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Welcome to my review!

I will help you determine whether is legit or a scam by answering the questions below;

  • What is
  • How does work?
  • How can you make money on
  • How do you get paid on
  • Is scam or legit?

There are so many ways of making money online, and new ones keep coming up every day like this one created by

If you are curious or in a hurry, my final verdict is that I do not recommend to my readers. You have to read the whole review below to know why. This is what I recommended instead.


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What Is is a money-making site used in three main countries (the United States, Nigeria, and South Africa) in the world.

Ahref image

It claims to be a site for low income earners looking for easy part-time jobs that can make them some extra income on the side.

You will get paid to perform simple daily tasks, especially on your social media accounts.


How Does Work?

You first start by registering at Voxw.

Every new user receives a 100-naira free sign up bonus upon successful registration.

To make the work easier, you can install the Voxw mobile app. See other money making apps on that post.

You can choose to use the free package first, then upgrade to premium VIP plans later. The higher the plan the more money you shall make.

Below are the different packages.


How Do You Make Money on

On you make money in two main ways;

  • Completing the daily tasks
  • Referrals

The higher the package you buy, the more tasks you shall have.

For example, in the highest package the VIP 4 you get 15 daily tasks, while in the lowest package the Free VIP, you get 2 daily tasks.

The more tasks you complete the more money you make.

For every new user who signs up using your referral link, you shall get a commission of 50 Naira.


How Do You Get Paid on pays through direct bank deposits and mobile money services for those using the mobile app.

You can withdraw only once per day between working hours (9 AM to 7 PM).

For every withdrawal you make, there will be a 15% charge fee that goes to the payment of tax.

The minimum withdrawal limit depends on your package as summarized below;


VOXW.CN REVIEW: Is Legit or Scam?


Most existing reviews claim that this site is legit, but I will disagree because; Is New

According to Whoisdata, this site was established on 17th December 2021. 

In most cases, I don’t trust new sites which are less than one year old because most come and go.

Others are closed down after stealing lots of money from their users. Does Not Provide Important About Information

The owner of is not known.

When an entrepreneur is selling a reputable brand, they will be proud to be associated with it.

From the whois data, their email is [email protected]. First, that email is so ugly because it does not have a professional brand name.

Second, I tested the email and I received a failed server response email, which means the email is not active.

It’s possible that is hosted on some free server because whois data does not tell who their domain registrar or hosting company is.

This is very risky especially when it comes to the privacy of your personal data. Has Zero Reviews on Important Websites

On their Facebook page, they have zero reviews.

Popular review websites like TrustPilot, also have no reviews.

They also don’t have an approved profile on Better business bureau and other consumer review websites that measure marketplace trust of businesses and companies. Has Little to No Traffic

According to Similarweb traffic statistics, this website seems to get less than 50,000 monthly visits which are too low.

That could mean that they have very few users because the site is not trusted by many people. Website Is Probably Down

When I searched this URL, what came up was an insecure website of a pharmaceutical company.

There was nothing to do with making money on that website. Is Possibly a Replica

The interface of is similar to that of 9jamallni, Mybonus2u, Richhotni, Norderworks, and Stepworkstime among others.

What most scam websites do is buy new domain names then redirect all the website content from the old domain to the new one.

That is the reason why the interface and purpose of most new scam websites never change since it’s simply a copy and paste of the old platform.


VOXW.CN REVIEW: Conclusion


I do not recommend because it’s a possible scam.

You can only get the full earning benefits if you buy their VIP packages. I don’t think that this is a wise opportunity to spend your hard-earned money.

How about you try spending your money on one of these Top 10 opportunities that I recommend.


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