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Starting a Successful Blog: 10 Fears To Overcome

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Blogging Tips

There are millions of talented bloggers out there who want to start a blog so badly, but they keep running away from the responsibility it takes.

Others have started, but almost feel like giving up, or you do not seem to be making any progress.

Does any of the above statements describe you? What could be holding you back?

Let me make a guess-could it be “blogging fears,” which haunt every new blogger?

All bloggers experience these fears, and those who overcome know that starting a successful blog is not an overnight success endeavor.

“If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” Dale Carnegie.

In other words, there is no secret formula for conquering the fears you feel/have-all you have to do is take action.

Therefore, there is no magic in starting a successful blog, all you have to do is overcome these ten fears.



10 blogging fears and how to overcome them

1. The fear of investing

Most new bloggers waste too much time looking for free blogging tools and resources because they are afraid to spend money on premium products.

For example, serious bloggers know that starting a successful blog involves investing in web hosting and a premium theme. When I started blogging, I had to invest in Bluehost web hosting, Divi WordPress theme and Convertkit for email marketing.

Also, sometimes you might be forced to enroll in paid courses or buy eBooks to learn something, which will speed up your growth and success. For example, since I wanted to use Pinterest and my main traffic source, I had to invest in buying this book Pinteresting strategies.

In summary, as a blogger you cannot run entirely away from purchasing premium/paid products and tools, sometimes you have to get over this fear if you want to build a successful blog.

How to overcome this fear

  • Do your research to clear all your doubts and choose the best option.
  • Ask for recommendations from other bloggers.
  • Test out free tools first, if they do not meet your needs 100%, then nothing will hold you back from investing in a premium option.
Starting-a-successful-blog-10-fears-to-overcome: Investing

2. The fear of “not knowing enough”

I am not a good writer; I do not know anything about blogging, I know very little about my audience/niche and blah, blah blah…..

What if I told you that all those feelings of inadequacy and incompetence are just fears you must overcome.  

Yes, it may be true that you are not ready for the job, but starting a successful blog does not depend on what you know but what you are willing to learn and do in the process.

You will be surprised when I tell you that even bloggers who make billions never stop learning because blogging is a career, not a job.

In a job, all you need to do is master the rules and your duties, but in a career, you need to do that and go an extra mile of self-development through learning.

In other words, it is okay to start blogging when you do not know enough, BUT you must be ready to learn on the job and avoid these 40 online business mistakes

How to over this fear

  • Follow or ‘stalk’ other bloggers and keep learning from them.
  • Read, read, read, research and research widely (I cannot emphasize this enough)
  • When necessary pay for courses, books and other learning resources and opportunities.
Starting-a-successful-blog-10-fears-to-overcome: feeling-inadequate

3. The fear of putting yourself out there

A blogger must network and engage with other bloggers and his/her audience.

Also, bloggers have to promote their products widely on social media actively.

For example, a lifestyle blogger must create engaging and beautiful photographs or videos; this could be a nightmare to someone like you out there.

If you are struggling with this fear remember this, starting a successful blog is not about what you want or feel, but what your target audience needs from you.

How to overcome this fear

  • Practice makes perfect: Start today and keep doing it, and before you know you will get comfortable with it and become an expert.
  • Reassess yourself: If it makes you so uncomfortable and scares the hell out of you-then evaluate and reconsider if it’s the best option for you.
  • Measure your wins: Give yourself targets, and as you keep reaching them your confidence will grow.
Starting-a-successful-blog-10-fears-to-overcome: putting-yourself-out-there

4. The fear of change

Your first time decisions will not always be right or perfect.

As you continue to grow and learn in your blogging journey, you are likely to discover better products, tools, and opportunities.

Also, you will get better recommendations from experienced bloggers as your network grows.

However, transitioning from what you know or currently use to something new is never easy, and it is one of the deadly fears you must overcome.

Therefore, change and trying new things is inevitable on the journey of starting a successful blog and building it into a money-making business.

How to overcome this fear

  • Try, test and gather feedback from many sources to eliminate all doubts keeping you from making the change.
  • Measure progress: Be honest with yourself, if you are not making substantial progress as you should, then a change could be what you need.
Starting-a-successful-blog-10-fears-to-overcome: change

5. Fear of people’s reaction

Will people read my blog? Will they leave comments? Will it get shared? Shall I make money?

Unfortunately, you have zero control over this-some will love you others will hate you.

Thus, starting a successful blog means choosing between focusing on haters criticisms or building a broader base of the loving audience through consistency and valuable content.

How to overcome this fear

  • Know your purpose: Clearly outline your goal and purpose because when you are sure what you want to achieve nothing negative (haters, criticism, etc) can hold you back.
  • Get real: Yes, it is okay to ignore negative feedback, but if a more extensive section of your audience is through criticisms, kindly take a moment and reassess your goal.
Starting-a-successful-blog-10-fears-to-overcome: people's reaction

6. Fear of competition

After careful research, you might have discovered that other bloggers have already written in the niche you are interested in.

This can be intimidating because you must offer a unique angle to the story for you to gain a segment of the same audience they are targeting.

Therefore, always remember that starting a successful blog is not about who else is in the market, but what unique value or solution are your bringing to the game.

How to overcome this fear

  • Have a unique selling proposition: Clearly state what unique value you shall offer to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Know your competitors: Research and monitor your competitors and give their customers what they are not getting. In other words, fill gaps left by your competitors.
Starting-a-successful-blog-10-fears-to-overcome: competition

7. Fear of not having time

 I will not lie to you the truth is blogging is time-consuming.

Therefore, starting a successful blog requires you to have time to write posts, promote them and create your products.

If you are working on a fulltime job, having extra time can be challenging, and this is one of those fear which can stop you from starting forever.

How to overcome this fear

  • Time management and planning is the solution: Everybody in the world has 24 hours, so when your schedule gets busy you must plan your time wiser.
  • Outsource, delegate or divide tasks among several team members to kill two birds with one stone.
Starting-a-successful-blog-10-fears-to-overcome: not-having-time

8. Fear of not knowing where to start

This should be one of your least fears because the Internet has a store of all the information you need.

More so, blogging is one of those careers with generous colleagues who are willing to share their wins and experiences with other new bloggers-starting with my email or message me to get any tips about blogging.

Therefore, you do not have an excuse why this fear is holding you back from starting a successful blog.

For example, I have already written a comprehensive guide with ten steps on how to start a successful blog from scratch.

How to overcome this fear

Starting-a-successful-blog-10-fears-to-overcome: not-knowing-where-to-start

9. Fear of failure

The blogging journey is not all success stories because sometimes you will fail.

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

Therefore, starting a successful blog is not all about the absence of mistakes and failures, but about moving past the failure and growing the success once again.

How to overcome this fear

  • Accept that failure and mistakes are part of the journey
  • Have the right attitude after the defeat or error by getting up and moving on better by putting the lesson gained into practice.
  • Have a clear goal: Once you know where you want to go or achieve making the right decisions becomes easy and avoiding failure become
Starting-a-successful-blog-10-fears-to-overcome: Failure

10. Fear of setting high prices

What will be the pricing value of your products and services? Should you put it lower because you are a new blogger?

There is no one price fits all, but the general rule is set an amount based on the worth of your product not based on your level or stage of blogging.

Your blog will grow and that same product will continue to sell at the same price you quoted when your blog was new.

Therefore, if your product/service is premium enough to deserve a high price, then go for it!

How to overcome this fear

  • Know the worth of your products and services
  • Consult marketing experts and other bloggers
  • Do a comparative side by side studies with other similar products to determine the ideal market
  • Know your goal: what do you want to achieve at the end of the day?
Starting-a-successful-blog-10-fears-to-overcome: high-pricing


Which one of those fears are holding you back from starting a successful blog today?

Before you allow them to block your success, remember that all bloggers struggle with those fears-you is not the only one.

Therefore, be comfortable with feeling the way you do right now, and also be okay putting up with that adrenaline rush.

Your responsibility is not to let your feeling win, but to suppress them and allow yourself to take action towards starting a successful blog today.

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