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Get Paid To Message Guys: 13 Websites Where Men Give You Money

Get Paid To Message Guys: 13 Websites Where Men Give You Money


Get Paid To Message Guys: 13 Websites Where Men Give You Money


Are you a woman looking for websites where men give you money?

Did you know you can get paid to text men?

These get paid to message guys opportunities are for women who love to text, chat, flirt and sext with men.

These get paid to text flirt chatting jobs will allow you to work from anywhere on flexible working hours.

Some of these get paid to text chat sites are places where you get paid to talk to lonely men looking for companionship and virtual friends.

You can also get paid to message guys on websites which offer online girlfriend jobs where you get hired to be a girlfriend for money with no strings attached.

Some of these phone sexting companies will also offer highly paid opportunities where you get paid to text guys.



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Get Paid To Text Men


#1 Text121Chat


From the name of this site you can tell that it’s a platform where you get paid to text chat either as a phone sex operator, chat support agent or customer service agent.

The advantage of applying for a get paid to answer text messages job on this site is that they are well paid, and they have lots of clients.




#2 TextKings


You shall find three types of jobs on this site;

Your role in these jobs will be to receive, process and answer text messages.

You do not need any college degree to do that or special expertise, but you shall need fast typing speed and some basic computer knowledge.



#3 Freelancer


Another site similar to this one is Fiverr where you can also get paid to be a fake girlfriend.

These two are freelance marketplaces where clients post all types of jobs such as internet girlfriend jobs.

To find such jobs on these platforms, you can enter one of the following phrases or keywords on the search bar;


“Girlfriends for cash”

” Online girlfriend jobs”




#4 Rent A Date


In this site, you get to rent a woman for the night or hire a girlfriend for a party.

It is a platform where you are able to rent a girlfriend for a date, party outing or one-night stand sexual encounter.

Therefore, if you need a girlfriend who shall be your companion during social events, party functions and night outs, this is the site to hire or rent one.





Get Paid To Text Flirt



#5 FlirtBucks


Flirting is the process of acting playfully, romantically in calls, video, texts and other platforms with men.

In this site you get paid to text flirt with men looking for fun and sexual arousal from sexy and highly attractive women.

If you want to get paid to text guys this one of site you can get people who are willing to pay you to become a virtual friend.



#6 Dream Lover


Are you a beautiful, romantic and sexy woman wondering how can a pretty girl make money online?

If you are, this site is one out of the many platform where you can make money chatting online with lonely men.

Another way to make extra cash on this site is though hosting webcam videos or selling your body pictures.




#7 FindMySugarBaby


If you have been looking for websites where men give you money, then you can across one.

Men on this site are always looking for fake girlfriends for hire who they can go out with or have sexual encounters without strings attached.

Therefore, you get paid to talk to lonely people online on this site.

Chatting with guys can be very rewarding financially if you love to flirt, sext or engage in any erotic encounters with men.

It is also a platform where you can get paid to text men who are looking for companionship from women willing to engage in flirting or sexting activities.




#8 MyGirlFund


Do you want to make money talking to men online? This is one of the best sites to make money texting, chatting and sexting online with men.

They offer live text chat rooms where you paid to message guys either through text, voice or video calls.

You can also send photos of yourself to guys then they will pay you in exchange.

Hosting webcam videos is also another way to make extra cash on this site.




#9 LipService


This site offers two types of jobs; Phone actress texting jobs and Phone chat operator jobs.

In both jobs, you shall get paid to chat with strangers.

This company has been active since 1987 which means it has an established market reputation and popularity. This way you are sure they have many clients, a secure platform and lots of jobs.

Another advantage is that you can do all the jobs they offer which makes this one of the best jobs for stay at home moms or housewives sitting at home.






  Get Paid To Text Chat



#1o Chat Recruit


This is a get paid to chat app which offers two types of texting jobs: text chat operator jobs and phone sex operator jobs.

The sex operators are known as webcam hosts, while the text operators are called phone chat operators.

You shall basically make money online chatting on this app through messaging guys who are looking for sexy women to flirt or sext with.

One advantage of this site is that it is a very popular since it’s used by both men and women to apply for sexting for money online opportunities.

Another advantage is that this company offers work from home job opportunities where you work on flexible work schedules from any remote location.

You can also sell several items on this site to make extra cash. For example, you can sell;




#11 Rent A Friend


This is a site where you get clients willing to pay strangers to offer them some companionship and friendship.

Another site similar to this one where you get paid to be an online friend is Rent A Local friend which is very popular with many clients.

If you are a single woman looking for love, you can find your soulmate on this site even while you get paid to chat online with men.




#12 Premium.Chat


On this site, you get highly paid Work from home texting jobS.

In other words, you shall earn money by receiving text messages, processing them then answering them back to provide feedback to the sender.

If you would wish to become a consultant in a given topic, this is the site where you can register for such a job.

Your fans, clients and followers will pay you to answer their questions.

For example, when a client hires you for a personal coaching session, the least they can pay is $3.49 per minute which means this is a well-paid online job.





#13 Phrendly


Do you enjoy meeting new people or chatting with strangers? If you do this is the site where you can get paid to talk to people.

You can choose to do it for fun as a way of making new virtual friends, or you can choose to text for money where you only chat with people willing to pay you for doing that.

The name is just created from the word friends by replacing the first two letters to make it phrends. That means it’s a site where you mostly get paid to be an online friend to people looking for companionship and love.



Websites Where Men Give You Money: How To Get Paid To Message Guys






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