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Are you looking for scam-free, legitimate, and high-paying babysitting jobs?

A babysitter is a caregiver hired to look after young children when the parents and other guardians or primary caregivers are away. This a simple babysitting meaning, so you can find more definitions here.

Some common babysitting synonyms or other words you can use to search for babysitting jobs are “infant care,” “nanny,” “nurse,” and “baby minders” among others.

Babysitting is an ideal way to make extra money for teens, weekend hustlers, college students, stay at home moms, side hustlers, work from home enthusiasts, or just anyone looking for babysitting jobs near me.

In this post, I will share ten babysitting websites which bring together caregivers and people offering babysitting services. The prior (parents & guardians) posts babysitting jobs vacancies, then the latter (interested babysitters) submit their applications. The chosen applicant will meet with the parents to get started on the babysitting job.

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Babysitting Jobs Important Notes

Babysitting jobs Requirements and Qualification

  • Make sure you practice or are clearly understand these babysitting tips.
  • Having prior experience is an added advantage.
  • You must get come certification and training like this one on areas, such as safety, early childhood education, to increase your credibility and employability.
  • Having a background check done on you can also boost the integrity of your profile, which increases the chance of being hired.
  • Make sure you have correct and proper documentation, such as driving license and other documents.
  • People interested in babysitting jobs must like children.

How Much Can You Earn with Babysitting Jobs

The salary of babysitters has been gradually increasing from approximately $12.07 in 2013 to $15 plus in 2019. However, the amount you shall make on a babysitting job depends on several factors like the six below;

Age of sitter: Senior or older babysitters earn more than new, teenage, and young sitters.

Number of children: In most cases, a babysitter is paid per kid, which means if the children are two, then you earn double.

Time of shift: Late night, early morning, and emergency bookings are paid higher than other reasonable working hour’s schedules.

Location: The salary of babysitters is not the same in all cities or countries because some have a higher cost of living or better labor laws. You can check out this calculator to find your ideal pay based on location.

Amount of responsibilities: If your work goes beyond regular or specified babysitting duties, such as homework helping and picking kids from school, then you can charge more for the additional responsibilities.

Level of qualification & experience: If you have many years working in babysitting jobs, then you can demand higher pay. Also, people with additional certifications and training, such as CPR, safety, and first aid get higher pay.

10 Websites to Find Babysitting Jobs

1. Sittercity

This is a babysitting website where you can find legitimate weekend, part-time and full-time babysitting jobs.

Parents and caregivers who use it are looking people who can offer babysitting services, such as night babysitters, after-school baby sitters, daytime babysitters, last-minute care sitters, mother helpers, newborn care sitters, and special needs care babysitters among others.

To get started, you will need to create an account which is 100% free. Follow this link to create your free account at Sittercity today!

After you successfully do that, you need to fill out your profile details before you can apply to the available babysitting jobs near you.

Check out this article to get tips on how you can create a perfect profile that will attract clients and even convince those you reach out to accept you for the job.

If you wish to get more certification and credibility to your profile, Sittercity offers paid services, such as background checks and more.

After your profile is complete, you should not forget to set out a clear schedule on when you’re available to avoid missing the right babysitting jobs.

The average pay of a babysitter on this site is around $15 per hour, which means you can easily make good money during your spare time.

Apart from babysitting jobs, you can also find pet sitting, tutoring, housekeeping, and nanny sitting positions on Sittercity.

Click here to apply for a babysitting job in Sittercity Today >>>>>>

2. Care.Com

Care.com a top-rated site for caregivers who are looking for all types of jobs, such as babysitting, pet sitting, elderly care, home cleaning, and daycare services, among others.

They operate in more than 20 countries, which means they have multiple clients registered in their system, which means there is a higher chance of finding a job here.

The process of application is similar to that of Sittercity because will first need to create an account, and set up your profile before you begin to apply for babysitting jobs.

The upside of this site is that they will link you to the most relevant babysitting jobs near you, which means too many inconveniences will not occur on your schedule. The pay of babysitters differs from one to the next based on the level of experience, location, and other factors.

3. Urbansitter



Urbansitter is another trusted website you can use to find babysitting jobs.

The process of becoming a babysitter here is straightforward because all you have to do is complete these four steps: create an account, make a free profile, apply & accept jobs, and finally request for your pay and keep 100% of the total amount. See more explanation on how it works here.

The advantage of this babysitting website is that it is free, they have great pay, you will be able to work at your flexible hours, and many partners trust them.

Urbansitter allows you to set your rate of pay based on your negotiations with the clients. Some top babysitters make more than $2,000 per week in this site.

Click here to apply for a babysitting job on Urbansitter >>>>

4. Sitter.com



This is a popular site to find sitter jobs trusted by more than 21 million users in the United States & Canada.

Apart from babysitting jobs, they have other types of sitter chores, such as daycare jobs, nanny jobs, in-home care jobs, live-in nanny jobs, and early childhood education jobs.

They offer free background checks, and CPR training, which will further strengthen profile increases the chances of finding high paying babysitting jobs.

The application process is similar to all other sites above, and you can click here to get started.

Click here to apply for a babysitting job on Sitter.com >>>>

5. Care4Hire



This is a database which connects all types of caregivers from nannies, babysitters, pet sitters, tutors, housekeepers, and more with potential clients.

The team in this team will help you to put together a perfect profile by providing special credibility proofing services, such as online referees and background checks.

Depending on your level of experience and expertise for the jobs, you can make anything from $8 to $20 per hour working as a babysitter on Care4Hire.

Click here to register for a job at Care4Hire today >>>>

6. SeekingSitters



SeekingSitters works a little different from the sites above. Once you create your account, they will do a background check on you then if you pass, they link you to the right people seeking for sitters.

They pay babysitters around $15 per hour, which is a decent way to begin making enough cash from home to cater for your bills.

They are trusted because of their strict registration criteria, which make the site the place to find babysitting jobs.

Click here to become a babysitter at SeekingSitters >>>>

7. Bambino



This site hires four types of sitters: junior (13-15 years), standard (15-18 years), advanced (18+ years), and elite (high experienced with background checked 18+ sitters).

The amount you will earn as a sitter depends on the category you occupy in the list above.

The upside of this site is that they have an app you can use to track time in your babysitting job to minimize chances of being underpaid.

Another advantage is that you can connect the app to your Facebook account to increase the chances of finding high paying clients.

Click here to become a babysitter at Bambino >>>>

8. CuratedCare



This site is unique because the sitters hired are experts in music, language, science, arts, and sports, among other activities.

This means the pay is high because they are looking for sitters who can add some benefit and value to the lives of the little children.

You can register to be an after school, night, weekend, in-home, or emergencies babysitter.

Click here to apply for a babysitting job at Curated Care today >>>>

9. FindaBabySitter.com



This babysitting website recently re-branded and changed its name to Yoopies. It is one of the best places to find babysitting jobs because they have more than 20,000 registered clients.

Apart from babysitting jobs, you can also apply for childcare, tutoring, housekeeping, pet sitting, and senior care jobs on this site.

Click here to apply for a babysitting job at FindaBabySitter today >>>>>

10. Babysits.com



This is a community with over 1.2 million members, operates in 24+ countries and 28 states in the United States.

This company was founded in 2008, and ten years later, it has grown into a trusted community and global network of babysitters and caregivers looking for babysitting services.

Click here to apply for a babysitting job at BabySits today >>>>>

Tips for increasing you Chance of Finding Babysitting Jobs Quickly

Look into other Places to find babysitting jobs

Apart from the babysitting websites above, also check out for babysitting job vacancies in the following places: Mom groups, Daily Job listing sites, such as FlexJobs, local staffing agencies, local hospitals, therapy offices, schools, schools, community centers, Aggregators sites & databases, such as Craigslist, Social media and freelance marketplaces, such as Fiverr.

Use Babysitting Apps

Most of the babysitting websites featured above have a babysitting app for mobile, smartphones, and tablet, among other electronic devices. Using such apps, especially mobile integrated one will make sure you never miss any babysitting job alert, posting, or notification.

Narrow Down your search

Finding a local babysitting job is more realistic than applying for all babysitting jobs even those far away from where you live. To find local sitter jobs, you can use search phrases like, “babysitting jobs near me” or “nanny job vacancies near me” among others. You can also search based on your state/city, such as “babysitting jobs NYC,” “babysitting jobs London,” and “babysitting jobs Melbourne” among others.

Other Websites to Find Care-Giving Related Jobs

1. Handy

A site which brings together people offering these services (moving, cleaning, home renovation, installation procedures, and gardening among others) with people looking for such service providers. Follow this link, then use this code NEW39 to get $39 off your first order.

2. TaskRabbit

A site you can apply to perform handyman tasks, such as mounting & installation, moving & packaging, furniture assembly, home improvement, and heavy lifting among others. Follow this link, the use this code SNOW10US to get a $10 discount off your first order.

3. Rover

A site which connects pet owners with pet sitters near them. You will be paid to complete simple pet sitting tasks, such as dog walking among others. Follow this link to get $25 off your first booking order.

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