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 Welcome to this guide where we explore work from home desk setup ideas for small spaces, the bedroom, home office, living room and any other workstation in your home.

The setup will look different from one person to the next depending on the space and the amount they are willing to spend on work from home office must-haves.


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6 Work From Home Desk Setup Ideas



1. The Ergonomic Setup



This is the setup advised by most health experts, especially for people with back pain and other conditions.

It is a setup which encourages your body to stay in a neutral position when you are sitting down such that no body part experiences more pressure and tension than the other.

You will need the following in an ergonomic setup;

One, a comfortable ergonomic chair which forms the natural S-back curve on your back is pressed on the backrest. You can create the same effect by adding a lumbar support pillow on a normal chair.

Two, a height-adjustable desk between 28 to 30 inches to accommodate the height of most average persons. Make sure that the desk has a footrest to keep your feet comfortable.

Three, an adjustable ergonomic keyboard and mouse to keep your wrist from fatigue. You can even improvise by using items like a keyboard tray to adjust it to the correct position.

Four, proper lighting to eliminate eye strain and neck craning.

Five, you can add items that reduce stress and anxiety to keep your muscle tension low and boost your happiness like the examples below;

·         Noise Cancelling headphones

·         Houseplants

·         Essential oil diffusers

·         Foot Mat/rug

·         Adult coloring book

·         Dammit Doll

·         Fidget spinners

·         Stress & Meditation balls

·         Scented Candles




2. The Minimalist Setup



This is a set up for people who want to keep out distractions and clutter so that they can focus on the job at hand.

It also for people who do not want to spend money in buying too many home office essentials.

The room will be lit by the natural sunlight, no need to invest in some expensive lighting equipment.

In such a setup all you will need is a desk and your working gadgets like the laptop and a notebook.

For visual companionship and aesthetic beauty, you can add an air purifier, indestructible houseplant, or a piece of art among other small items.

This Multipurpose home office desk will give you a minimalist setup especially in small spaces and still keep your workstation looking beautiful.

Another way to keep it simple as a minimalism fan is through improvising. For example, you can turn your ironing board into a desk. Then make a comfortable chair out of stools and cushions in your home.

If you sit down for long hours (more than 5) I recommended you slowly invest in building an ergonomic set explained above in the long-run.




3. The Balcony View Setup



Having different workstations in your home can really improve your productivity and reduce bored.

Routine creates redundancy which can result into work block.

One location you should consider adding a simple workstation is in your balcony.

The beauty of this set up is that you do not need any lighting equipment because the natural sun will serve that purpose.

Check out this balcony desk which comes with a hanging table that you shall attach to the balcony railing and a chair. Both are adjustable to fit your ideal desire.




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4. The Soundproof Setup



If you are someone who do a lot of video recordings, voice overs, hosting webinars and any other form of recording that needs good sound quality you will need a soundproof setup.

If you have a small space, you can get one large screen then split it into thirds or half with appropriate apps.

You can also get a laptop stand to be able to mount your laptop on the right position where you can use it when standing or sitting.

Use acoustic board on your floors and ceiling to absorb sound.



5. The Digital Nomad Setup



Some people can never work from one place. One time they are on the bed, the next on the couch, the next in the kitchen and anywhere else.

Such people need a gadget like this 3-1 laptop or monitor stand which will help you to transform any surface into a work area.

This stand can be carried from place to place because its lightweight and easy to assemble.

It can be mounted on any surface like your bed side, coffee table, kitchen rack-literally anywhere. You can also adjust its height to blend well with any surface.

Most importantly, you can swivel it up to 360 degrees until you get a comfortable position.

It accommodates 3 screens at the same time which means you can use more than one gadget.




6. The Free-Style Setup



This is for people who want zero pressure.

All you need is your laptop and its charger.

You move with the two and work from anywhere; your couch, bed, dining table, on your lap among other surfaces.

Any surface where your laptop can rest on you are go to perform the tasks on the day.



Work from Home Desk Setup Checklist


All the 6-home office desk setup ideas will look different for everyone. These are just suggestions based on the examples of what other people are doing with their workstations at home.

In order to create a comfortable remote working space at home, here is a shopping list of the things we recommend you get;

·         An electronic device or screen (your laptop, monitor or smartphone)

·         Fast, reliable and stand internet like Wi-Fi.

·         Good lighting most preferably a space with natural lighting

·         Headphones especially those with noise-cancelling feature incase you work in noise environment with external distractions.

·         A height-adjustable standing desk which will allow you to alternate working while standing and sitting down.

·         A comfortable chair which will not strain your back, shoulder and neck muscles.


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