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How Much Do You Get for Donating A Testicle Pros and Cons?

How Much Do You Get for Donating A Testicle Pros and Cons?

Welcome to this how much do you get for donating a testicle pros and cons guide where we shall talk about three things;

  • Donating a testicle pros and cons
  • How much do you get paid to donate a testicle?
  • Ways to safely make money selling your body

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Donating a Testicle Pros and Cons


The Pros of Donating a Testicle

1. You Have Two

Every male has two testicles.

If you donate one testicle, you shall be left with one for purposes of sperm and testosterone production.

Yes, one will not be fully effective than having two of them, but at least you shall not be 100% impotent.


2. Be a Source of Happiness for Someone

Testicle transplant is done for impotent men who want to start a family and have children.

It was also done on men who have medical conditions, which might have made their testicles dysfunctional.

Testicle donation to such people will make them so happy because you shall be restoring their self-worth and manhood.

Their sex life will become better, and that will directly boost the happiness of their significant other and family in general.


3. Make the Future Better Through Science

Donating testicles for science can help to solve male-related problems.

Scientists can use your testicles for conducting lab test research, which will help them to test new theories and come up with better solutions to testicular complications like cancer.


4. You Shall Make Lots of money

The demand for healthy testicles is very high, but the supply is too low.

Very few people are willing to donate their testicles due to the risks involved.

This naturally raises the market price for a testicle. For instance, this man claimed that he was going to be paid $35,000 to donate his testicles.

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5. It Saves You Some Risk Factors

The male testicles suffer from testicular cancer. If you donate your testicles, that would mean that you have eliminated the risk of getting such cancer.

The testicle is responsible for the production of sperm, which brings about pregnancy.

Without your testicles, you will not have to deal with problems like unplanned pregnancies or disabled children among others.


The Cons Donating a Testicle

1. It Ruins Your Aesthetic Beauty

The way your body will look when you have the testicles is not the same way it will if they are not there.

Your body looks whole, complete, and appealing to the eye when all your organs are present.

Some people argue that you can replace the donated testicles with artificial ones to maintain the aesthetic beauty of your body.

However, I would assume that will cost more and it cannot be 100% accurate because getting anything close to the human ones is near impossible.


2. Surgeries Are Never 100%

Testicle donation and testicle transplant are processes that involve surgeries as you move the testicles from one party to the next.

Very many things can go wrong during that process like;

  • Death from too much bleeding or other mistakes made by the surgical team.
  • Infections from poor hygiene
  • Too much pain
  • Taking too long to heal depending on your health status


3. You Become Permanently impotent

If you are impotent that means you shall never be able to make babies of your own because you don’t have testicles to produce sperms.

One function of the testosterone hormone (which is produced by your testicles) is to regulate your sex drive also known as libido. That means you might have a very poor sex life if you donate your testicles.

Sexless marriage or relationship can become a breeding ground for infidelity, depression, and broken contracts.

In society, testicles are a sign of manhood. If you donate them, you are likely to face the societal stigma of being treated less than a man.

In short, becoming impotent will affect your health, mental state, societal reputation, and the psychological function of your brain.


4. It’s illegal

In most countries in the world, donating testicles is illegal. This presents two problems,

One, you can go to prison for up to two years, which would completely bring your vibrant life into stagnation.

Two, it makes getting people who are willing to pay you for donating testicles very hard. Such people will not publicly advertise themselves for fear of being caught on the wrong side of the law.


How Much Do You Get Paid to Donate A Testicle?


Can you make a profit selling testicles for money?


Testicle donation is illegal in the United States as explained in

Some states allow organ donation for medical trials only, but this comes with too much restraint and conditions too.

If organ donation was made legal, some people, especially those with lots of money might use it for unfair gains.

It will take too much time to find a donor because most of them will do such deals privately and on a low scale.

Moreover, why would you risk losing your life by going to prison?

To be honest there are better ways to make money that are safer and the risk is low.



How much is a testicle worth?

A story is told of how this guy Mark Parisi was promised $35,000 for donating his testicles.

This is the only public study that gives an estimate of how much you are likely to make through selling testicles.

Unfortunately, this journal reported that Parisi did not qualify for the study due to low testosterone, which means he never got to be paid the $35,000.

Definitely, a testicle is a worth too much money because its benefits to the human body are essential.

Additionally, the demand for healthy testicles is very high, but the supply is very very low.

Only a few men are willing to give up their manhood or come to terms with the idea of being impotent forever.


Ways to Safely Make Money Selling Your Body


We have established that selling testicles for money is not a recommended way to make money with your body because it’s illegal and the risks involved are high.

Below are safe ways of getting paid to sell your body;


Sperm donation is the process where a man gives away his semen (fluid containing sperm) to a sperm bank. >> how to get paid to donate sperm <<



You can sell feet pictures on social media, photo apps, feet selling websites, stock photography libraries and your blog among other places. >> How to sell feet pics online <<



Marketers and business owners will buy or take hand photos to market their products and services. >> How to sell hand pictures online <<



Are comfortable with the idea of performing naked on live video shows streamed via webcam broadcast? If you are, see how you can >> make money selling nudes on webcam <<



Dna simple is a company that will pay you to donate saliva for money. They argue that they pay $50 for every saliva spit you give.



According to you can make between $20 to $50 per donation.

Sites like will allow you to donate other organs related to plasma-like bone marrow and stem cells among others.


Eggs & Womb

Women can donate their ovaries to these IVF clinics listed on

Sites like will connect women who are willing to become surrogate mothers to willing hires.



A site like OnlytheBreast will allow you to sell breast milk.



A site like will allow you to sell stools and make money.



If you have beautiful hair which you want to do away with, you can sell it on sites like Hairsellon.




You have finally come to the end on this guide on how much do you get for donating testicle pros and cons where we have established that;

The main pros of donating testicles are making money, becoming a source of happiness to someone, and contributing to science.

On the other hand, the cons are that testicular surgeries can go wrong and that selling testicles is illegal in most parts of the world.

Making money from testicle donation is not popular because it’s prohibited by the law.

Therefore, I would recommend you sell other safe body parts or organs like feet, hands, plasma, eggs, and hair as discussed above. >> Check out my Top 10 recommended ways to make money online <<




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