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Scrap Yard Near Me: How To Get Top Dollar Binds For Your Scrap

Scrap Yard Near Me: How To Get Top Dollar Binds For Your Scrap

Scrap yards also known as junkyards, salvage yards, wrecking yards or metal recycling yards are some of the best places to make money fast.

Have you been searching for the following phrases, “scrap yard near me”, “Junkyards near me”, or “scrap metal recycling yards near me? If you have, then you have come to the right post.

In this post, we shall explore different types of scrap yards such as, car scrap yard near me, steel yards near me, salvage yards near me, used auto parts junk yards and recycling yards near me among others.

You shall also learn how to make lots of money with this little known side job for selling scrap metals, old auto parts and wrecked appliances.

Additionally, we shall show you how to compare scrap yards near me prices so that you are able to choose the best offers that will bring the highest returns.

You can never go wrong with choosing recycling as a way to make money because the scrap metal industry is big and popular with very many opportunities.



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How can I find a Scrap Yard Near Me?

There are several strategies you can use to find a metal recycling scrap yard near you, such as:

a) Run a Google search

Use any search engine like Google, Bing or Baidu to run a search on one or a combination of the following terms or phrases;

  • Scrap yards near me open today
  • Scrap yards near me open on Saturday
  • Scrap Metal for cash near me
  • Metal scrap yard near me
  • Scrap yard near me open now
  • Junkyards near me that buy cars
  • Metal recycling yards near me

For example, I search “Scrap yard near me” on Google and got suggestions on many junkyards and salvage yards available near me.


b) Use your Zipcode

You can go to Google maps then run a search using a combination of your zipcode and scrap yard near me keyword.

For example, I used this Zipcode 10001 for New York and below are some the results I got.


c) Use iScap App

Use this link to visit the iScap app then use their database search results to find a scrap yard near you.


What do Scrap yards do?-Scrap Yard Near Me

This section will answer several questions, such as;

  • What is a scrap yard?
  • How do scrap yards work?
  • Can you buy stuff from scrap yards?
  • Where do scrap yards sell their scrap?

Quick Summary: A scrap yard collects, weighs, sorts, and buys scrap metal from suppliers then they sell it to large scale use customers such as refiners, governments, transit companies among other manufacturers.

When you walk into a scrap yard you expect to find stacked up metal from cars and appliances. You will also see workers and forklifts moving or sorting the scrap metal on a daily basis.

A scrap yard buys scrap metal from small scale sellers then sell it in bulk to refiners. Therefore, to the scrap yard you will be a supplier while the refiners will be their customers.

Apart from metal, scrap yards also buy and sell salvage, wrecked or old parts of appliances, such as washing machines, seats, car parts and engines among others.

Some of the people who visit or use scrap yards include;

  • Electricians
  • Contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Construction companies
  • Demolition companies
  • Refiners
  • Governments
  • Manufacturers
  • Transit companies
  • Homeowners who often do renovation

The price a scrap yard will buy or sell your stuff will depend on three factors: market price, weight and quality of the metal (Read more on what is the current price of scrap section)

Below are some the common examples of items you can bring/sell to a scrap yard;


If you are wondering where scrap yards are located, below are some places to easily find one;

  • High population urban and suburban areas: You shall always find many scrap yards in large cities like New York, Chicago and Dallas among others compared to small ones.
  • Large space areas: If you are looking for a scrap yard in the CBD, strip malls or business lots you are not likely to find one because such yards needs lots of space to store the metal. Therefore, off side roads and industrial area locations are some of the common places to find scrap yards since there is lots of space for operation in such areas.
  • Means of Transport availability areas: Most scrap yards will be located nearest to the most convenient means of transport for the scrap metal. For instance, you can easily find scrap yards near the ports or train stations.

What is the current price of scrap?- Scrap Yard Near Me

The websites below will help you to know the worth of the scrap metal you intend to sell;



This section will also provide answers to other similar questions like;

  • What are the best things to scrap for money?
  • How much is scrap metal worth per pound today?
  • What is the highest paying scrap metal?

Let’s look at the factors scrap yards use to set their prices;

a) Market price

The scrap metal industry operates the same way a stock market industry works.

When market prices are high, the price of buying scrap metal from suppliers and selling to customers is high. When it goes low the price goes low too.

b) Quantity

Better and high prices are offered for large quantities of scrap metal as compared to selling in small amounts. So sell in bulk to get best prices.

c) The type of metal

Metals are mostly categorized into three: Ferrous, non-ferrous and electronics (e-scrap).

Ferrous are the lowest in value because they are the common types of metals such as steel and iron. When passed through a magnet they tend to stick on it. Therefore, ferrous metals are priced at a lower price/value.

Non-ferrous metals such as Aluminium and brass are non-magnetic (don’t stick to a magnet) and they are usually priced higher.

E-scrap or electronics metal is found on home appliances and electronics, such as computers, hard drives and washing machine among others. Gold, silver and platinum are some common metals found in such items.


Where Can I Find Scrap Metal to Sell?- Scrap Yard Near Me

a) Start a scrap business

This will include getting a working space, creating business cards and marketing materials such as posters.

You can distribute your business card and posters to local business and home owners who will call you when they have scrap to through away.

In any local neighborhoods, people are always throwing away old refrigerators, office chairs and other office or home equipment.

Therefore, you can start a business where you collect such small stuff from individuals then sell it in bulk to scrap yards.

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b) Construction sites

Visit any construction site then look for the contractor or foreman and ask them if they have any waste scrap metal or used parts they would like to sell.

Remember not to take any such waste without asking because you can easily run into lawsuits.

c) Online platforms

There are so many online market places you can use to find scrap metal such as the following;

  • Craiglist
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Google
  • Nextdoor
  • Social media pages (Twitter, Pinterest , and Linked in among others)

Simple use the right search phrases of hashtags to find posts of people selling scrap metal and other waste products.


d) Road sides and highways

In cities with high population or busy activities you will always find that people through always old appliances, home equipment, office furniture, and gardening tools among other salvage or wrecked items anywhere.

The highways of such cities have cars that might have been wrecked by accidents or those old abandoned ones which can used as scrap metal.

e) Garbage Bins & Dumpsters

All waste from homes, offices and cities are taken to specific areas purposely left out to dumpsites and garbage disposal areas.

Here is a place you find all types of waste, scrap metal being one of them.

f) Hospitals & medical facilities

A hospital has so many waste and salvage items which gets destroyed or old on a daily basis. You can easily get scrap metal in the form of wheelchairs, walkers, fixtures and appliances in a hospital.


Tips on How to Make Money with Scarp Yards Near Me

Just like I mentioned at the beginning, metal recycling is a lucrative industry with many side hustle opportunities you can use to make extra money with at your spare time.

Use the tips below to maximize your chances of making the most money in this industry.

1) Know what to look for

First, you need to know what is categorized as scrap metal, junk, salvage or wrecked items.

You must also know what type of metal is easily accepted at scrap yards because supplying high demand metals will help you make more money.

Below are some of the common scrap items to look for when you decide to start this type of business.


2) Know it’s worth

Before you can even start collecting and selling your scrap metal, I think it is a good idea to check out the price of each metal.

This will help you to avoid wasting time and energy collecting metals which are worthless or those that bring low value prices.

Therefore, you goal at this step should be to identify metals which attract the best prices so that you can focus on them to make money with them


3) Get into sorting & organizing

Earlier we looked at the different types of metals: ferrous, non-ferrous and e-scrap, do you remember?

I mentioned that non-ferrous metals attract higher prices than ferrous metals.

Instead of selling all the three types of metals above as one bundle of scrap metal, it is advisable you buy a magnet so that you are able to sort them.

Selling them as one bundle means you get one price fixed price for the whole package.

In case you sort and organize the scrap by metal type, you get a higher price for non-ferrous metals and even higher prices for e-scrap items with high value metals, such as gold.

4) Clean it up

Scrap metal contains impurities and other traces of different types of metals.

For example, since non-ferrous are highly priced, it is a good idea you clean them up before taking them to a scrap yard so that they pass every test they will be subjected through.

This will also build your credibility to the scrap yard workers and managers since they will identify you as a supplier who bring high quality, well sorted and cleaned scrap metal. That can easily attract high prices and a good working relationship with such workers.

5) Compare prices

Now after you have collected, sorted, organized and determined the worth of your scrap metal, it is time to take it to the best scrap yard for sale.

Instead of just taking the stuff to the nearest yard to avoid transportation cost, it is a good idea you make several phone calls to different scrap yards near you to compare their prices.

The importance of this step is to make sure you pick the scrap yard option which offers the highest prices above every other.

6) Sell in bulk

Most scrap yards deal with large-scale suppliers and customers which means they offer high prices for bulk items compared to items taken in small quantities.

Therefore, you can get into the habit of collecting and sorting scrap metal for a long period of time then only take it to scrap yards or junkyards after it a lot, such as one full truck.

7) Build a portfolio

When you start working with scrap yards, it is advisable you keep the records of your transaction with them.

In future you can use these transaction history and portfolio to negotiate higher prices especially when you have been a loyal supplier who always brings in valuable scrap metal.

Therefore, make sure that your portfolio will show that you are consistent and a potential long-term business partner who deserves higher price binds.


How to Avoid Scammers-Scrap Yards Near Me

Below are some tips or red flags you can use to identify scammers in the scrap metal selling industry;

a) License of operation

Get into the habit of working with scrap yards with operating licenses. A scrap yard with a license means it has passed all the state laws and regulations that should govern its operation.

b) Never rush through a deal

Avoid all scrap yard dealers who want to close a sale so fast or rush you into the process of making up your mind on the sales decisions.

c) Additional costs showing up

An honest yard dealer will give you all the upfront costs before you sign a contract or deal with them. On the other hand, most dishonest yard dealers will bring up new prices later after you have already entered into an agreement or deal with them.

d) Less pay

 It is common to have yard dealers who will lower the price after you have brought your scrap metal to their yard. You might have agreed on a higher price on phone but they change it upon your arrival. Keep of such dealers who cannot uphold their side of the deal.

e) Watch their language

Avoid dealers who will always have nothing good to say about your scrap metal. These includes those who will describe it as “worthless”. Commit to finding dealers who will place a high value on your stuff.


Scrap Yard Near Me-Final Thoughts

Homeowners, businesses, industries, hospitals and governments throw away old, wrecked, salvaged or unusable items on a daily basis. This easy availability of scrap metal makes this one of the best side jobs for people looking for ways to make extra cash.

This post has compressively given you the tips you need to make money on scrap yards also known as junkyards or salvage yards.

You can easily run a Google search on any of the following phrases to find the best scrap yard you can use to start your journey to making money with this extra cash opportunity.

      • Scrap yards near me open today
      • Scrap yards near me open on Saturday
      • Scrap Metal for cash near me
      • Metal scrap yard near me
      • Scrap yard near me open now
      • Junkyards near me that buy cars
      • Metal recycling yards near me


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