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10 Unique Features That Will Make You Buy The Divi Theme Now

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Divi Theme

Are you looking for a responsive WordPress theme for your blog or website?

Have you heard of the Divi theme from Elegant themes?

I use it on all my blogs including sproutmentor.com for two simple reasons; 1) it supports unlimited customization options and 2) it is a theme for both non-techies like me and highly technical coding experts.

In this post, I will talk about ten features of the Divi theme which makes it incredibly unique from other WordPress themes.

Good News: If you purchase the Divi Theme today, you will gain access to other 87 themes, such as the dominant magazine theme Extra free and more than seven plugins, such as Bloom (optin form creator) and Monarch (social sharing buttons creator)

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10 reasons why Divi is the best WordPress theme you should use for your blog or website. I use this responsive wordpress theme in all my blog and I love it. #Divi #Divitheme #Wordpressthemes #blogthemes

What is Divi?

10 Unique Divi Theme Features

1. Updates Rollback

The team behind this theme, Elegant Themes, is always making updates to improve its functionality and remove bugs.

However, sometime you might run an update on your main site, and then you lose some customization OR in a worst case scenario, you lose the whole site.

The good news is that Div theme has a “Rollback Feature” that will enable you to go back to the previous version before the update in one click.

This will restore your site to the original state before the update.

Use the procedure below to locate this fantastic feature;

Divi Theme Options >Updates Tab > Click on the RollBack Button

NOTE: Always run a backup before you update your theme. For example, I use Updraft Plus plugin for backup. Find out other tools I use on Sproutmentor here.

2. Divi Supports up to 6-Columns

Most themes only support 3-column layouts.

With the Divi theme, you can break down your columns into size parts.

This is an excellent feature for photography or e-commerce websites, which display image or product galleries respectively.

It is also a fantastic feature for bloggers who want to style their post layout pages.

3. Custom Color Pallette

This feature of the Divi Theme will save you the time of having to copy your color codes every time you want to use it somewhere in the site.

All you have to do is add this color code, and it will appear on all modules.

Divi theme options > General Options

For example, I have added the main color codes of Sproutmentor as the first three in the color palette.

4. Right Click Shortcuts

The Divi Theme comes installed with the powerful drag and drop builder known as the Divi Builder.

If you have used Elementor or Beaver builder, you know how much a theme builder can save you lots of time.

These shortcuts can be handy when you are using the back-end editor.

All you need to do is right-click anywhere on one of the modules, and the following shortcuts will appear;

Rename: For example, I can change the name of the first module in the image above from “post title” to “introduction” in the picture above.

Save to library: Save the module for later use.

Undo: Revert/ exist all changes made on the module.

Redo: This is the opposite of undo.

Disable: You can make the module not visible on mobile, desktop and other locations with this feature.

Lock: This feature will completely delete or erase the module.

Copy: It will enable you to create a duplicate of that module.

Paste: After you copy a module, you use this feature to paste it in the right location you want within the page or post layout.

Preview: This feature will help you see how the module looks using the visual look of the page.

5. Unique Visual Editor Features

Apart from having a back-end editor, the Divi theme has a visual WYSIWYG editor known as the visual builder, which will allow you to make changes in realtime as you see them.

3 amazing features of the Visual Editor

In-line editing
Adjust module, row and column heights
Drag, drop, duplicate and delete modules

6. Unique Theme Customize Options

The Divi theme has many unique theme customization options like the three below;

Hide logo on mobile
Procedure: Divi –> Theme customizer –> Mobile Styles –> Mobile Menu

Animate primary and secondary menu
Procedure: Divi –> Theme customizer –> Header and navigation –> Primary or secondary menu bar –> Dropdown menu animation

Remove footer credits
Procedure: Divi –> Theme customizer –> Footer –> Bottom bar –> Disable or edit footer credits

7. Divi Supports Use of Additional CSS

Divi is not a theme for people who do not know how to code only. Yes, you can use the Divi theme with zero coding expertise.

The good news goes on because Divi is also for experts because it supports the addition of extra CSS features in the following ways;

A) The Code Module

You can use this module to add additional coding to any row, column or a layout in Divi.

B) Advanced CSS settings

The advanced settings tabs will allow you to add custom CSS effects for content, buttons and other modules in your layouts.

8. Divi Will Beautify Your Blog

If you love the design sproutmentor.com blog, I think I should let you know that it all built on the Divi theme.

I am not a technical person, and I even do not know how to write a single line of code.

Imagine I have been able to design this blog using the Divi theme with zero coding or technical skills in website development.

Just imagine how much more you can beautify your blog with Divi, especially if you know how to code or you can afford a developer.

I believe that a blog should not be boring. If you are a blogger and you want to make your blog dynamic and beautiful, You can use the Divi theme to achieve that in the following ways;

a) Blog module

This module will help you to showcase your blog posts in any place within posts and page layouts throughout the whole site.

b) Post slider and post title modules

If you love to showcase your latest posts in a beautiful slider format at the top of your blog page, then this feature.

This applies mostly if you want to create custom post titles for your blog post view page.

c) Free Layouts/Templates

Divi comes loaded with 60+ blog page templates and layouts you can use instead of starting from scratch. All these layouts are free!

d) Blog posts Meta-info settings

You can choose what Metadata (comments, author, categories, and date) you want to show on posts using this function.

Divi → Theme Options → Layout (Tab) → General Settings

e) SEO settings

You can easily configure the SEO settings for your Divi theme using the options provided in this feature.

Divi → Theme Options → SEO

f) Ad settings

One of the simplest ways you can use to monetize a blog is the use of ads. The Divi theme will help you to set the standard settings for your ads using these options.

Learn other ways you can make money or passive income with a blog in the posts below.

9. Divi Supports Split Testing

You can create different layouts of the same module, then use the split testing feature in Divi to see which one performs best.

You can quickly get this feature by right-clicking on any module or layout you want to create a split test for.

10. Other Amazing Divi Features

a)  Keyboard shortcuts

You can easily use shortcuts when using the Divi theme with the help of keyboard shortcuts which will save you tons of time.

b) Upload Custom Fonts

When using any Divi module design settings, it will give you an option to upload a font in case you do not find it among the many free options available.

C) Global Elements

These are elements you save in the library, and when you make changes in one, the move appears in all other aspects. These can be used for menus and footers. Find more about global elements here.

d) Unique Navigation Settings

Divi has many navigation settings, some of which are unique like the two below;

Find them through Divi → Theme Options → Navigations → General Settings

  • Disable Top-tier menu options
  • Set anchor-text scroll method

Find more Divi navigation settings here. 

 Final thoughts: Is Divi worth it?

Divi is entirely worth it for the following reasons;

1)     You buy Divi and gain access to 87 beautiful WordPress themes.

2)     You buy Divi and get five plugins free

3)     You can purchase the one-time fee lifetime membership worth $249 (see image above)

4)     According to Alexa 1 million plus websites on the web using the Divi theme. See examples here.

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