Enjeo Review: Is Enjeo a Scam?

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Welcome to my Enjeo Review!

Most people assume that making money online fast is easy and maybe a job associated with lazy people.

That is far away from what is accurate because finding a legit work from home job or make money online free opportunity requires lots of research, consistency and patience.

That is the reason I write these reviews to do the research part for you. This way you are able to avoid make money online scams and identify legit online jobs to make extra cash with.

I enjoyed the process of writing this review because they offer a business model, I use to make money while blogging, that is affiliate marketing. (read “how to make money on Enjeo” section for more details)

In this Enjeo review we shall explore the following;

  • What is Enjeo
  • Enjeo Affiliate/referral program
  • Enjeo digital products
  • Is Enjeo a scam?
  • Sites like Ejeo
  • How to promote Enjeo offers
  • How long does enjeo take to pay



How to use your skills to earn $50 Daily

  • Flexjobs: This site will help you to find your dream remote job from some of the best work from home companies
  • Fiverr: Get small tasks like logo creation, writing content, graphic design, video editing, translation and editing done for you by experts from as low as $5.
  • Rover: Get hired to look after pets. Play with dogs, feed them and also groom them for over $12 per hour. Find more jobs for pet lovers in that post.
  • Doordash: Get paid to drive people and deliver food or packages using your car and driving skills.





Enjeo is a marketing company and a make money online opportunity which gives its users the chance to earn passive income through signing up new members and selling digital products (check detailed explanation on how to make money on Enjeo section below)

Pros of Enjeo

  • They pay directly in cash deposited to your bank account. This means you will not get paid in points or gift cards among other non-cash methods.
  • There is no minimum withdrawal/payment limit which means you can get paid any amount you make as little as it will be.
  • The website and affiliate dashboard are easy to use even for people without any technical experience.
  • They have multiple digital products which diversifies your possibility of making more money.
  • You can refer an unlimited number of affiliates
  • It is a work from home opportunity where you are able to work from any remote location like your couch.



There are two ways to make extra cash on Enjeo.com:

#1 Enjeo.com Affiliate program

Share the sign-up link to your friends, relatives or co-workers and if they sign up you will earn a $5 sign up bonus immediately and another $5 bonus if they stay active for 30 days. Therefore, you earn a total of $10 from referring new affiliates to Enjeo affiliate program.

You are also promised a 5% recurring income from all the revenue generated by your affiliate. For example, if you refer Jane and she earns $50, then you get a 5% commission on those total earnings.


How to sign up to Enjeo affiliate program

  • Follow this Enjeo sign-up link
  • Fill out the form with your names, email address, password, contact information, residence details, and payment account information.
  • After making sure all details are correct, agree to the terms then click on the “start earning” button to submit application.
  • Follow this Enjeo login link then type the email address and password you used during registration to login to your Enjeo affiliate dashboard.
  • Get your unique affiliate link and begin promoting it to earn the affiliate commissions.


#2 Enjeo.com Digital Products

Enjeo has partnered with many third-party websites selling digital product subscriptions, such as Freester.com, scrshin.com, svcgs.com, crscr.com, scCrsh.com, 3GldScr.com, My3bBc.com among others.

Below are some of the common digital products subscriptions you can sell:

Mini Road Assistance Plan

This is plan geared to selling several services like fuel delivery, flat tire assistance and engine starting, to vehicle owners stuck on the roadside.

Realty Listing Mini Plan

This plan works same way as Zillow or Trulia property listing sites which provide their users with tools, they can use to find current and up-to-date real estate listings near them.

Public Records mini plan

This is a database which provide background checks and information of a person. You can use it before you hire someone or meet them maybe to be their virtual friend. You enjoy up to 10 records for every weekly subscription.

Credit monitoring plan

A database which will offer several credit services like, calculating your credit score, monitoring your credit profile, notifying new credit inquiries, calculating credit limits and alerting new credit opportunities.

Pro Tip: Did you know you can get a loan even with a bad credit record? Your bank might never approve any loan application for you. Fortunately, these online best loans for bad credit record will give you up to $30,000 loan in 5 business days.


How to sign up to Enjeo digital products?

  • Login to your Enjeo affiliate account first, then navigate to the digital products section.
  • Click on a specific digital product, such as the mini road assistance plan.
  • You will be directed to a sign-up form hosted in a different third-party website offering the product.
  • Pay $1 with your credit card to complete the application. That $1 is paid every week as long as you keep promoting the product. You will get a $10 bonus after paying this for becoming a new affiliate to the product you will be promoting.

Note: You must use a different email address and name other than the one you used when signing up to the Enjeo affiliate program.

For every successful product sale, you shall earn $1.25.

Also, if you refer a new affiliate to the product, you get a $10 sign up bonus.

Therefore, you are likely to end up with a total of $21.25 commission for every product sale.




There are many ways you can promote/market your Enjeo affiliate and product links, such as;

  • Share them on your social media accounts
  • Run Facebook or Google ads
  • Use a word of mouth when promoting to friends, relatives and co-workers
  • Write blog posts or reviews like this one.
  • Create a Youtube channel and endorse the links within the video
  • Do email marketing campaigns
  • Create courses, books, printables among other digital products them market your affiliate links in them.

Read more here: The ultimate guide to promoting affiliate links and digital products.




 Enjeo commissions come in two categories;

Those marked as “processing” represent commissions you have earned recently and they are applied to your account within 24-48 hours of earning them.

Those referred to as “sent” are commissions already paid to your bank account and it will take at least 3-5 business days before you are able to withdraw them.

Enjeo payment proofs








 The simple answer is NO because;

  • They actually as you can see from the payment proofs above.
  • The com website is active
  • They also have active social media pages like the Enjeo Facebook Page
  • They provide contact information on how to reach them incase you run into a problem.


On the other hand,

you consider the following red flags before you decide if this opportunity if worth your time;

#1 No about information

There is nowhere the owner’s profile in given on the website. They also don’t give location and success stories or their journey details. This information is very important because it helps you to know the specific profile and background check of the company and its directors.


#2 Score Crash scam

It is looks like most of the third-party websites which Enjeo partners with for the digital products are owned by Score Crash also known as Norscore Inc.

It is possible that this is the same company which owns Enjeo, but I am not sure about that fact.

Score crash has a very poor reputation on better business bureau and almost everywhere on the internet.




#3 Enjeo BBB profile

According to Better Business Bureau (BBB), Enjeo is not an accredited business. That means they do not recommend it.





Enjeo is not entirely a make money online scam because they actually pay and seem to give a legit opportunity.

However, because of the red flags noted above, it is not an opportunity we would entirely recommend.

There are many other sites you can earn more money through referring new affiliates and selling or using their digital products.

You can check out the following sites like Enjeo which we believe are legit and we recommend you use them instead. I recommend these ones because I use then all so they are tried and tested as I have been able to make money with them.



Survey Junkie: They pay $5 bonus for every new sign up you refer. You can also take surveys and earn $1 to $50 per survey.

InboxDollars: Get a $5 sign up bonus for every new affiliate and also earn extra $3 for watching videos and completing other offers.

Swagbucks: Get a $10 sign up bonus and then an extra $5 and above for watching tv, browsing the web and shopping online.

Zippy Loan: Get a $50 bonus for every successful sign up through your affiliate link. You can get an affiliate link from Maxbounty affiliate network.

Proofread Anywhere: Get a $150 bonus for every purchase of this popular course for proofreaders.

Divi: this is a very popular WordPress theme where you get $40 for every successful purchase of the theme. This is the theme I use on this blog as explained in this post.

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  1. I have been an affiliate of Enjeo (formerly Freester) for many years and have mastered this business.

    The comparison sites mentioned here are not comparable in terms of passive income! Enjeo is truly a passive income stream unlike all the other so-called passive income streams!

    If you are looking for a true “set it and forget it opportunity”, you can finally attain that.

    1. @Hildah Mwende, wonderful right up. I’m at $30k w/ Enjeo and do 30 day trainings (retired educator). There’s an earnings Avenue to Enjeo, that few know about.

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