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Bubble Cash Review: Is Bubble Cash Legit?

Bubble Cash Review: Is Bubble Cash Legit?

Did you know you can earn money playing games?

There are so many free iPhone and iPad apps like the Bubble Cash app, which will pay you to play games on your mobile phone.

Welcome to this Bubble Cash review where I shall answer all questions related to this app like;

  • What is the Bubble Cash App?
  • Is Bubble Cash legit?
  • What is Bubble Cash Promo Code?
  • Bubble Cash tips
  • Is Bubble Cash safe?
  • Does Bubble Cash Really Pay?


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BUBBLE CASH REVIEW: Bubble Cash Overview


Name: Bubble Cash

Price: Free

Developer: Papaya Gaming

Category: Games, Puzzle & Casino

Recommended: Yes, we recommend you try out this game!

Download Link:

What is it: Bubble Cash is a Pop Shooter Game where you play and make money based on your skills?

Operating System: Bubble Cash is only available on Apple Store for iPhone & iPad devices.



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BUBBLE CASH REVIEW: What Is Bubble Cash?


This is a free money-making gaming app for bubble shooter fans.

It’s an iOS app only available for iPhone and iPad devices.

If you have an Android phone, check out my review of the Cutie Garden app, which is a gaming app for both iOS and Android users.

You can play Bubble Cash for free or add some money to your account to be able to participate in the paid cash tournaments.

Also, Bubble Cash graphics are so pretty with a unique color combination, which brings more fun for playing this game.



BUBBLE CASH REVIEW: How Does Bubble Cash Game Work?


People who have played any bubble shooter game before will not have any trouble playing this one because the mechanics are the same.

Step One: Follow this link to download the app, and then install it into your mobile phone.

Step Two: Register your user profile and unique name before you start playing.

Step Three: You can now start playing, where the goal is to match three bubbles of the same color until all the bubbles on the screen are cleared. There are bubbles at the bottom and top of the screen which you must aim at or drag around to earn more gems.

Watch the video below to understand how to play Bubble Cash more if you are a total beginner in bubble shooter games.



BUBBLE CASH REVIEW: Is Bubble Cash Legit?


Yes, Bubble Cash is absolutely legit.

It’s a real game where you can win money, gift cards, and other forms of prices.

If you read the customer review section and the bubble cash pros section below, you will get numerous reasons why I think this app is 100% legit.





Bubble Cash Is Free to download and Play

Bubble Cash app is free to download and install.

You can also play on the programmed Freeroll competition, where you don’t pay any registration fees.

However, if you want to increase the potential of making more money, you can consider participating in paid tournaments and contests.

Remember, the paid levels are optional, you can still make money on the free levels.


Bubble Cash Has High Ratings

Bubble Cash has been reviewed by more than 50,000 users on Apply play store, yet it had managed to maintain a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Talk about the downloads, this app has more than a million downloads and installations, which means it’s used by many people.

In the Casino game category, this app is ranked #5, which is a high rating given that there are thousands of games in that category.


Bubble Cash Has Responsive Customer Support

While I was reading through the Bubble Cash reviews on Apple Store, I noticed that the developer replies to all reviews and feedback left by the app users.


Bubble Cash Has an Active Facebook Page

Bubble Cash Facebook page is very active with more than 77,000 followers.

It’s updated regularly as shown in the image below that it was updated one hour ago.



Bubble Cash Is A Game for Adults

Most games are made for kids. Bubble Cash only allows players who are at least 17 years and above.

That means this game has the complexity that will challenge the creativity of the mind of an adult.


Bubble Cash Players Provide Payment Evidence

If you read through these Bubble Cash Apple Store reviews, and other reviews on the internet, you will not notice many complaints.

That means that Bubble Cash is a legit money-making app.

Below is a screenshot of a Bubble Cash user sharing their positive experience of using this app.



Bubble Cash Is Not Ad Infested

So many gaming apps and other mobile apps have too many ads, which are such as turnoff.

You waste too much time closing the ad or viewing them to be able to continue using the app.

I did not read a single Bubble Cash review where the user complained that the game has too many ads.



BUBBLE CASH REVIEW: Can You Really Win Money Playing Bubble Cash?


How To Win Money On Bubble Cash?

There are four main ways to win money and other cash rewards on Bubble Cash;


Bubble Cash Tournaments

You must pay to take part in the tournaments. You can pay with the money already earned in your account, or you can add some cash from your credit card to your account.

In tournaments, you compete against other players who are playing on the same level and interface.

The goal is to finish in the top 3 positions to be able to win money after the game is complete.


Bubble Cash Deposit Bonuses

I mentioned that you can participate in tournaments by depositing cash from your credit card or PayPal account to your Bubble Cash wallet.

For every deposit you make, you get cash bonuses, which is another way to win money on this app.


Bubble Cash Freeroll Competition

This is for people who do not want to use their money to engage in paid tournaments.

To qualify for the Freeroll competition, you must have at least 120 gems in your Bubble cash account.

Those are gems and other regular prices you might have collected after playing on the free level.


Bubble Cash Raffles

You can also choose to take part in the random raffles, where you end up winning cash prizes and gift cards.


How To Withdraw Money From Bubble Cash?

After you have gathered enough rewards you can now withdraw them in two ways;

One, cash out the bonuses to your PayPal account, which is a very secure and popular payment gateway.

Two, get paid via Apple Pay then cash out the money to your bank account from your Apple Wallet.



BUBBLE CASH REVIEW:  How Much Money Can You Make with Bubble Cash?


The amount of money you make with the Bubble Cash app will depend on several factors like;

Your Bubble Cash Skills 

If you can be able to compete with players at higher levels and manage to finish in the top 3 positions, then you shall make lots of money.

One level is tougher than the next level. Therefore, you must keep playing until you progress to the top levels where the rewards are higher.


The Amount You Spend On Bubble Cash Tournaments

Earlier I mentioned that you can play Bubble cash for free using the gems you get after progressing from one level to the next.

You can also participate in the free daily tournaments known as the Freeroll competitions where you earn cash rewards.

If you play for free 100%, you will earn less than a player who chooses to engage in the paid tournaments.

You will have to use your hard-earned money from your bank account or credit card to pay for those cash contests before you can qualify to play.

If you participate in the tournaments, you shall earn more cash prices, PayPal bonuses, gift cards, and raffles to play at higher levels on top of the regular rewards you get when playing for free.

Remember, getting rich by playing on Bubble Cash is not guaranteed. All the same, this is a great way to spend your free time compared to sleeping or aimlessly browsing through your phone without any mission.



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BUBBLE CASH REVIEW: Examples of Bubble Cash Reviews


Bubble Cash has impressive ratings on several app review websites like;

In AppleStore.Com Bubble Cash has a rating of 4.6 out of 5, it has more than a million downloads, and the app is ranked #5 in the Casino game category. These are highly impressive reviews, which prove that you can trust this game.

Bubble-Cash-Review--Apple-Store-Review, which rates the performance of mobile apps on the web, gives Bubble Cash a rating of 4.5 out of 5, a safety score of 39, and a similar legitimacy score. These are good scores, which proves that this app is not a scam.


AppSupport.Co, which is another mobile app review site, gives Bubble Cash a legitimacy and safety score of 92. These numbers are arrived at from votes of over 2000 stakeholders in this site that have used the app.


AppFollow, another app rating website, gives Bubble Cash a performance score of 77% and an app rating of 4 out of 5. These are impressive scores that proof that Bubble Cash is legit, safe, and real.


When it comes to the negative reviews, below are some of the common ones mentioned;

One, you cannot become rich with this app because you will not make lots of money unless you take too much time playing the games.

Two, the tournaments have a high entry fee, yet the returns are so low. For example, a user gave an example of a tournament where the tournament entry fee was $75, and the expected win money was $100.

Three, the game is very addictive, if you are not careful you can end up gambling all your hard-earned money and get nothing in return.

Generally, Bubble Cash has more positive reviews than the complaints.

After all, If you have some idle or free time to spend, you can play this game absolutely for free, which means you will lose nothing if you decide to try out this app.



BUBBLE CASH REVIEW: Bubble Cash Promo Code


Bubble Cash invite code is not the same as promo code.

If you refer a new user to Bubble Cash, I will be asked to provide the invite code of the person who referred them to this app.

You can easily get your invite code from your Bubble Cash dashboard in the same place where you get your referral link.

If a new user signs up using your referral code, you shall get a commission on every money they spend or make with Bubble. The user will earn a sign-up bonus of $1.

On the other hand, Bubble cash promo codes help you to get cash rewards and other gifts.


Where to Get Bubble Cash Promo Codes

Forums like Reddit

Coupon and deals websites like, and among others.

Official social media pages for the game or the developer like this Bubble Cash Facebook Page.


How to Redeem Bubble Cash Promo Codes

Log into your Bubble Cash dashboard.

Scroll down to the bottom until you see a button that looks like a gift box, then click on it.

Enter your promo code on the pop-up box that appears then click on the “Get Reward” button.

If the promo code is valid, you should be able to earn free cash, points, or any other type of reward.

You can then use those rewards to participate in paid tournaments where you can make more money.



BUBBLE CASH REVIEW: Bubble Cash Tips | Bubble Cash Hack | Bubble Cash Cheats


Instead of shooting straight, increase your shot range and accuracy by directing your shots towards the walls.

Have a clear balance between being quick and being patient. Sometimes you have to be fast to make that win, while other times you must slow down, and wait for the right opportunity.

Aim higher by focusing on popping bubbles in a big group instead of few ones matched on the same color.

Play with a clear strategy instead of just playing the game for fun without a clear thought of your next move.

Focus on detaching clusters of hanging bubble puzzles instead of popping them.

If there are matching colors, bounce your bubbles against the walls to rearrange the bubble pattern.

Avoid wasting your shots on the wrong moves or shots because this will keep you on the same level.



BUBBLE CASH REVIEW: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Is Bubble Cash Safe?

Yes, Bubble Cash is absolutely safe.

You should not be worried about being scammed or getting hacked.

Most users have not reported these as some of the disadvantages of using the Bubble Cash App.

Bubble Cash does not ask for any personal information like phone numbers or location details during registration.

Additionally, after you install this app, it will not snoop your personal data.

There is no reason to worry about being scammed at Bubble Cash because users of this app have not complained about this app being unsafe.

After all Bubble cash is a free app. If you question its safety after downloading and installing it, you simply can go ahead and get it out of your phone.


Does Bubble Cash Really Pay?

Yes, Bubble cash pay when you play games.

However, I looked for payment proof provided by people who have used this app, and I could not find any.

Feel free to leave payment proof if you have any in the comment section below.


Is Bubble Cash Real?

Yes, Bubble Cash is a real gaming app.

If you have an iPhone or iPad follow this link to test is its possible to download and install the app on your phone.



In this Bubble Cash review, we have been able to establish that Bubble Cash is legit, safe and real.

Yes, you can make money with Bubble Cash, but you can never be rich by using this money-making app.

For that reason, I recommended you check out these other ways of making money online below;



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