Get Paid To Read Books Aloud Online On 14 Sites


Do you know you can get paid to read books? It is amazing how the digital world has changed the landscape.

Getting paid to read books is a new type of job brought about by the advancement of technology.

In fact, reading books while you read yourself and uploading them to various platforms or apps helps others to enjoy the audio version.

If you love reading, you can convert your passion into an income-generating job.


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Get Paid To Read Books Aloud Online On 14 Sites

Many companies, websites, and app owners are ready to pay professionals who can read books aloud.

The aim is to obtain an audio version of the textual content to help those who can read textual content.

Some companies provide a fantastic platform to get paid to read books aloud.

Becoming a freelance reader is easy. You can register on various websites and apply for the jobs posted on job boards like FlexJobs or freelance marketplaces like Fiverr.

Since Web 2.0, new freelancing systems have been started, making it possible to work remotely and upload content.

Both experienced and beginners can register and apply for jobs.


#1 – Proofread Everywhere

This is one of the best companies you can find online which provides proofreading services to learners.

Proofread everywhere provides editing training courses to help them launch their proofreading career.

Since its inception, the company has helped numerous individuals achieve financial independence by venturing into the proofreading industry.

If you want to make money as a proofreader, then Proofread Everywhere is the website to visit.


#2 – Amazon

Amazon is the largest platform where publishers list their latest books.

Additionally, Amazon has gone to an extent to improve its services by integrating Kindle services to provide books in audio format.

Kindle provides books in Video, audio, and text. This has created jobs where people with excellent narration voices can get paid.

How much do you get paid to read Amazon?

This may not be for everyone, but if you love to write, you can get paid to read books on Amazon.

The first step is to start a website where you can publish the reviews.

Then, proceed to create an Amazon Associate account to monetize your content.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn.

Ensure you invest in writing quality reviews.

Video content you can publish on Kindle will make you more money.

How much does Amazon pay per book?

Amazon pays a 35% royalty rate for the book price. You can increase the possibility of making more money if you list book prices of more than $2.


#3 – Audible

Audible is an established company specializing in producing audio versions of different textual materials.

The company has partnered with Amazon to serve its content to users through Amazon Prime membership.

The number of books they have converted to audio has made it the preferred source of educational and entertainment materials.

Can you get paid to read audiobooks?

Of course, Audible hired readers with the expertise to read and convert books to audio.

The company pays $10 and above, depending on the length of the book context.

Are included books on Audible free?

No, Audible is not free even though a member can access a wide range of materials.

A user has to pay a subscription fee of $7 and above to access premium content.

Do you still pay for books on Audible?

Although it is possible to access books on Audible without paying, the amount of material you can access is limited. It is advisable to subscribe to access the best content.


#4 – Audiobook Creative Exchange

Of all audio-based projects, ACX stands because of its popularity. Anytime you narrate any book on this platform, the company publishes it, and it will appear on iTunes and Audible.

The advantage is if other authors like your voice, they can hire you to narrate their books.

How to be a Narrator on ACX

The first step is to register and set up your profile.

Secondly, upload several audio samples to prove your expertise in a particular genre.

Ensure you set up your payment preferred payment gate for payment purposes.

You can express interest in different projects by auditioning.

How much do ACX narrators make?

An ACX narrator earns between $10 – $100 per hour to narrate a story or a book chapter.

If you are an experienced narrator and land a great contract, you can make more than $500 per hour.


#5 – Voices

Voices is a marketplace where you can post a job and get paid to read a book aloud.

The company is unique because it is structured like a freelancer website.

Any person with the required skills and a great voice can succeed in this company.

How do I work for Voices com?

It would be best if you listed samples that market you well on for you to get noticed.

Alternatively, you can browse the thousands of jobs listed on the platform and send your applications. The employer reviews your profile and then assigns you the project.

How do you get paid on voices com? pays more than $100 and above per project, depending on length.

If a project is a book with over 200 pages, it is possible to earn more than $10,000 once it is complete.


#6 – Spoken Realms

This is a company that mainly deals with professionals who can create their own stories or do narrations.

What is more, if you work for Spoken realms, you can earn a share of the royalties which the original author receives.

How to Join Spoken Realms

You can join Spokenrealms by visiting their page and filling in your details. The process is strict because they prefer hiring experienced narrators.

The pay is incredible because there is a possibility of earning royalties as long as your content exists online.


#7 – Voice Jungle

If you are experienced enough, ensure you thoroughly review Voice Jungle to understand their terms.

The company prefers competent professionals because of the turnaround of some projects within 24 hours.

The pay is equally good, which ranges from $100 and above depending on length.


#8 – VO Planet

If you have a great voice that can complement those of actors, then VO planet is the place to try out your luck.

The company invites individuals with great voice and narration skills to audition for the listed jobs.

The great thing about getting paid to read the book on VO planet is their fair pay. Most projects pay more than $200 to complete.


#9 – Voice Crafter

Voice Crafter is a company that supports professionals from various industries.

The company provides audio, podcast, video transcription, and book narration.

How much do voice narrators get paid?

Voice crafters earn between $10 – $1000 per project depending on length and agreement with the employer.


#10 – Backstage

The fact is that Backstage is a platform where many actors launch their careers.

Sandra Bullock, Leslie Odom, Jonathan Groff, and James Earl are some famous actors who started Backstage.

If you can narrate stories in various books or create your own, this is a platform you can use to launch your career.

Can I join Backstage with no experience?

Yes, you can join Backstage with no experience because most professionals started at a point without experience.

How much do Backstage actors get paid?

A backstage actor or narrator earns more than $100 per day, depending on the agreement reached with the employer.


#11 – Findaway Voices

Not everyone is gifted with a great voice, which is why Findaway Voices was created.

The website matches individuals who are looking for audiobook narrators with potential employees.

To become a professional in Findaway Voices, create a profile, and apply for available projects.

Employers in Findaway Voices pay $100 and more per audio project.


#12 – Bunny Studio

This is a freelance service marketplace that links employers and potential employees.

Getting paid to read books is one of the jobs and services listed on this website.

What does Bunny Studio do?

Bunny Studio was created to provide professional services such as creative writing, audio transactions, and design works.

If you have the voice and are confident enough, practice more to develop your confidence before seeking an audio job.

Most employers demand expertise because there are no second chances when a project is delivered to an audience.

How much can you make at bunny Studio?

You can earn between $50 – $10k per project depending on the length of Bunny Studio.


#13 – Kirkus Review

Kirkus Reviews is well-established and provides thousands of books for its reviewers.

You can register and earn by providing reviews if you are confident enough.

The average income for a book reviewer, both written and audio, can range from $400 – $5000.


#14 – Booklist

This is more extensive and focuses on contributing to academia by reviewing magazines, books, and other publications.

The company supports readers and library patrons by providing them with advisory tools to know which materials are best for learners.

For one to access all publications, one needs to pay a subscription fee of $167 per year

Booklist pays $15 for each review published online. If the review is not published, you receive $5.



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Get Paid To Read Books FAQs

Can I Get paid to read books in English?

English is the most used language globally.

As a result, most books are written in English. It is possible to get paid to read books on the majority of the platforms discussed in this article.


Can you get paid to read books?

Yes, many companies are striving to convert textual content to audio.

The aim is to appeal to the new generation who prefers audio and visual content; thus, people with great reading skills can make money converting textual books to audiobooks.


How do I get paid to read books?

Most companies and freelance marketplaces pay professionals with reading skills to provide audio versions of various books.


Can I get paid to read books out loud?

Yes, storybooks need to be read aloud to create an audio version. Therefore, you can earn $40k+ per year reading books aloud.


Wrapping It Up

Getting paid to read books is not a job for everyone.

You need a unique and distinct voice to succeed in this field.

Employers want top-notch audio for their books. Thus, there is no room for error. This is why narrators are paid well.

If you are thinking of becoming a narrator and reading books for pay, sharpen your skills through practice.



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