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15 Work From Home Best Online Courses To Take in 2020

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Would you love to make money from home part-time or full-time?

As a work from home blogger, I can tell you that I look back and agree that starting a work from home career was one of those best decisions I ever made in my life. For example, one out of the many benefits is that I have been able to spend more time with my daughter and strengthened our relationship.

In this post, I will share with you 15 best online courses which I took when I was beginning my journey to building a work from home career, and others recommended by my most trusted blogger friends.

These work from home courses cut across highly-profitable work from opportunities, such as proofreading, transcription, virtual assistance, writing, bookkeeping, scoping, blogging and selling online among others.

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15 Work From From Home Best Online Courses

Course For Proofreaders

1. General Proofreading: Theory and Practice

Proofreading is a lucrative work from home career you can use to make money from home in 2019.

According to this Glassdoor Report, proofreaders earn an average salary of $36, 290 per year, which is a decent salary you can make working part-time during your spare hours.

General Proofreading: Theory and Practice is one of the best online courses that will teach you how to make money online through proofreading from the comfort of your home. There are many positive reviews and customer testimonials on this course, which proofs that it’s worth your investment.

The instructor, Caitlin Pyle, is the founder and owner of Proofread Anywhere, one of the most famous blog/website you can find information about proofreading.

Pyle is also a successful proofreader who makes $50,000+ per month, which means she has perfectly mastered all the tips you need to build a profitable proofreading business.

If you are not ready to buy this course yet or do not have enough cash to get it, you can begin by taking the FREE 45-Minutes Workshop.

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Courses For Transcriptionists

2. General Transcription: Theory & Practice

Transcription is a high-paying work from home career where people make money online through turning audio files into text.

General Transcription: Theory & Practice is one the best online courses for transcriptionists out there created by Janet Shaughnessy, a highly-paid transcriptionist and owner of Zoom Transcription Services for the last ten years.

In this course, she has combined her 24-years’ experience into a great wealth of knowledge and tips you can use to move from a newbie to a fully polished transcriptionist in 2-4 months.


Janet has also put together the Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice Course for people who want to become transcriptions in law enforcement niches or those who wish to understand legal knowledge behind transcription.

If you are not ready to purchase the paid course option, you can begin by taking the FREE Mini-Transcription Course with 7-Lessons where you shall learn the foundations of transcription.

Click Here to Enroll to the FREE or PAID Transcription Course Today >>>>>>

3. Career Step

Healthcare is a fast moving industry where employees are always needed. Medical Transcriptionists are some of the most sought after and best-paid employees in this industry.

Records from U.S Department show that a medical transcriptionist makes around $27,000 to 44,000 per year, which is a decent salary, and you can also multiply it by serving more clients or starting your own online business.


Career Step is one of the best online course you should take if you want to get tips, knowledge, and skills on becoming a medical transcriptionist. This online course will teach you typing skills, medical terminologies, editing techniques and the process of transcribing medical related recordings and assignments.

They also have a 12-months school curriculum program you can take if you want to develop your skills in transcription further.

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Courses For Freelance Writers

4. Write Your Way to Your First $ 1000

Freelance writing is another lucrative work from home career you can use to make extra cash every month.

Write Your Way to Your First $ 1000 is a freelance writing course created by Elna Cain, a successful six-figure freelance writer, and blogger.


In this best online course for freelance writers, she will teach you how to find high-paying clients. For example, she is paid more than $200 for 500 words projects.

Also, you shall learn how to build a highly profitable freelance writing business from scratch with zero experience.

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5. 30 Days Or Less Freelance Writing Success

In 2014 Gina Horkey, the creator of this course was struggling to make ends meet in a 9-5 full time job that was not well-paying.

In the same year, she began writing on the side to get extra income, and that is when she realized that one could make a full-time income with freelance writing.

Within six months in the freelance writing side hustle, she was making over $4,000 per month with a baby and a full time job.


In this one of the best online courses, 30 Days Or Less Freelance Writing Success, she shares all the tactics she used to build a successful freelance writing business from scratch without any prior experience.

You will learn how to choose the best type of freelance writing business, how to find high paying clients and also get all helpful tools and resources you need to build a successful freelance writing business.

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Make $50 Per Survey On Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie  (READ REVIEW) is a site where you take surveys, polls or participate in focus group studies then you get paid. This company was established in 2013, in Glendale, Califonia. Since then, they have managed to grow their membership to more than 300,000 members.

Survey Junkie Alternatives: Pinecone Research, Harris Poll Online and Vindale Research.

Ways of Making Money on Survey Junkie

  • Complete Surveys
  • Participate in focus groups
  • Take action, such as refer a friend, complete profile, sign up, etc

After completing any of the three activities above, you earn points. When you gather enough points, you will be able to redeem them into one of the following rewards;

  • PayPal money; For example, 1000 points is equivalent to $10
  • Gift Cards
  • Shopping vouchers from famous online retailers, such as Amazon, eBay and Macy’s among others.

Read this post for more details: 50 Best Survey Sites for 2019

Courses For Virtual Assistants

6. Pinterest Virtual Assistant (VA)

Pinterest is one of the most famous social media platform used by bloggers, online markers and most online businesses to market and promote their products and services.

Believe me that Pinterest is a big deal for most online entrepreneurs from personal experience. For Example on Sproutmentor.com, I get close to or more than $100,000 Page Views per month all from Pinterest. Below I have attached a screenshot for my Traffic Stats for January 2019.

For this reason, such people are always looking for virtual assistants who can help to build their Pinterest profiles, manage their Pinterest accounts, create pin image and schedule pins to drive traffic to their websites.

Pinterest VA, one of the best online courses is created by Gina Horkey, the founder of HorkeyHandBook.com and Kristin Larsen, founder of BelieveInABudget.com. The two will show you how they used Pinterest to grow their brands from success in this course.


Larsen even owns a Pinterest Virtual Assistance company with more than 20 employees, which means she will teach you all it takes to build and manage a Pinterest virtual Assistance business.

Also, you can take the Pinterest Perfection Masterclass by Elna Cain if you want to sharpen your Pinterest VA skills further.

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7. 30 Days Or Less To Virtual Assistant Success

In 2014 Gina Horkey was not making enough money in her 9-5 job. When she was in the process of looking for a side hustle, she acquired the skills of making money as a virtual assistant, and within six months she was already making $4,000 per month.

In this best online course, 30 Days Or Less To Virtual Assistant Success, Horkey shares how she built her virtual assistance side hustle into a fulltime business and career.


In this course, you shall learn all the skills you need to become a successful virtual assistant. Also, you shall get eight customizable pitch templates, certificate of completion, free WordPress hosting and 9- days access to all materials and a highly engaged community of Virtual Assistants.

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Course For Bookkeepers

8. Bookkeeper Business Launch

Ben Robinson, the creator of this online course, did not have a bookkeeping or accounting degree, yet he became one of the most successful bookkeepers in the world.

In Bookkeeper Business Launch he teaches all the beginner fundamentals, skills, and knowledge you need to kick start your bookkeeping career. The course has over 4,000 students, which shows that it is highly beneficial.


You will also get the best tips for finding high-paying clients and pitching yourself to potential businesses of bookkeeping gigs/opportunities.

Did you know that bookkeepers make more than $60 per hour? In that case, this is one of the best online course you should take to begin the journey of earning such a decent salary working from home.

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Course for Internet Scoping

9. Internet Scoping School

Scoping is the process of editing court transcripts. A scopist takes the transcript and audio of the court proceedings then corrects and edits them to remove any vocabulary and punctuation errors.


Scoping is a lucrative work from home career because you can work from anywhere, one is highly paid ($30,000 to $50,000 per year), and these are skills on high demand.

Internet Scoping School is the place you can find all the information and skills you need to be a successful scopist. You will also get all the templates you need to start your scopist career today.

Click Here to Enroll to the Free Mini Course Today >>>>>>

Courses For Bloggers

Blogging is a lucrative work from home career because you can easily make a six-figure salary even working part-time.  Another advantage of blogging is that you do not need any prior experience or college degree to do it.

For example, when I started Sproutmentor.com, I knew nothing about blogging. I gained all the knowledge I know from the Internet and my blogger friends, such as Virginia from Earn Smart Online Class.

I look back and say that starting this blog in March 2018 was the best decision I ever made because I was able to create a part-time side income above $1,000 every month while being a fulltime mom.

Click Here to Learn How to Start & Monetize a Blog from Scratch >>>>>>


Below are all the best online courses that will teach you all blogging basics from Blogging tools & Resources, getting traffic, making money blogging and search engine optimization among others.

Note: All these courses are created by six-figure salary bloggers who understand the art of blogging clearly.

Four Blogging Courses You Should Take in 2019

10. Read Set Blog for Traffic by Elna Cain from TwinsMommy.Com

11. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michell Gardner from Making Sense of Sents.com

12. Elite Blog Academy by Ruth Soukup from Ruthsoukup.com

13. Six-Figure Blogger by Alex & Lauren from Create & Go.Com

Course for Sellers

14. Amazon Bootcamp

This is one of the best online courses created by a couple who have been selling on Amazon since 2009. They have managed to grow full-time incomes and six-figure salaries from selling online, and they are the founders of The Selling Family.com


Amazon Bootcamp is one of their many courses and programs that they have created to teach people how to make money through selling on Amazon. In this course, you shall learn how to set an Amazon FBA business, how to choose the best products, and how to make money on Amazon.

Click Here to Enroll to the Amazon Bootcamp Course Today >>>>>>>

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15. Work-At-home School

Most times where you want to start a work from home career, you may not know precisely what is right for you or what is likely to make money quickly. In that case, taking a course like this one which brings together resources and knowledge from 30 work at home experts is the best approach.


In early 2018, Caitlin Pyle-the founder of Work-At-Home School brought together famous & six-figure work at home bloggers and online entrepreneurs, such as  Gina Horkey, Lisa Mills, and Angie Nelson among others. Together they share the best skills, resources, and knowledge you need to succeed in a work at home career.

Note: This is an annual program which reopens once every year. There you should make sure you subscribe to get early notification when the chance opens for 2019.

Click Here to Join Work At Home School Waitlist for 2019 >>>>>


Next Steps……

This brings me to the end of this post, and I hope you have 2-3 courses in mind from this list you are planning to buy to kickstart your work from home career.

You can also leave a comment telling me your experience with one of the courses above or suggesting another best online course I might have left out.

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