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15 Legit Data Entry Jobs From Home, Totally Free!



Are you looking for a work from home job with high returns? If you are data entry jobs from home are some of the simplest online part time jobs you can use to make money online during your spare time.

The advantage of data entry jobs is that they will give you the flexibility to work from anywhere you want. You will also be allowed to set your working schedule unlike being forced to comply with the strict 9-5 office working hours.

Another upside of this work from home career is that there are many data entry job opportunities on the internet.

Therefore, the flexibility of data entry jobs from home makes them ideas for students, teens, stay-at-home moms, housewives, lazy people and any other person who want to make extra money during their spare time.

Data entry is an example of typing jobs where you are paid to complete typing tasks such as the ones below;

  • Transcription:
  • Data Entry
  • Captioning
  • Writing
  • Translation

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Are you looking for a high-paying work from home job? If you are, these 15 data entry jobs from home are perfect ways to make money online from home during your spare time. #dataentry #dataentryjobs #dataentryjobsfromhome #workfromhome #workfromhomejobs #workathome #makemoneyonline #jobsfromhomeforbeginners #howtomakemoneyfromhome #onlinejobs #Amazondataentryjobs

15 Sites to Find Freelance Online Data Entry Jobs from Home

1. Flexjobs

This is an online job listing site where companies and individuals post new job alerts for potential candidates to apply.

The advantage of this site is that all jobs are vetted before they are posted, which means you will not waste time trying to identify scams or low-paying jobs.

Due to the seriousness and legit nature of this site, you must pay a monthly subscription fee of about $14.95 to view available jobs. See all Flexjobs monthly plans here.

Therefore, Flexjobs is a site where you can find scam-free freelance, telecommuting and remote job. Data entry gigs are some of the common work from home jobs you can find in this site.

Click here to apply for a data entry job on Flexjobs today>>>

2. Fiverr

This is a popular freelance market place where people post projects they want to be completed by freelance from anywhere in the world.

The advantage of using Fiverr is that the lowest amount you can charge per gig is $5 which means under-paying clients will not take advantage of your skills.

Another upside is that this site is used by clients from anywhere in the world which means there is plenty of gig available even those related to data entry jobs from home category.

Click Here to browse data Entry jobs on Fiverr Today >>>

3. Microworkers

Data entry jobs from home-MICROWORKERSUnlike the two sites above where you find real projects both short and long ones, in Microworkers the assignments are too short and pay below one dollar.

Do not be discouraged by the low payout because the tasks are so simple such that you can complete too many of them within a short period of times.

Also, you do not need any specialized training, skills or education expertise to complete these tasks, which means this is a job for even lazy people.

Also, you are allowed to work from anywhere you want at your flexible timings, especially during weekends and evenings when you are free to complete small data entry tasks.

Click Here to apply for a data entry job on Microworkers today >>>>

4. SigTrack

Data entry jobs from home-SIGTRACKYou must meet several requirements before you can be allowed to complete data entry tasks on Sigtrack.

For instance, you must be a U.S resident or citizen, must give access to your voter registration data and must pass the brief video interview among other requirements.

They do not have a minimum or fixed pay rate because you are paid based on your productivity. This means that the more projects you complete, your pay rate will continue to increase gradually as you build more reputation.

Click Here to apply for a data Entry job on Sigtrack >>>

5. Birch Creek Communications

Data-entry-jobs-from-home-Birch-Creek-CommunicationsThis is a company which specializes in employing remote workers in the following fields; Transcription, data processing, market research and translation among others.

They work with clients from big government agencies and private corporations, which means you shall find highly paying gigs in this site.

The downside is that this site is always looking for an expert who is a disadvantage for people with only entry-level data entry skills.

Click here to browse data entry jobs on this site >>>>>>

6. DionData Solutions

Data-entry-jobs-from-home-DionData-SolutionsThis is one of the most reputable data entry company which has been around for over a decade since it was launched.

They take data entry and processing projects from Fortune 500 companies, private corporations, and government agencies. Next, freelancers registered on this site must submit their resumes and proposals in the process of applying to those projects.

This means that you must ensure you build a compelling resume to increase your chances of winning multiple projects in this site.

Click here to find a data entry job on Dion Data Solutions >>>>

7. Capital Typing

Data-entry-jobs-from-home-CAPITAL-TYPINGThe name of these sites gives you a clue that it’s a marketplace which connects clients with data entry clerks. They have been in business for a long period, and they are also reputable which means they have built a large clientele base.

Apart from hiring season data entry clerks, they also employ independent data entry contractors and consultants, which is an excellent opportunity for people with expert-level data entry skills and experience.

This company is based in South Carolina, and they provide virtual assistance services to clients who need data entry tasks completed for them.

Click here to find data entry jobs on this site >>>>

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Fiverr: Earn $5 and above per gig in this marketplace with projects on writing, editing, design, data entry, translation, web development and programming among other fields. Find out more here.

8. AccuTran Global

Data-entry-jobs-from-home-AccuTran-GlobalThis is a company best known for having many high paying transcription jobs. However, they also hire data entry clerks who score well in their assessment tests to complete highly paid data entry gigs.

The downside is that they only hire people from one these three companies; the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom among others.

Click here to apply for a data entry job at AccuTran Global >>>>

9. Axion Data Services

Data-entry-jobs-from-home-Axion-Data-ServicesData entry tasks are not always available in these sites. This means you must bookmark this site to check later when open positions are available. You can also join their mailing list to receive an email notification when data entry jobs are posted.

The downside is that they are always hiring experts known as data entry independent contractors which means candidates with entry-level skills have lower chances of finding a job in this site.

Click Here to apply for a job at Axion Data Services >>>>

10. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Data-entry-jobs-from-home-Amazon-Mechanical-TurkThis is one of the most famous crowdsourcing platforms where client’s posts short and micro tasks, then interested candidates, remote workers, and freelancers place their bids on those projects.

Data entry related tasks are very common in this site. These tasks are not highly paid, but they the advantage is that they are concise and simple meaning you can complete multiple in a short time.

Click Here to Apply for a data entry job at Amazon Mechanical Turk >>>

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11. SmartCrowd-Lionbridge

Data-entry-jobs-from-home-SmartCrowdYou must meet all the minimum requirements and pass all assessment tests before you can be allowed to complete data entry tasks on this site.

The company is reputable, and it was formerly known as VirtaulBee meaning that it is a great place to start with finding data entry jobs.

The pay is around $5 to $10 per hour, and you can request payment anytime and along as you meet the $30 payment threshold.

Click here to apply for a data entry jobs at SmartCrowd >>>>

12. Clickworker

Data-entry-jobs-from-home-ClickworkerThis is more like a crowdsourcing platform or freelance marketplace with jobs from multiple fields, such as data entry, writing, translation, researching and proofreading among others.

The advantage is that you can make money with other opportunities when data entry projects get low.

Click here to apply for a data entry job at Clickworker >>>>

13. TDEC

Data-entry-jobs-from-home-TDECThis is a company which offers virtual assistance services to private business owners and government agencies.

Data entry is one of the many virtual services clients get from this website. They have been in business for many years which means they have many high paying clients.

Click here to apply for a data entry job at TDEC >>>

14. Cassinfo.com

Data-entry-jobs-from-home-CassinfoThe full name of this company is Cass Information System. It specializes in providing data entry solutions related to processing, auditing, and payment and intelligence services to clients all over the world.

You must bookmark their career page or sign up to their mailing list so that you can get a future update when a new job is posted because they do not publish data entry jobs regularly.

Click here to apply for a data entry job at Cassinfo >>>>

15. Xerox

Data-entry-jobs-from-home-XeroxApart from data entry jobs, this company also offers other freelance, remote and work from home jobs.

However, you must know that it is difficult to get a job on this site because their process of selection is strict and open positions are not posted daily.

Therefore, you should visit this website regularly so that you do not miss any new job update or alert.

Click here to apply for a data entry job at Xerox >>>>>

How Much Can You Make From Data Entry Jobs from Home

On average, data entry specialists earn around $10 to $24 per hour or $23,000 to $48,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Remember the numbers above are simple estimates, which means the amount you make on data entry jobs from home depends on several factors, such as the ability to land high paying clients and your experience among others.

In that case, you should carefully select the best deals to maximize your ability to make more money with this online job.

Must-Have Skills to Make Money with Data Entry Jobs from Home

It is true you do not need particular education backgrounds and expertise to make money online on the above data entry jobs from home.

However, you must have the following skills to excel in a data entry career.

Typing: Your typing speed must be fast and accurate because data entry is a type of tying job. If your typing speed is slow, you can easily miss deadlines or deliver less work which means you will make less money.

Spelling & Grammar: A fast typist must know the spelling of words to have to look at a document word for work while they type. Having excellent spelling and grammar skills will save you the time you might spend in proofreading a document.

Computer: You do not need to be a tech guru, but you must have a basic understanding of simple computing programs, such as Microsoft packages and other basic computer commands.

Spreadsheets: In most cases, data will be organized in spreadsheet programs, such as Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel among others. In that case, you must know how to use those platforms to perform basic to complicated data entry processes.

Organization: When you are working with lots of data files and subjects you might remain organized to avoid producing wrong outputs.

Communication: You must fully understand communication channels, such as Email and Skype because you will use the two exchange details and projects with clients.

Detail Oriented: Data entry can be a very repetitive task and also involves decoding long streams of data. In that case, you must have an eye and sober brain that is attentive to details to avoid making any mistakes.

How to recognize Data Entry jobs from home SCAMS

There so many data entry job opportunities, but not all of them are worthy your time and effort because some pay so little or are simply scams.

In that case, you must carefully analyze a data entry job opportunity using the strategies below before you give it your attention and time.

  • Do your research: If you do not encounter a given company being recommended more than thrice in your research, then leave it alone.
  • Watch for these red flags: the presence of fake certificates, the existence of pyramid schemes models, being asked to pay for resources free in other sites and exaggerated rewards among others.
  • Get recommendations from real people: If you know someone who makes money with data entry jobs from home, then reach out to hear their recommendations before moving forward with assumptions.
  • Consider taking some training: In most of these training classes, the instructors will give scam-free recommendations. Also, you can read reviews and recommendations from other students in the class.
  • Keep away from shiny objects: Any offer that sounds too good to be true is something you should doubt because the starting point is always humble and not a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • Don’t pay before getting a job: Paying money upfront before a data entry job is assigned to you is a red flag you should avoid at all costs.

Alternative to Data Entry Jobs


Data entry is a lucrative work from home job you can use to make money online during your spare time. However, it is not the only remote work option available. There are many other highly profitable freelance part-time careers like the five below;

Proofreading: In simple words, a proofreader reads a document word for word with the goal of correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting and sentence structure errors or mistakes forgotten during editing.

Freelance Writing: Get paid to write articles, white papers, dissertations blog posts and academic research papers for companies, magazines, and other content marketing agencies. Find out more here.

Blogging:Did you know that Internet live stats data shows that are more than 1.3 million blog posts written daily? Why would bloggers all over the world write more than 1.3 million posts daily if they do not make money?

Transcription: Transcription is the process of converting recordings into text. This is mostly done for people with hearing complications or those who are too busy to listen to the audio.

Scoping: Scopists work together with court reports to edit court transcripts.

Tutoring: Virtual tutors earn more than $12 per hour, which is a decent pay than that offered by most jobs in traditional business setups. Find more information here.

Virtual Assistance: Virtual assistants provide administrative, technical, social and creative assistance to individuals and businesses. They make around $12-$100 per hour depending on the services you offer, amount of experience and level of expertise.

Bookkeeping: Bookkeepers perform several tasks, such as managing accounts payable/receivable, overseeing payroll, monitoring budgets, filing reports, maintaining ledgers and managing purchase orders among other duties.

Find more information in the Posts Below…….


It is not easy to find scam-free and high paying online jobs on the internet. In this post I have combined 15 legit data entry jobs you can use to make money online during your spare time. #dataentry #dataentryjobs #dataentryjobsfromhome #workfromhome #workfromhomejobs #workathome #makemoneyonline #jobsfromhomeforbeginners #howtomakemoneyfromhome #onlinejobs #Amazondataentryjobs

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