How Much Can You Get Paid To Wrap Your Car? 8 Legitimate Car Wrap Advertising Companies

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How much can you get paid to wrap your car is the question I shall mostly answer in this post. Additionally, I will suggest legitimate car wrap adverting companies offering paid car advertising jobs.

The process where you get paid to put ad on your car is what is called car wrap advertising. Wrap advertising is also known as vehicle wrap or car sticker advertising.

Commuters, ride share drivers, delivery drivers and other car owners looking for a passive income side hustle opportunity are some of the people targeted by car wrap advertising jobs.

Apart from car wrapping, using a get paid to drive app, such as Doordash or GetAround, accounts to another method on how to make money with a car.

Therefore, this is comprehensive guide which will answer the following questions and many more;

  • How much can you get paid to wrap your car
  • Can you really get paid to wrap your car?
  • Can I advertise on my car?
  • Which are legitimate car wrap advertising companies?

There are many other get paid to jobs on the Internet today like getting paid to;



Get paid to drive apps offer two types of jobs; ride-sharing and delivery. Ride sharing is where a driver gets hired by a client to drive them around. In delivery driver jobs you get paid to take food, groceries and other packages or items to people in their homes or work place.

Below are some of the best ride-sharing and delivery apps you can check out.

Doordash: Get paid to deliver food from local restaurant to people in their homes of workplace.

Getaround: If you are driver, but don’t have a car, use this app to rent a car then use it for ride sharing or delivery driver jobs.

Drizly: Get paid to deliver beer, wine spirits and all forms of alcohol.

Shipt: Apply here as a driver who helps to deliver groceries to people at their doorstep or workplace. Instacart is another similar app where you also get paid to shop for people.

SendFlowers.com: Get hired by this company to help to deliver flowers to people.



The amount you earn with car wrapping will depend on the following factors;

#1 The car wrap advertising company you partner with

For example, if you work from wrapify, you expect to make around $264 to $500 per month. On the other hand, driver who work for Carvertise make around $100 to $300 per month. That means working for Wrapify pays more.

#2 Where you drive (the route)

Some routes are busy in terms of the number of people who will see the ad than others. For example, if you operate within major cities or the central business areas, you are likely to earn more than a driver operating withing local resident areas.

#3 Size of the wrap

A driver who wraps the entire car body with ads will earn more than one who chooses to wrap a small section of the car like the rear window.

#4 The miles you drive

The more miles you drive the more money you earn. Most car advertising companies require that you drive at least 30 miles per day.


The short answer is, Yes, you can!

On the other hand, the long answer is that you must be very careful in this type of side job because there are many scammers in the car advertising industry.

Below are some of the tips you can use to avoid make money online scams;

  • Use Better Business Bureau or Federal Trade Commission to look out the company profile, its rating, reviews, complainants, accreditation and recommendation.
  • Keep away deals from companies which ask you to pay up-front before they place the ads on your car.
  • Only work for car wrap companies which pay through direct deposit. Avoid those using pyramid scheme payment, such as referral commissions.
  • Companies who contact you directly without a previous work history or encounter with them are likely scams.
  • When the deal is too good, either in terms of high pay promise, think twice about it. Most likely it’s a scam.
  • Legit companies always provide detailed about information, contact details, location addresses and other company profile information.





A company founded in 2015 to connect brands with drivers willing to market their products or services through placing ads on their cars.

Wrapify more than 250,000 drivers in their team managed from 6 locations: San Diego, Los Angeles, Sanfrancisco, Philadelphia, New York and Chicago.

You can easily become a driver in this company in three simple steps;

  • One, download the IOS or Android app and sign up.
  • Two, fill your profile and apply to available car wrap offers.
  • Three, get approved to offers, drive your car then get paid.

Remember, you must qualify for the following driver qualifications before you can become a Wrapify driver.

  • Age: be at least 21 years or older
  • Car model: from a 2010 or newer version
  • Miles: Be also to complete at least 50 miles a day
  • Assessment: Pass the background check and other forms of assessments involved.

They offer four sizes of advertising options to choose from: Light, partial, full and topper wrap. Sticker and decal are the main types of advertising modes you shall get in this company.

According to their website, your earning potential will be between $300 to $500 per month.




Carvertise has been on the wrapping business since 2012 after a 21-year-old college student, Mac Macleod, identified the opportunity through a red bull track he use to watch drop products near his favorite local restaurant.

Since then, this company has grown widely to serve a nationwide market from these seven cities; Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Wilmington.

Unlike Wrapify which offers four types of wraps, this company offers two types: partial and full. Partial wraps are placed on the sides while full wraps on the entire car body with exception of the windshields.

Review the following driver application requirements to determine if you qualify to get your car wrapped by this company.

  • Miles: must cover at least 30 miles daily
  • Car model: The vehicle you use must be a 2008 model or newer
  • Record & skills: Must have an excellent and clean driving record.

They have indicated that the potential income from this car advertising opportunity is between $100 to $1000 per month.




Nickelytics mostly works with ride sharing driver who work with get paid to drive apps, such as Uber or Lyft.

They offer three types of wrapping option: light, full and back windshield. Light wrap is placed on the doors, and full wrap placed on entire body and rear window.

They mostly operate in cities within Florida, Colorado, Louisiana and Maine among others.

You must meet the following driver qualifications to get a car wrapping job with this company:

  • Miles: Cover at least 30 miles per day. The number of mileages you cover is calculated from the logs provide by the ride share app.
  • Model: The car you use must be a 2010 model or a newer version

You can expect to make around $500 per month or more depending on the wrap you choose and mileage you cover.




Survey Junkie: They pay $5 bonus for every new sign up you refer. You can also take surveys and earn $1 to $50 per survey.

InboxDollars: Get a $5 sign up bonus for every new affiliate and also earn extra $3 for watching videos and completing other offers.

Swagbucks: Get a $10 sign up bonus and then an extra $5 and above for watching tv, browsing the web and shopping online.

Zippy Loan: Get a $50 bonus for every successful sign up through your affiliate link. You can get an affiliate link from Maxbounty affiliate network.

Proofread Anywhere: Get a $150 bonus for every purchase of this popular course for proofreaders.

Divi: this is a very popular WordPress theme where you get $40 for every successful purchase of the theme. This is the theme I use on this blog as explained in this post.




StickerRide an advertising site which helps companies to get their brand on the road through being linked to drivers willing to place ads on their cars.

They have more than 170,000 drivers on the platform which shows they serve a wide clientele of advertisers.

They work with some of the most reputable brands in the market today like Carabao, EasyCar Club and Bavaria among others.



Once you complete your application with FreeCarMedia, you will be matched with the right advertisers.

They indicate that the amount you earn will depend on the wrap size and mileage covered. For instance, a full wrap will earn around $400 per month while a rear window partial wrap attracts $50 or more every month.



CarWraps mostly serves the Canadian market because it is a car advertising company based in Canada and also performs its operations there.

They are different in that they offer a wide variety of wrap types, such as interior wraps, accent wraps, complete color alteration wraps, protective paint wraps, custom wraps, Vinyl wraps and commercial wraps among others.





CarBucks works mostly with commuters willing to places ads on their cars. They match those commuters with brands offering such car advertising opportunities.

They pay $1 per hour for every banner ad placed on your car. That means you can easily make more than $300 per month. They pay via PayPal or direct bank deposit which means your money is not paid through any pyramid scheme.



ReferralCars claims to offer a car advertising program which is different before it based on both commission and non-commission campaigns. In commission-based campaigns, the driver is allowed to set or negotiate the amount they wish to be paid by placing ads on their car.

This wide range of campaign availability gives a chance to entry level drivers or brands with smaller budgets.

They only deal with small see-through decals types of ads which means you will not suffer any cost of eliminating scratches or paint residue left after removing the ads.

They also have a campaign where they give a $100 gift card to qualifying applicants.



The goal was to answer this question, how much can you get paid to wrap your car?

I did that by discussing the pay of some of the legitimate car wrap advertising companies. In summary, the pay ranges from $50 to $1000 per month depending on the wrap size, company you partner with and the mile you cover daily.

Apart from car wrapping, I also suggested other ways on how to make money with a car, such as the use of get paid to drive apps like Doordash.

The question on can you really get paid to wrap your car, will mostly depend on your ability to identify scams and only work for legit car advertising jobs.

Leave a comment below sharing your experience on these companies or providing some additions to the list and feedback on the post in general.

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