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Are you looking for low stress jobs to make money online?That is, easy jobs which can be done even by extremely lazy people?

If you are you are, this is the right place because this post will show you 20 easy jobs that pay well.

You might have tried affiliate marketing or any other form of internet marketing felt that it was so complicated.

I told one of my readers to try an online selling side hustle, and they told me that they wanted something less complicated.



I tried to teach another how to make money with a blog on WordPress, but they also told me its too much for them.

To another I recommended applying for a freelance job or a remote jobs and the feedback was the same.

This is where I realized that such people were looking for an easy low stress job which was less time consuming and serious.

This is why i decided to write this blog post showing the best easy jobs to get with no experience.


If You Are Curious Or In a Hurry… Here Is a Summary!

Get Paid To Click Ads @ StarClicks

Get Paid To Play Free Online Games @ Swagbucks

Get Paid To Read Emails @ InboxDollars

Get Paid To Share Your Opinion @ SurveyJunkie

Get Paid To Do Micro Jobs @ PicoWorkers

Get Paid To Take Photos @ ShutterStock


1. Get Paid To Watch TV & Videos @ Swagbucks


Most of us love to watching TV and videos.

One of the best places to get paid to watch TV programs is at Swagbucks.

Swagbucks will pay you approximately 3 SBs per 30-minutes video/TV show.

Swagbucks is the number one get paid to (GPT) site on the web.

In this site, you complete offers and get paid points called SBs.

After you gather enough SBs, you exchange them into cash, gift cards, merchandise, shopping vouchers, and other rewards.

For instance, 500 SBs is equivalent to $5 gift card while 2,500 SBs is equal to a $25 gift card. 

>>> CLICK HERE to check out Swagbucks


10 Other ways to make money on Swagbucks

Use the Swagbucks browser to surf the web and earn 10-20 SBs for every 20 searches. 

Earn a free $5 sign up bonus given to all new members. 

Test, review, download and install mobile apps and earn 15-50 SBs per app. 

Shop online and earn points and cash backs. For instance, for every $1 you spend on shopping, you receive 3 SBs. 

Complete surveys and polls and make around 40-100 SBs per survey. 

Set and complete daily goals and earn more than 10 SBs for every goal you accomplish. 

Play games online and earn more than 10 SBs for every game. 

Refer a friend and take 20% of their lifetime earnings at Swagbucks. 

Find and use swag codes and make more than 5 SBs per Swag code. 

Complete other offers such as taking tests and make more money.



2. Get Paid To Open & Read Emails @ InboxDollars


Did you know you can get paid to do something as easy as receiving and reading emails?

Inbox Dollars is another famous GPT site that will reward you when you complete offers.

Unlike other GPT sites, this one is unique because they pay in cash sent via PayPal and bank deposits.

Opening and reading emails is a straightforward work from home job you can do no matter how lazy you are.

After you sign up successfully at InboxDollars, they will send you emails offers.

After you receive the offer, all you have to do is click at the “confirm link” below each email.

The more emails you open and confirm, the higher amount you can make in this part-time online job.




10 other ways to make money on InboxDollars

Complete offers, such as trying new products and earn around $0.25 to $3.00 per offer. 

Get a $5 free sign up bonus which is given to all new members. 

Use the Inbox dollars search toolbar to surf the web and get paid $1 for every search you make. 

Watch videos and earn $0.06 per every short video less than 10 minutes long. 

Take surveys and opinion polls and make around $0.05 to $10 per surveys which are usually short and each takes less than 10 minutes to complete. 

Shop at Walmart and win shopping vouchers and other sweepstakes entries. 

Use the coupons page and earn $0.10 per coupon. 

Refer a friend and make $1.25 per every successful referral. 

Watch TV and videos online and make around $0.20 for every video or show you complete successfully.



3. Get Paid To Play & Test Games


I know you are wondering if it’s possible to get paid to play games.

I am taking about being able to play games for real money.

I know that is surprising because gamers are mistaken to be idlers, and lazy people.


But who cares about that stereotype if you are doing something you love?

More so, you are getting paid to do it!

you can play free online games to earn money during your spare time while working from home in pajamas.

MyPoints is one of the best free sites where you can get started.


>> READ THIS POST to discover 15 apps that will pay you to play games online at your spare time.



4. Use Your Mobile Phone To Make Money


This is an easy side jobs which anyone can do it even the laziest people on the planet because…

Installing and downloading a mobile app takes less than five minutes.

In addition, almost everyone owns a smartphone in the 21st century.


Nielsen Computer & Mobile Appis one of the best apps which will pay you to use your mobile phone.

In this app you get paid to share data on your phone usage, browsing experience and other internet consuming-related research studies.

>>> READ THIS POST to discover more than 60 money apps or sites which will pay you to use your mobile phone.



5. Get Paid To Share Your Opinions


Have you heard of survey sites, opinion poll sites and focus group interview sites? 

These are websites and panels that collect market research data.

They will pay you to take surveys, complete opinion polls and participate in focus groups studies.

SurveyJunkie is the best because you can make above $1 per survey or poll.

Additionally, each survey/poll only take less than 5 minutes which means you can complete more than ten daily.


>> READ THIS POST to discover more than 50 legit survey sites which will pay you to share your opinions!




6. Dog Walking


Dog walking is a type of pet sitting job.

You get paid to take dogs for a walk in the outdoors for them to remain healthy and have fresh air.

This is a simple and easy jobs because you do not need any training, college degree or technical expertise to do it. 

Nonetheless you will need to have a love for dogs to get such a job.

Dog walking is also a type of care giving job.

I have written blog posts on other types of jobs for caregivers like the ones: 




7. Freelancing


Not all freelancing jobs are hard.

Some are easy jobs which even lazy people can do. 

For example, on Fiverr you can get paid to do so many easy tasks such as removing background in photos.

Another simple job you can do in Fiverr is getting paid to write video captions.

A friend of mind told me she is paid to so voice over jobs, which I thought was another easy job which can be done by anyone.

The point is that there are so many low stress and easy jobs to do on Fivverr.

Apart from Fiverr, you can find similar opportunities on job listing sites like FlexJobs among others.




8. Become a Mystery Shopper


A mystery shopper is hired by marketing companies, brands or organizations.He/she is paid to help these parties to achieve several things such as;

  • Compliance to rules and regulations
  • Assess job performance
  • Evaluate quality of sales and services
  • Competitor analysis

Let me give you an example to understand better.

A supermarket hires a mystery shopper called, Jane.

Jane’s role is to go into the supermarket daily then pretend to be a normal regular buyer.

During her visits, she is supposed to observe how the employees treat customers.

After gathering enough details, she will write a detailed report to the employer.



9. Become a Driver


Driving is a very simple and easy job.

This is true for people who have been doing it for sometime and those who love to do it.

For example, you can become a food delivery driver for Doordash.

Doordash delivery  earn around $18 per hour plus other bonuses.

There are so many other companies where you can get delivery driver jobs like Shipt or Instacart, where you get paid to deliver groceries.

Apart from being a delivery driver, you can also make extra money through wrapping your vehicle.

That is allowing these car advertising companies to place ads on your car then you get paid.



10. Become a Professional Cuddler


Are you a caring person who loves interacting with people?

If you are cuddling could be the perfect job for you to practice that love for people.

Cuddling involves providing comfort physically to emotionally disturbed on medically ill people who need some genuine love and care.

As a professional cuddler, you expect to make around $40-$80 per hour, which is decent pay.

Also, you will get to form new friendships and important networks with people.

There are many sites you can find cuddling jobs, such as CuddleComfort, Snuggle Buddies and Cuddlist among others.

Here is a list of similar jobs where you offer companionship and friendship to people:

  1. Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People
  2. Get Paid To Be An Online Friend
  3. Get Paid To Be An Internet Girlfriend
  4. Get Paid To Message Guys




11. Become a Language Translator or Tutor


Language translation and tutoring is very popular.

The internet has made the world one big village such that we meet people from any part of the world daily.

Companies and website owners are always looking for people who can translate their content or documents into multiple languages for them to reach a wider audience.

Apart from that, there are so many people who are willing to pay to be taught a second, third or fourth language.

Most of us know more than three languages, which means you can quickly turn those language skills into a money-making opportunity.

A translator makes more than $0.01 per word.

You can get started on sites like iTalki, SmartCat, Language Line Solutions,Translators Cafe and Fiverr among others.



12. Get An Odd Job


Most of these odd jobs are very easy and do not require any technical experience or a college degree.

Most of these jobs pay above $13 per hour.

Below are some examples of odd jobs;

Become a Sperm Donor @ Seattle Sperm Donor Bank.

Become a Chicken Sexer @ JobZoo

Apply for a Massage Therapy job @

Get a Breath Odor Evaluator jobs @ Career Search

Become a professional Apologizer @ AOL Finance

Find a job for professional sleepers @ WiseStep



13. Get Paid To Writer Reviews


Writing a review on a product or giving honest feedback about anything does not take lots of thinking and time.

Thus, this is an easy job any lazy person can do!

It is a perfect work from home job for lazy people because many sites provide such gigs.

Also, there is a lot of flexibility in this job because you can work at anytime from any remote location.

Below are examples of sites offering review jobs:

Slicethepie: Get paid to review music, fashion, songs, clothing, and other products. They pay weekly.

Rateitall: You can find gigs on writing any form of review on this marketplace for reviews.

Crowdtap: They work with well-known brands, such as McDonald, who will pay you to write reviews about their products.

ReviewStream: One of the best marketplace to find review gigs on electronics, hotels, travel, fashion and all other kinds of topics.

ValuedVoice: A site that will pay you to write reviews. You can also land sponsorship opportunities in this site if you have social media accounts with many followers.


14.  Become a Photographer


Photography is not a boring career that will make you so tired and energy drained. 

More so it only requires some creativity and little knowledge about the camera.

No matter how lazy you are, I know you will enjoy this easy job, especially when you are paid to do it.

Below are some sites that will pay you to sell the photos you take.



Other similar sites: Foab, Photolemur, iStock, Adobe, and Getty Images.




15. Start a VLogging Side Hustle


Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google.

This means that most people search for information and how to tutorials on YouTube.

Even lazy people can become Youtubers because starting a Youtube channel is free.

Also all you need is a camera or a smartphone.

If your content is good enough, it can quickly go viral in days, especially if the niche is attention-grabbing.

Once your Youtube channel is up and running, you can monetize it in several ways such as the four below;

Display ads from Google AdSense and other networks on it

Sell affiliate products and earn a commission after every sale

Sell your products

Get hired by other people to run short and easy errands for them!



16. Become a Tester


A tester is someone who uses a product or service then gives their feedback on their experience.

Many companies want this kind of feedback to be able to improve the quality of their products.

Becoming a tester is one of the best jobs because you will get free product samples.

Example of 10 Sites you can Find Testing Jobs

Get free product samples from brands who will pay you to give feedback on their effectiveness to solve your needs @ Product Testing

Earn more than $10 per test through testing products @ TestIO

Make money by testing the user interface of software and other products @ UserTesting

Get paid to test games @ Game Tester

 Get paid to become a food tester @ Solae

Make money through testing chocolates @ Cadbury

Get paid to test Beer @ Millercoors , constellation brands, Anheuser-Busch, Winc

Test beauty products and make money @ The Pink Panel.

Get paid to test books @ RedBook Panel

Get a sleep or Bed Testing job @

Get paid to take testing-related surveys @ Global Test Market.




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