among others. These are part-time jobs from home you do not need any serious concentration to complete.

9. TaskRabbit

Unlike other sites where you can work online full time, in this part-time job you must move around to the location of the job. It involves completing home-related tasks, such as moving and packing, furniture assembly, mounting and installation of equipment and home décor among others.

10. Point Prizes 

A simple way to earn money through points gathered by completing simple micro jobs, such as taking surveys, watching videos, referring friends, completing tests and app downloading among others.

11. PapidWorkers

This is a great place to find part-time evening jobs, such as writing reviews, follow/unfollowing on Twitter, Facebook liking, and website review among others. The advantage is that you get paid immediately through PayPal after completing the task.

12. NeoBux

A site where you can make money online through clicking ads, viewing ads and completing other tasks and offers related to advertising. The good thing is that there are so many works in this site because companies will always run ads for their products.

13. Mini Jobsz

A site you can find all forms of micro jobs, such as social media management tasks, taking surveys and completing offers among others. Unfortunately, they only pay through Moneybookers or Payza, which is terrible news for PayPal lovers.

14. JobBoy

This site has multiple short and straightforward part-time evening jobs, such as app sign-ups, product reviews and taking surveys among others. The good this about this site is that they also aggregate job offers from other major sites, such as Vindale research among others.

15. GigWalk

Get paid to complete micro jobs, such as shopping, taking pictures and other street jobs. Similar to TaskRabbit, you need to move to the location of the job in this part-time job opportunity.

16. Field Agent

Another site related to the two above where you make money through completing small micro jobs in your town, such as comparing prices, taking pictures, taking part in surveys and inspecting shelves among others. It is an app based job meaning that you can find gigs directly from your phone from anywhere. You will get paid $3 to $20 through PayPal for this part-time evening job. Another similar site to this one is EasyShift.

17. Inbox Dollars

There are so many part-time evening jobs available on this site, such as shopping online, taking surveys, playing games and watching videos among others. You even get a $5 bonus after sign up. It is a site you can make much money from it when utilized well to the fullest. Other similar sites include Swagbucks and FusionCash.

18. Zirtual

A site to find well-paying virtual assistance jobs for all types of projects, such as email management, social media scheduling, personal tasks, invoicing and organizing research reports among others.

19. Avon

Get hired by Avon to become a sales representative who will help to market, promote and sell theire products.

20. Belay

A site with plenty of work for virtual assistants, bookkeepers, and webmasters. You will help people and businesses with busy schedules with small tasks.

21. Appen

You will find short tasks posted by marketing agencies and e-commerce sites. You can even find full-time jobs on this site, which makes it more convenient.

22. Keep Rewarding

A site where you shall never run out of tasks because there are too many micro jobs available on this site for everyone.

23. Lugg

Find the best furniture moving jobs offered by businesses and individuals relocating to new locations.

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Part-time Evening Jobs for Content Writers and Creators


24. SkyWord

Get paid to tell stories and write content for brands. It is one of the best places to find high paying content writing jobs from big brands.

25. Fiverr

A marketplace that connects agencies and businesses with potential content writers. You can find high paying writing gigs on this site.

26. Copify

The best place to find copywriters and high paying copywriting jobs even when you are complete beginners. The site is easy to use, which makes it one of the best part-time evening jobs around.

27. iWriter

Get paid to write short articles for brands and individuals.

28. The Content Authority

A site you can find part-time evening jobs in copywriting, ghostwriting, article writing, press releases writing and social media writing projects.

28. Text Broker

Find your ideal client and job in this site with numerous content writing job offers which you can complete from home.

29. Scripted

A place to find the best freelance writing gigs and other writing-related part-time evening jobs. You can find all forms of projects including writing blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts and additional website copies.

30. Content Writers

Just as the name suggests, it is the site you can use to find the best-paid freelance writing gigs and part-time evening jobs.

31. ConstantContent

Get the best writing part-time jobs on this website. You will also get an opportunity to get linked with potential clients for the future.

32. Contenly

A number one to go site when you need the best content creation and writing deals.

33. Freelancer

The best site which brings together content marketers looking for the best content writing talents on the web.

34. Writer Access

The best marketplace for freelance content writers who are looking for countless gigs and jobs on the web.

35. CopyBlogger

Get hooked up with the right content writing opportunities in this site.

36. Writtent

The best place to find blog, article and web content writing part-time evening jobs. You can also land full-time gigs from this website by landing high paying clients.

37. Content Gems

This is more of a search engine and job listing site where you can find content writing gigs on the web. You will receive email alerts every time a new job is posted after you signup to their email subscribers list.

Part Time Evening Jobs for Experts


38. Clarity

If you are an expert in a given niche, get paid to offer expert advice to businesses in need of such kind of information. The good this is that you can meet face to face with potential brands, which can result in better future partnerships.

39. Patina Solutions

If you have 25+ years of operational experience in a given job field, then this part-time evening job is for you. Many companies are looking for your expertise, which you can find on this site.

40. Reserveinc

This site connects reservists who are 50+ years plus with the right government and social agencies that match their needs.

41. Noomii

The largest freelance marketplace for coaches. You can find a wide variety of part-time evening jobs in career coaching, business coaching, and executive coaching among others.

42. YourEncore

One of the world largest community which connects businesses and brands with experts in different fields. If you are someone with 20+ years’ experience in any field, this is a site you can use to find companies looking for people with your expertise.

43. LawTrades

Are you a lawyer looking for an online community you can find part-time evening jobs? This is one of the best around.

44. Flight Fox

Help people to book and manage their travel arrangements by giving them the best tips for traveling to different parts of the world.

45. SpareHire

If you are a finance expert or business consultant professional with top-tier experience, this is a site you can use to find the best part-time evening jobs, which match your expertise.

46. Zeel

Offer specialized therapist help patients from home through this part-time evening job.

47. FitnessTrainer

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Turn your passion into dollars by using this site to find clients who need your services.

48. Honor

Do you love helping the old? This site will help you to find in-home part-time jobs where you can provide non-medical care to elderly patients.

49. Crew.co

The best site for top-notch developers who want to find high paying gigs.

50. GlamHive

Get paid to offer makeup and beauty styling classes or help to clients who need such services.

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100-Part-Time-Evening-Jobs: Making money online can be very rewarding. What is even more fantastic is that you can make extra cash working from home in these part-time jobs, side hustles and passive income opportunities. #workfromhome #workfromhomejobs #sidehustles #passiveincome #makemoneyonline

Online Tutoring and Coaching Part-time Evening Jobs


51. Qkids

From the name, you can tell that it’s a site you can find the best part-time evening jobs if you are a tutor.

52. Chegg Tutors

One of the largest marketplace to find the best tutoring jobs, which will make you a millionaire quickly.

53. Education First

Another fantastic place to find paid part-time tutoring jobs.

54. TutorVista

Connect with over 10 million students who need online tutoring help from expert tutors looking for part time jobs like you.

55. Skillshare

Earn money through sharing your skills and knowledge with students on this platform with unlimited part-time jobs in different subjects.

56. StudyPool

An opportunity that will give you a part-time evening job involving answering questions posted by students.

57. Home Work Market

A site that connects students and tutors. In this site, you shall find students who are willing to pay for your tutoring services.

58. UniversityTutor

The easiest way to find college and university students who need tutoring help from online freelancing tutors.

59. Wheresmytutor

Find the best part-time evening jobs for tutors on this site. I love it because it has a simple to use interface.

60. Class gap

Offer private tutoring classes to particular students. You can tell that this is a source of high paying part-time tutoring jobs because it is for private students.

61. Wyzant

An E-learning website for online tutors who want to connect with potential students and find paid freelance tutoring opportunities.

62. Udemy

Teach anything through courses which your students will buy to gain access. It has more than 50 million users because the classes are cheap and affordable.


A platform with multiple online tutoring jobs you can use to rewrite your financial success story.

64. TakeLessons

This is one of the best part-time evening jobs where you will be able to provide private lessons to students on music, arts, and academia among others.

65. Lynda.com

A site you can use to build online courses or share your knowledge in a given subject. When those videos are sold, you make money in the platform.

66. Coachup

Provide in-person coaching sessions to students in the United States.

Part-time Evening Jobs for Monetizing your Voice Talents


67. Voices

The largest marketplace for voice artists who want to make money from getting hooked up with clients who have voice-related part-time evening jobs.

68. The Voice Realm

You can get paid to use your voice to complete projects from brands who need people like you.

69. ACX

A place you can find small gigs related to audio production, such as narration, recording audios and becoming a sound engineer among others. You can quickly create an audiobook in his platform, which you can sell and make money online.

70. Voice123

Land your dream audition and voice over the job in this site.

71. VoiceActing

Get hooked up with a client looking for voice artists like you.

72. VoiceBunny

Find voice-related part-time jobs in this site posted by clients in all business fields, such as advertising, presentation, video gaming and music production among others.

73. Edge Studio

If you have a powerful voice, this is one of the sites you can find the best gigs to monetize your voice.

74. StartNow

A site which connects voice actors, musicians, and models with the right companies and producers looking for such talents.

75. Such a voice

The best place to grow a voice over career and find the best part-time voice-over gigs in this site.

76. Backstage

A site where brands and producers actively use to find the best talents, such as voice over talents. Use it to find part-time gigs that are well paying.

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100-part-time-evening-jobs: Here’s how you can make extra cash with these 100 part-time Jobs. Most of these opportunities are online jobs and part time jobs from home. Most are simple Part time evening jobs you can do in your free time or your day job. #makeextracash #parttimejobs #onlinejobs #parttimejobsfromhome #parttimejobsextracash #parttimeeveningjobs #onlinebusiness

Part-time Evening Jobs for Selling photos and On-demand Stock Images


77. Shutterstock

A marketplace for creative entrepreneurs who deal with everything related to pictures, videos, and music. You can sell your images at this site and make money from that part-time evening job.

78. Foap

Turn your passion for photography into a money-making hobby by selling your pictures and images on this site.

79. iStock

One of the leading stock images marketplaces by Getty Images. It will help you to make money out of your photos through licensing.

80. Etsy

This site has over 30 million users, which means that your images will have a broader market audience.

81. Fotomoto

One of the easiest site you can use to sell your photos.

82. Bigstockphoto

Make money online through selling photos on this site.

Part-time Evening Jobs for Designers


83. Coroflot

Are you a designer? This is one of the largest marketplaces you can use to find the best part-time evening jobs.

84. Dribbble

A market to find the best professional design gigs even when you are a complete beginner.

85. 99designs

The largest marketplace for freelance designers who want to turn their creativity into cash.

86. The Dots

A freelance marketplace you can use to find the best design part-time evening jobs which are well paying.

Part-time Evening Jobs for renting and selling books


87. BigWords

Make quick cash in this site through renting textbooks or buying and reselling them to other users.

88. eCampus

This is one of the most extensive libraries for students. You can take the opportunity of working with them by selling or renting books to them.

89. Campus books rentals

This is a place you can find textbooks at a lower price then you resell them at higher retail prices to make profits. You can also enter into a contract of renting your old books on this site.

90. SendOwl

Similar to the other sites above, you make money by renting and selling textbooks in this site.

91. Textbooks

A quick place to find cheap books, which you can resell at higher prices. Also, a great place to make money by renting textbooks for other people.

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Other Places to find Part Time Evening Jobs


Job Listing Sites

92. MediaBistro

Find the best part-time jobs in this site.

93. Snagajob

This site lists jobs all over in the U.S every hour. You can easily find a well-paying job in this site if you keep checking their listings regularly. You can also sign up for email alerts so that you can get a notification when a job is posted.

94. Blue Crew

This is the platform you can find companies looking for workers to fill temporary jobs for employees. This could be employees on leave on sick. It is one of the best places to find because there are plenty of jobs available. Similar sites include Squaddle and Side Kicker.

95. Wonolo

Find your ideal job on this site with quick strategies.

96. Syft

A site that will connect you to your potential employer. Many employers use this app to announce their companies staffing needs, which means you can easily find the best part-time evening jobs on this site.

97. The Dots

Find the best jobs from everywhere in the world in this site if you are freelance, virtual assistant, and webmaster specialist.

98. ZipRecruiter

Another job listing site you can use to find the best part-time evening jobs, which will help you to make at least $300 daily.

99. Job Spider

An highly ranked site with scam-free jobs you can do from the comfort of your home.

100. Tovit

One more place you can use to find latest jobs online.

Freelance Marketplaces

Places to find remote Jobs

Scam Warning

Unfortunately not all online jobs are legit, some are scams and you can use the signs below to identify them.

  • will offer high pay for simple tasks, which makes them unrealistic.
  • They will ask for personal information, such as credit card details.
  • Some will ask you to pay to unlock some subscription or something like that before you are given the job.
  • You did not apply for that job, but they contacted you with a job offer.
  • Responses to these job offers are sent via unprofessional emails and numbers.
  • The job descriptions will appear vague and non-realistic in a real-world
  • You get the job immediately after application without any screening or some interview.
  • It is not clear how or when you shall be paid after the job is complete.
  • The job requirements keep changing from time to time. 


100-Part-Time-Evening-Jobs: Get 100 ways on how to make $300 per day with part time evening jobs. These are good fit part time jobs for moms, part time jobs for teens, part time jobs for college students and part time jobs for teachers. # Parttimeeveningjobs #parttimejobsformoms # parttimejobsforteens # parttimejobsforcollegestudents # parttimejobsforteachers #onlinebusiness

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