Writing sucks! What do I write about?

These are common phrases and questions mostly among new writers and even experienced bloggers who have to come up with fresh content ideas daily.

Most writers try to generate content ideas from their heads, and this is exhausting. Even the most experienced, competent and skilled writers run out of ideas.

And the struggle is real for marketers who are caught up in busy schedules but have to produce 10 to 20 or more blog posts per week.

Fortunately, these barriers can be overcome through using a combination of plethora online content generation tools and resources for generating blogging topics, keywords, and leads.

The good news is that these ten free content curation tools are completely free, and using them right will allow you to generate numerous ideas-without having to feel drained.

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10 of the Best Free Content Curation Tools You Need Now


1. Buzzsumo


The best way to find content ideas is by discovering those your competitors are ranking for on different platforms.

This fantastic content curation tool will help you to discover popular content on social media. It will give you information on the number of shares, backlinks, and engagements a piece of material has received on social media.

This means that you can quickly find well-performing content, which you can use to shape your content in your products and marketing copies.

Additionally, this content curation tool will show you trending content and the number of shares it has received across all social media networks.

The advantages of this tool do not stop there because you can achieve much more with the pro version.

The most significant advantage of Buzzsumo is that they have a Chrome extension, which you can use directly without login in or visiting their website. If you want a detailed explanation of this extension and many other, this article will help you out.  30 of the best Google Chrome Extensions to Make Web Browsing Easy



2. SemRush


This content curation tool provides the ability to carry out competitors research.

This content curation tool will help you to know your competitors SEO, content and social media strategies fully so that you can be able to develop new opportunities out of their weaknesses and also learn from their strengths.

SemRush alternatives: Alexa, Ahrefs, Social Mention and Buzzsumo.

Watch this video to understand how you can use SemRush for market research and curating content related to your competitors backlinks and content analysis.



3. Reddit


Reddit is a niche community site that you can use to find endless content ideas when you master the art of using it.

Reddit is divided into niche-based subreddits, such as r/entrepreneur, r/SEO, and r/marketing among others.

It is good to know the appropriate subreddit you want to post to because this is a community with strict users.

You can find content ideas on Reddit through looking at the most popular content with many upvotes.

Additionally, you can post a question directly to receive comments and answers to your problem and concerns.

Reddit is a place governed by rules. For this reason, you need to watch this video on how to use Reddit to avoid being banned or violating any stipulated rules.



4. Typeform


The good thing about this content curation tool is that it will help you to collect primary data directly from your audience and readers directly.

It will help you to create surveys, polls, campaigns and quizzes with the desire to gather information on a given topic. 

Typeform alternatives: FieldBooom  and SurveyMonkey



5. AskThePublic


Content marketing and creation are all about creating solutions that solve your audience problems.

In this case, you should always generate content ideas that meet your audience tools.

This content curation tool will offer more than 100 suggestions and questions related to the keyword you enter in the search box.

Those questions will be everything that the public asks around that keyword.

This is not only a content curation tool but keyword research too.

Want to learn more about keyword research, follow this article for more information

How to Research Keywords that will Get you on Page 1 of Google



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6. Google Trends


This is one of those content curation tools with a wide range of benefits.

Apart from market research, Google Trends can be used for keyword research.

You can monitor market trends, carry out keyword research and measure content demand based on region.

This video how to use google trends for market research will teach you all you need to know about how to use this content curation tool to generate an infinite number of content ideas.

You can use these platform for generating ideas by researching more on the suggestions provided in the “Related topics” and “Related queries.”

In this case, let’s try search “Google analytics.” Here are the results we get.



7. Quora


Apart from generating content ideas, Quora is a platform with other numerous benefits, such as driving traffic to your site.

Quora Introduction video will help you to how to sign up for Quora and maximize its benefits in market research.

Once you enter a topic in the search box of Quora, it brings a page of numerous questions that people are asking related to that topic or niche.

Those questions are the content ideas you are looking for because they help you understand the problems and gaps your clients have.

Transform those questions into a topic for your next blog post.

In this case, let’s try a search, “Google Analytics.” Here are the results we get.



8. Alltop


One advantage about this content curation tool is that it helps you know what is happening and trending online on a wide range of topics from science to fashion and business among others.

From the result, you get five topics per every category, and you can further browse through the individual posts or blogs for more content ideas.

I find this tool helpful because it enables me to follow and learn from top blogs in my niche industry.

This video on how to use Alltop to find content will help you discover the hacks and tricks on how you can use this new aggregator site to find all the content you need.



9. Twitter Search


Twitter is one of those powerful tools you can use to generate great content ideas.

The most significant advantage of this platform is that it provides up-to-date conversation and trending ideas on every topic you search.

Almost every writer and blogger has a twitter account, but they overlook its importance.

Fortunately, you can gain its advantage in generating content ideas with or without an account.

All you have to go is run a Twitter search using a phrase or keyword you want results for proceeded by a hangtag (#Googleanalytics for example).

Here are the results I get from the Twitter search on # Google analytics



10. Facebook


Almost every writer and blogger has a Facebook account either personal or business.

This popular platform can be an asset in your content generation strategy.

To reap its benefits, you can make use of serious and professional groups and pages in your niches.

For example, here is an image showing some of the Google analytics pages, groups and people available on Facebook.

People share their problems in those platforms through posts and comments.

Those problems and questions are content gaps that you need to fill through your content.

Additionally, content posted on the page is regularly updated on a daily basis, and this can help a blogger to identify trending topics, which are worth writing about.

For example, here is an example of how the Google analytics Facebook group can provide great story leads.



Final Thoughts On These Content Curation Tools


Brainstorming on your own for content ideas is not only exhausting but also not 100% reliable. 

Writers Block is real, and these ten content curation tools can help you to overcome it from time to time. 

Even the most skilled writers in the planet run out of content ideas because coming up with fresh topics is not an easy task especially when one is caught up in other business, family, and social responsibilities/engagements.

Fortunately, there are many free tools like the ones discussed in this post which can help you overcome the “ideas block and exhaustion” syndrome.

Apart from providing you with content ideas, these tools also broaden your scope of thinking, and this helps you to ensure premium, trending and up-to-date content for your audience.

Any serious blogger, marketer and content creator should invest in using these tools to create killer content for their audience.

Are you interested in learning more about Generating content ideas that match your audience needs, market trends and brand goals?

These two books will offer you an in-depth explanation on how to design your content marketing strategy for high conversion rates.

Advertising by Design: Generating and Designing Creative Ideas Across Media

The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research: Tools and Techniques for Market Researchers 

Want a content generation tool that will perform all the functions performed by all the ten tools below?

Would it not be nice to complete all your content research on one platform without moving from one tool to the next?

SemRush is an all-in-one powerhouse tool that will help you in market research for new ideas.

Feel free to leave a comment below asking a question, sharing your own personal process of keyword research or even better provide a suggestion of a post you would like me to write about.



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