These 4 Secondary Income Sources Will Make You Your First Million Online


Which are the best secondary income sources that will make you your first million online?

Most of us start the year with some resolutions.

This video is for people who have the resolution of MAKING THEIR FIRST MILLION IN 2023.

I am going to show you 4 SECONDARY INCOME SOURCES, which helped me to achieve that target in 2022.

But first, what is secondary income?

That is any money earned from doing or pursuing an extra side hustle or part-time involvement other than those related to your regular income source.

For instance, if you are doing a uber ride-share job in the night after your 9-5-day job, then that second job is a secondary source of income.

The 3 secondary income sources we are going to talk about have 2 main advantages.

Apart from the FLEXIBILITY ADVANTAGE of being able to do these jobs in any spare time from anywhere, they are also sources of PASSIVE INCOME.

At the beginning of building a passive income stream, you will spend maximum capital, time, and resources. After that, you will earn recurrent income with minimal labor to maintain.

For example, building a rental estate will require a high investment in the project at the establishment phase. After the completion and launch phase, the owner will enjoy returns monthly without repeating any initial maximal labor.


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These 4 Secondary Income Sources Will Make You Your First Million Online


In 2022 this company helped me to make over $5000 by publishing ads on one of my blogs. (see proof in this video)

In order to become a Mediavine publisher you shall need;

  • The traffic of not less than 50,000 sessions in the last 30 days.
  • Original and long-form content in any lifestyle, finance, fitness niche, and more!
  • Good reputation before Google AdSense

If you are just starting out, check out these Mediavine alternative ad networks for new bloggers.



Every year Amazon makes more than 125 billion in sales.

That means so many people shop online from Amazon, which is amazing news for bloggers, publishers and content creators.

By joining the Amazon affiliate program, they can monetize their traffic through audience recommendations.

Every time the audience buys from Amazon through their referral link, they earn up to 10% commission.

I am an Amazon associates affiliate, and so far, I have been able to make over $1700 in 2022 from one of my blogs. (see proof in this video)



Pakakumi is one of the many apps that pay real money in Kenya.

In 2022, I have been able to make over KSH.193,000 with Pakakumi which is equivalent to $1,500.

From this Pakakumi review, you shall learn that this is mostly a casino gaming platform where you make money through betting predictions and a lucky multiplier algorithm.

In my experience, I have only made money from the Pakakumi affiliate program where I share my affiliate link on my blog, YouTube channel, and social media.



In 2022, I managed to make $1000 from the YouTube partner program (YPP). (see proof in this video)

In the YPP, you allow Google (the owner of YouTube) to serve ads on your content, then they pay you some revenue from the view those ads get.

Watch this video to learn more about the YPP monetization and qualification guidelines.

Apart for the YPP, there are several other ways to make money on YouTube such as;

  • Allow brands and entrepreneurs to sponsor the promotion of their products and services to your audience.
  • Recommend your followers to buy the product and services you use through your affiliate link for you to earn a commission.
  • Activity the donate button to receive crowdsource funding from supporters and fans.


Wrapping It Up

A million Kenya Shillings is equivalent to 8,103 dollars which I was able to make in 2022 in this breakdown below;

Mediavine ……………… $5000

Amazon ……………… $1700

Pakakumi ……………… $1500

Youtube ……………… $1000

TOTAL ……………… $9200

These 4 Secondary Income Sources Will Make You Your First Million Online



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