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50 High-Paying Weekend Jobs For Side Hustlers


by | Apr 30, 2019 | Make Money Online

Want to turn your weekends into income generating getaways?

In this post I will share 50 weekend jobs you can use to make passive income during your free time.

These extra income ideas are also perfect side jobs and online jobs you can use to make extra money even in other days of the week.

The advantage of these weekend jobs is that they are flexible and they allow you to work from anywhere. Also, you do not need any special skills, technical expertise or training to make good money with these part-time side hustles.

This post may contain affiliate links, read a full disclosure policy here.


Do you want to make extra money during the weekends? Here are 50 weekend jobs you can use to make extra cash working part-time. #weekend #weekendjobs #weekendjobsathome #makemoneyonline #extraincome #makemoneyontheside #sidehustles #workfromhome #workfromhomejobs

Car/Driving Related Weekend Jobs

1. Become a Driver

This is one of the best weekend jobs because people will want to visit different places. Most of these people do not own a car, so you can make driving them around a side hustle you do during your part-time. Using apps, such as Uber and Lyft you can find countless driving gigs that will help you to make money.

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2. Get paid to deliver packages

People will be shopping a lot during the weekends, while others will be moving from one place to another to spend the holidays in new areas. You can easily make money in this opportunity by getting hired to deliver packages. Amazon FlexInstacartShiptSendFlowers, and Drizly are some few places you can get delivery gigs.

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Click here to try Shipt FREE Delivery Services for Two Weeks! On all orders.

3. Earn from delivering food

This is high demand weekend jobs because people will set up many parties and occasions, and they will need food supplies. You can work as a food delivery partner for DoordashUberEatsPostmatesMunchery and Martha & Marley Spoon in this side hustle.

Our Readers Pick
Doordash is voted #1 company you can find highly paid delivery jobs. Their minimum pay is $9/hour which is fair and affordable. Click here to sign up as a Doordash Delivery Agent today!

4. Rent out your car

Instead of hiring a driver, some people prefer to rent a car or vehicle for a given period. This is one of the best weekend jobs because many people will require a car to get around. You can use these sites to list your vehicle as property available for renting; TuroGetaroundRVShareAirportRentalCarsHolidayCars, and RentalCars.

Our Readers Pick

Getaround is voted #1 company you can find highly paid car renting clients. You can easily make more than $1000 per month after you list your car on this site. Click here to list your car @ Getaround today!

5. Sell your car for a profit

People will be looking for vehicles to buy at affordable prices during the weekends. If you have a car, you would like to sell this is the best time to do it because the demand is high. BlinkerBissell, and Bonanza are some of the best marketplaces you can use to make money with this side hustle.

6. Sell ads on your car 

Now that your vehicle will be moving around so much during the weekends, you can enter into a partnership with car advertising companies, such as Wrapify and Carvertise. They will place ads on your car in exchange for cash payment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not own a car/vehicle, check out these sites and companies, which lend out car buying loansEasyAutoLoanWeb2Carz, and lendingClubAutoFinance. Also, if you do not have a driver license or want to learn more about cars, take courses at Drivers ED.

Care-giving Related Weekend Jobs

7. Get a pet sitting job

Most people do not love to travel with their pets during the weekends Some prefer to leave them behind in the house so that they can be able to move around conveniently. For that reason, they will need to hire a pet sitter while they are away. RoverDogVacay, and Care.com are some of the best sites you can use to land pet sitting gigs.

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Do you want to hire a pet sitter on Rover? Click here to get $25% OFF your first booking. Remember to apply for a pet sitting job once you are on the site.

8. Become a babysitter

This is a creative way to make money during the weekends because people love to travel. Small kids below two years cannot manage all that traveling, so such parents will need to hire babysitters. You can find gigs at Sitter.comCare.com, and Zum.com.

Best Site To Find Sitter Jobs
Sittercity is one of the best places you can find caregiver jobs, such as being a in-home nanny or caretaker for the elderly. The upside is that to join is completely free and fast!

9. Find a Handyman Job

In this weekend job you shall be hired to complete short and small manual tasks, such as moving and packing, furniture assembly, mounting and installation of equipment and home décor among others. You can also get a home care task, such as gardening, cleaning and fixing equipment around the house among other tasks. Sites to find such jobs: TaskRabbitSpare 5mTurkAirTasker and Coin Bucks among others.

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Hire a tasker on TaskRabbit today, and you shall get $10 to $100 OFF on your first booking. You can use this code (TASK20TR) to make the process easier.

10. Get Paid To Cuddle & Comfort Others

As a professional cuddler, you expect to make around $40-$80 per hour, which is decent pay. Also, you will get to form new friendships and important networks with people, which makes this one of the best jobs for lazy people.  There are many sites you can find cuddling jobs, such as CuddleComfortSnuggle Buddies and Cuddlist among others.

11. Become a Personal Trainer Or Coach

People will always look for people who can help them to become healthier physically, socially and mentally. In such a case, you can become a fitness trainer, relationship coach, motivational speaker and all other types of coaching or training related side hustles. The upside of this weekend job is that it has high returns because you can find high paying clients.


Teaching/ Information Sharing Related weekend Jobs

12. Become an Virtual Tutor

Do you love teaching students or kids? If you do, this is one of the best weekend jobs because many sites hire part-time or seasonal teachers. Check out for the latest opportunities at VIPKID, Qkids & Education First among others. You must pass the screening interview and at least have a bachelors degree or be enrolled to such a program to secure a job in most of these tutoring sites. Click here to discover over 16 companies hiring tutors now!

Our Readers Top Choice
VIPKID is reported to be the best place to find English tutoring jobs. The good is that they give a $300 sign up bonus to all new teachers. Check out other 20 sites that provide free sign up bonuses here.

13. Write an Ebook

Writing eBooks is another ways to make extra cash during the weekends. The advantage of this side job is that there are many platforms you can use to create and sell your ebook for free. Several platforms, such as SendOwlAmazon KindleCreateSpace, and PressBooks among others have made self-publishing of books with zero investment possible for anybody who can write a good copy.

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Click Here to get a Free Demo on how you can use SendOwl to create and sell your first ebook online.


14. Course Creator & Instructor

E-Learning market research data shows that there is an increasing demand for online learning opportunities. Therefore, creating and selling a course in one of the platforms below is one of the best passive income ideas and weekend job you can use to make money on the side. There are many sites where you can host and sell your online course, such as SkillShareUdemy, TeachableCoach, and Kajabi among others.

Our Readers First Pick
Udemy has more than 15 million students, and 100 million monthly visits per month. This means you can easily make more than $1000 per month with selling courses on Udemy.

15. Start a “How-To” Tutorials YouTube Channel Or Podcast

People will be looking for “how-to” tutorials related to recipes, makeup, traveling, DIY crafts and gift ideas among others. The upside of this weekend job is that creating a Youtube channel or podcast is free. Once you gain subscribers and listeners respectively, you will be able to make money from the products you recommend, brand sponsorship and ads among other monetization strategies explained in this post.

Freelancing & Remote Weekend Jobs

16. Blogging

Blogging is a weekend job where you write content on a given profitable niche, such as fashion, make money online and food among others. Bloggers make money through advertising, affiliate marketing and selling digital products among other monetization strategies explained in this post. Click here to learn how I make money on sproutmentor. Visit this detailed step by step guide on how to start a blog to learn how to build a money making blog from scratch with zero coding expertise and past blogging experience.

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Ready to start a blog today? Use these links to get 50% off Bluehost Hosting (from $7.99 to $3.95 per month) and a Free Divi Theme Trial (the best WordPress theme-I use it on Sproutmentor.com, you can read more details about the Divi theme here)

17. Writing

You can be hired to write articles for magazines, newspapers and other news driven publications, a form of writing known as journalism. Or, online content creators such as bloggers, digital strategists and brands among others can hire you to write selling  and promotional copies for their audience, a form of writing known as copy-writing. Also, students and researchers can hire you to complete research assignments for them. You can use these sites; Fiverr and Flexjobs to find your dream writing job.

Best Resource For Freelance Writers
Write Your Way to Your First 1k is one of the best and cheaply priced online course that will teach you how to become a six-figure salary freelance writer. It is created by Elna Cain who make more than $200 for less than 1000 words freelance writing gigs.


18. Proofreading & Editing

A proofreader and editor read a document word after word with the aim of finding grammar, spelling, coherence and structure mistakes and errors which might have been made during writing. Proofreading takes place after editing has been done. Check out 40 proofreading jobs in this detailed post that will get you started on making money with this weekend job.

Find Proofreading Gigs Here
Click Here to apply for a proofreading or Editing job today! Jobs are posted daily on this page.

19. Data Entry

There are companies that will hire you to type data from one source to another, such as from a document into a Ms Word program. Also, you can be hired to scan data from documents, such as sales receipts then record it somewhere. Microworkers, CapitalTyping and Clickworker are some of the sites you can find data entry jobs. Click here to discover other 15 sites with data entry jobs.

Best Sites To Find Data Entry Jobs
Flexjobs: This is an online job listing site where companies and individuals post new job alerts for potential candidates to apply.Fiverr: This is a popular freelance marketplace where people post projects they want to be completed by freelance from anywhere in the world.

20. Transcription

In this best weekend job you will get paid to translate audio files into text or written words. You must have fast typing speed and good listening skills to be able to make good money with this online job. The upside is that there are many sites where you can find these kind of jobs, such as TranscribeMeGoTranscript and Scribie among others.

Our Top Recommendations To Transcribers
A) Click here to apply for simple transcription jobs. Jobs are posted daily on that page so you will want to bookmark it.B) If you want to gain expert-level transcription skills and knowledge, check out this course, FREE General Transcription Theory & Practice created by a six-figure transcriber and the founder of Transcribe Anywhere.com

21. Designing

If you are a designer of websites themes, logos, fonts, photos and any other design element, you can sell your pieces or offer your design services. Designers will always be in high demand to create a wide range of resources businesses (both online and offline) must have logos, images, infographics and other brand-specific designs.

Best Place To Sell Your Design Services
Fiverr is one of the most popular marketplace where you can get paid to design logos, business cards, brochures, book covers, T-shirts, infographics and posters among others. Click Here to apply for a Design gig at Fiverr today!

22. Scoping

Scoping is the process of editing court proceedings transcripts. A court report will attend court proceedings then they shall record all the information in a computer-aided transcription machine. Later, the court report will hire a scopist will help to edit and perfect the final document or recording. The upside of this weekend job is that it is flexible and allows you to work from anywhere.

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If you want to learn more about scoping or perfect your current skills, I recommend you take this FREE Mini Scoping Course created by a six-figure salary scopist and the founder of Internet Scoping School!

23. Bookkeeping

Bookkeepers are hired by businesses or individuals to perform accounting-related tasks, such as maintaining ledgers, managing inventory, overseeing payroll, managing accounts payable & receivable, creating and balancing budgets and filling accounting reports among other duties. Bookkeeper Business Launch is one of the best online course out there you should take to understand how you can easily make a six-figure salary when you are a bookkeeper. Belay, BookMinders and ClickAccounts are places a bookkeeper can find work.

Get Paid To…….Weekend Jobs

24. Use Your Phone

Did you know you can make money through using mobile apps? These money making apps will pay you around $3 to $100 per month to use them. This is one of the best weekend job even for lazy people because downloading and installing a mobile app takes less than five minutes and it does not require any special skills. Trim, Media Cell + InCompass App and MobileXpression for iPhoneiPadAndroid are few examples of apps that will make you money.You can find 50 other money making apps in this post.

The Best Money Making Mobile App!
Did you know that the Nielsen Computer & Mobile App will pay you $50 when you download, install and keep it active on your mobile or computer. Click here to download this app today!

25. Get Free Gift Cards

Getting Free gift cards is a way of making money because you save the amount you would have spent on something. For instance, if you get a shopping gift card, you are able to save the money you would have spent directly from your pocket to purchase the free products provided on the gift card. Check out this post for ways to get free gift cards easily.

26. Take Surveys

Have you heard of survey sites, opinion poll sites and focus group sites? These are websites and panels that collect market research data, and they will pay you to take surveys, complete opinion polls and participate in focus groups studies. Click here to find 50 survey sites you can use to make extra cash during the weekends.

5 Best Survey Sites for 2019

Our Readers Top Pick
Survey Junkie is one of the best and most popular survey site where you can earn up to $75 per survey!

27. Shop Online

We all love shopping, especially online but most of us do not know that we can make money from that hobby. If you shop using these apps (Swagbucks, Ebates, My Points, Shopkick,Drop and Mystery Shopper among others) you shall be spend less. Spending less means you will save money. Remember that money saved is money earned.

Best Shopping Apps Winners
Based on users reviews gathered from TrustPilot and our readers feedback, Ebates and Drop shopping apps are considered to be the best options for making and saving money when shopping online.

28. Test Websites & Products

Businesses and companies use the feedback to improve the user experience of the product in question. These sites that will pay you to test products: Test IOProduct Testing Australia, and Product Testing United States.

29. Watch TV & Videos

Watching TV or videos is a common hobby that most of us love to do during our spare time. Did you know that you can get paid to watch videos or Tv by one of these 14 companies and many others out there? The upside of this weekend job is that you can do it from anywhere even from your couch in pajamas.

Best Place To Get Paid To Watch Videos: Swagbucks
Swagbucks is a GPT site you can earn $0.01 per minute in all videos you watch. Click here to claim your FREE $5 sign up bonus from swagbucks.

30. Play Games

I know you probably did not know that making money online is more fun than you thought! Yes, something as easy and entertaining as playing games can easily help you to make extra cash every month. These 37 companies will pay you to play games and they are completely free to join.

Best Place To Get Paid To Play Games: InboxDollars
One simple way to make money on InboxDollars is through playing games. You can also earn through searching the web, taking surveys and reading emails. Click here to join InboxDollars and get a FREE $5 sign up bonus.

31. Search The Web

We are always searching content on Google and other search engines on a daily basis. It could be a recipe, product to buy or information on a given topic which you might be searching. The good news is that these 13 companies are willing to pay you for all those searches.

Best Place To Get Paid To Search the Web: FusionCash
FusionCash is one of the best places where you shall get paid to search the web using their user-friendly web browser.

32. Write Reviews

Be paid to write reviews for products and services on several websites. For example, Slicethepie is one the best music review sites out there that will pay you to listen and give opinions on music track records. You can easily make above $2 per hour in this site for doing short, simple tasks.

33. Click & Read Ads

Advertising is used by brands and business owners to market their content, and by content creators to monetize their sites. In that cases ads are very common on the web. These 6 of the best paid to click (PTC) sites will pay you to view and read ads from popular brands. The more time you spend doing that, the higher the amount you expect to earn.

Best Place To Get Paid To Read & Click Ads: PrizeRebel
You can easily make money through clicking and readings ads on PrizeRebel. Click here to get started.

34. Open & Read Emails

Can you imagine this simple task can help you to make money online? These 18 sites will pay you to open and read emails during your spare time. The advantage of this job is that you do not need any special training or skills to do it.

Best Place To Get Paid To Open & Read Emails: InboxDollars
Did you know you can make money through opening and reading emails? Click here to sign up at InboxDollars and begin making money through emails.

35. Lose Weight

If you are did you know that you can make money out of that by joining a program which pays you to lose weight and get fit? For example, check out HealthyWage and Stepbet, which have some fantastic cash prizes for winners. Also, you can sign up for the KETO Weight Loss Program to increase your chances of winning the cash prices offered by the sites above.

36. Online Selling Related Weekend Jobs

People are known to buy clothes, toys, home products among other products during the holiday season. Therefore, this is one of the best weekend jobs because the demand for affordable products is high. Another advantage of this side hustle is that there are many places you can sell online such as the examples below;

Quick Summary of Other Weekend Jobs

37. Become a Tester

A tester is someone who uses a product or service then gives their feedback on their experience. Many companies want this kind of feedback to be able to improve the quality of their products.

38. Become a Sales Rep @ Avon

Avon is a beauty, household and personal care products company in the United States. According to Alexa rankings, it is the fifth largest beauty company in the world. They are always hiring representative and direct sales agents and brand ambassadors to help in selling, marketing and promoting their products. Click here to sign up today!

Become an Avon Sales Rep Today!
Click here to sign up as an Avon Sales Rep to begin making 40% commission on all your sales and other added benefits.

39. Become a Language Translator

Companies and website owners are always looking for people who can translate their content or documents into multiple languages for them to reach a wider audience. A translator makes more than $0.01 per word which means this is one of the best jobs for lazy people you can use to earn extra cash every month during your spare time. Here are 5 places to Find Translation Jobs: SmartCat, Language Line Solutions, Upwork, Translators Cafe, and Fiverr.

40. Get one of these odd jobs

41. Get Hired as a Bartender

There is a lot of drinking during the weekends. Therefore, most getaway joints, such as bars will need bartenders to serve all the clients visiting those recreational and fun weekend getaways hotels, beaches and bars among others.

42. Rent out property

Do you have an extra room in your home or rental apartments? If you do, you can rent it to weekend visitors (both foreign and local) looking for temporary spaces to spend the night during their weekend getaways and holidays. Also, you can become an agent for holiday house renting companies, such as HomeAwayAirbnb, and Booking.com among others. Working with such companies is much easier because they have direct links with clients who need such rental house spaces.

43. Rent out money

Research shows that most people take loans during the weekends and holiday seasons because spending is high during these times. One of the quickest ways to make money with this method is through peer to peer lending sites, such as Lending Club and Prosper.com. You will get a 3 to 10 % interest back on your money if you use these sites. Are you broke? Check out these 10 personal loans sites which can give you some extra money to spend during your weekend getaway activities.

Our Readers Pick
Zippy Loan is one of the best personal finance site where you can get unsecured loans OR earn interest on your money through becoming a lender!

44. Become a DJ or Musician

Musicians and Dj’s get too many gigs during the weekends because most parties, concerts among other entertaining events are hosted during the weekends. You can use social media sites, such as Instagrams and YouTube to land high paying gigs.

45. Get One of These Part-time Jobs

You do not have to sit all day at your house bored just because you are on leave or do not have money to spend traveling around. There are many works from home companiespart-time job sites and side hustle gigs you can start and make extra cash during the weekends.. This is a creative way to make money this holiday season because these opportunities have flexibility and you only commit to them in your free time.

Related Posts

46. Get Hired as an Online Moderator

Online moderators are people who are hired to oversee activities and communications which take place in communities, such as forums, Facebook and Twitter among others. As a moderator you expect to earn from $10 to $15 per hour which is likely to total to more than $37,000 per year. Apart from the decent pay, another advantage of this online part time job is that you get to work from home and it has flexible working hours. Places to Find Online Moderating Jobs: Zynga, ICUC Social, Aquent, 99 Dollar Social, Yelp, Cloud Workers, JobVite.com, Live World, Lithium, The Social Element, MetaVerse Mod Squad and E-Moderation among others.

47. Make Money with Online Betting

48. Become a Search Engine Evaluator

Search Engine Evaluation is a high paying online part time job where you will earn around $12 to $15 to rate search engine results. Here are places you can use to find such jobs; AppenLionbridgeGoogleZeroChaos, and iSoftStone among others.

49. Earn Money as a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are also known as secret shoppers. This is a job where stores pay you to act like a shopper then you are expected to give feedback on your shopping experience. For example, you can explain how clean the store was, how clients interacted with you, how easy it was to find products among other elements. Many sites will pay you to become a secret shopper, such as Mystery Shopper.com, which is my favorite. Here are other four Sites To Find Mystery Shopping Jobs; BestMarkMarketForceIntelliShop and Sinclair.

Become an Avon Sales Rep Today!
Click here to sign up as a secret shopper at Mystery Shopper. You will get a sign up bonus of FREE $200 gift card

50. Get a Test Scoring Job

Students will always take tests. Some tutors or learning institutions are always hiring part-time test scorers to help out when the workload increases. Here are some sites you can find such jobs; ETSMeasurement Inc.PearsonWriteScoreThe ACTKaplanCreative English SolutionsLiberably, and SAT among others.


50 weekend jobs you can use to make money on the side. They are perfect online jobs you can use to make money from home during your spare time. #weekend #weekendjobs #weekendjobsathome #makemoneyonline #extraincome #makemoneyontheside #sidehustles #workfromhome #workfromhomejobs

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