20 Low-Cost Types Of Desks For Your Home Office

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The birth and growth of the Internet has increased the popularity of work from home jobs.

Recent statistics from the United States Census show that more than 8 million people work from home, which shows an increasing demand for flexible work environments.

If you decide to work from home, you need a quiet home office where you can work with high productivity.

This post contains 20 types of desks you can use in your home office to boost your productivity and increase your income.


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Types of Desks for Home Office



1. Stand-Up Converter Desk



This desk is ideal for PCs, iMac desktops and other kinds of desktops and laptops.

You can either use the workstation of this desk while sitting or standing up. It works perfectly well with monitors of the following computer models; Dell, Hp, Acer, and Samsung among others.

The height of this desk is adjustable which means you will have the flexibility to work from the length you want.

The stand-up converter desk comes with other additional features, such as a charging port, and a built-in phone stands among others.

Another advantage is that this desk is easy to carry around because you can assemble its parts quickly without any specialized training.



2. L-Shape Desk


This is a classy desk made from medium density fiberboard (MDF) which makes its appearance very attractive.

You can easily switch the 3-piece sides to match your desired design. You can also take away some of the pieces to save space when working in a small office area.

The height of this table is adjustable because its legs are movable up and down to fit your desired length. 

Thus, this is a table suitable for home offices because its time saving and adjustable to fit the needs of the user.



3. Corner Desk


This is a sturdy desk for your home office because it is attractive and straightforward. It is either made with steel, glass or metal which are all long-lasting materials.

Its frames are mostly made from steel, which is durable and does not rust easily meaning you can use this type of desk for many years.



4. Writing Desk


This desk is made with sturdy engineered wood, which is durable and attractive when placed in a home office.

The desk is designed with a comfortable design, which means you will not get tired or strain any body part while you are working. You can always order a design which matches your needs because the size is flexible.



5. Study Desk


This desk can easily be folded because the corners are highly adjustable and movable. Also, it is easily portable after it is well packed.

It is suitable for use in home offices, study rooms and bedroom among other home space working areas.

It is made with waterproof material which makes it more durable and not prone to deformation, wear and tear.



6. Retro Desk


This desk is made with Ameriwood material which makes more durable.

The top of this desk is wide enough to accommodate your laptop/desktop, paper folders, and notebooks among other working tools.

The riser section also gives you an extra space where you can put décor elements, such as flowers, pictures, and awards among others.


20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-FOLDING-TABLE-DESK7. Folding Table Desk


This is a desk with enough space to put computers, monitors, printers and even study books because its shape is convenient.

It is made with durable standard wood material which is waterproof and anti-scratch making it more durable than other types of desks.

One advantage is that the table can be easily folded and carried around, especially when you are traveling or moving from one home office to the next.

Apart from being used as a computer desk, it can also be used as a writing, office, exhibition and conference/meeting desk. Therefore, its multipurpose use makes this desk even more appealing.


20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-Trestle-Desk8. Trestle Desk


This desk is mostly made with high-end metal, glass or wood material which makes it more durable.

The additional shelves will give you an extra space you can put decors, such as flowers or other computer accessories, such as speakers.

The table is easy to clean because all the sections are easily accessible.


20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-COMPUTER-DESK9. Computer Desk


A desk which is made from Engineered particle boards and PVC tubes making it more durable, classy and attractive.

It has several elevated shelves you can use to organize your computers, notebooks, stationery, and other accessories in an attractive layout.

The table is also safer than other types of desks because it has rounded edges, reducing the risk of injuries.




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20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-HUTCH-DESK10. Hutch Desk


This is a table with so many shelves and drawers you can use to organize all your home office stationery and items.

Some of the drawers are also lockable which means you can store confidential documents and materials in them.

The desk is made with high-end wood material with perfect finishing which makes it more attractive.


20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-CONTEMPO-GLASS-TOP-DESK11. Contempo Glass Top Desk


If you love beautiful and unique items, then this is one of the best go-to the type of desks which meets that criterion.

It is made from Glass which is scratch-resistant. Its frames are also reliable and coated with steel to make them rust-free.

The middle pulls out keyboard tray even makes this desk more attractive.


20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-Height-Adjustable-Standing-Desk12. Height-Adjustable Standing Desk


This desk has a workstation wide enough to accommodate up to 2 desktops, a laptop/notebook and other working stationery.

The desk is highly movable up-and-back which provides the flexibility to work from any position you feel comfortable.

The desk is quality, safe and stable because it is built with heavy-duty and quality materials to reduce deformation and injuries.

The simple outlook and design of this desk make it more attractive than other types of desks out there.


20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-Rolling-Cart-Desk13. Rolling Cart Desk


This is a desk for people who love working on a mobile workstation where they can move from around ease.

This desk takes the design of a rolling cart because it comes fitted with four wheels and two locking wheels.

It is easy to adjust the height of the legs of this desk to match your desired home office demands.

Also, the desk is easy to assemble which means you can easily separate all part and carry them around to use in the next workstation.


20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-HARBOR-VIEW-DESK14. Harbor View Desk


The harbor view desk comes fitted with many drawers and shelves you can use to store your home office stationery.

It has a slide-out keyboard and mouse shelve which makes the working area more convenient.

All drawers are fitted with metal runners and safety stops to reduce the occurrence of injuries and also improve the security of your documents.


20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-FLOATING-DESK15. Floating Desk


This desk comes fitted with a prepac metal hanging rail system which makes it easy to mount the desk on the wall in a floating position.

Apart from the computer and keyboard shelves, the desk has side compartments removable shelves you can use for other items, such as speakers, books, and photographs among other personal stuff or stationery.


20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-BED-TRAY-DESK16. Bed Tray Desk


If you love “breakfast in bed surprises,” the design of this desk will catch your attention because it’s shaped like a bed tray.

You can easily adjust the trays and legs of this desk to match your comfort needs and operational demands.

It also comes installed with a cooling system which will protect your laptop or any other electronic device you shall use from overheating.

Also, it comes with three-lamp LED lights which will protect your eyes from any damages caused by straining due to poor lighting.

You can easily fold the legs of this desk into a portable package you can carry around from one place to the next.


20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-TRIANGLE-LEG-DESK17. Triangle-Leg Desk


This desk is made with durable steel and environmental friendly particle board which makes it durable and attractive. It has a powder coated finish to protect it from rusting and other deformations.

The legs of this desk are adjustable and fitted with sturdy glides to keep the stable even and stable even on a slippery floor.


20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-ALPHA-TABLE18. Alpha Desk


This is a desk made from durable and robust iron and glass material which makes it attractive and long-lasting.

The desk is small and straightforward, which means you can even use it in a small home office.


20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-WALL-MOUNTED-DROP-LEAF19. Wall-mounted Drop Leaf Desk


This is an effortless workstation desk or a simple desk you can use for dining and other quick purposes.

The upside is that you can easily fold it down after you finish using it to safe space and reduce the occurrence of injuries, especially to small children.

It is made with durable hardwood. Also, it does not require technical assembly skills, which means anybody can put together this type of desk.


20-Types-of-desk-for-your-home-office-file-drawer-desk20. File Drawer Desk


The desk is made with durable MDF and metal material which is durable and attractive.

It comes in different colors, such as white and silver, which means you can get the one that matches your tastes.

The three extra drawers give you extra space you can use to store your home office files and stationery.


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