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Getting free gift cards is not always easy, especially when you do not know how to do it.

In this post, I will share ten simple ways you can use to get free gift cards from some of the most legit places.

You should try these strategies because they are very easy and you do not need extreme expertise or skills to get gift cards online.

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1. Get Free Gift Card from Online Survey Sites

The advantage of getting gift cards from survey sites is that they are 100% free to join. Also, there are so many survey sites on the web which are legit.

Below are 6 survey sites you can use to get gift cards during your spare time;

a) Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie: This is one of the best survey sites on the internet which pays points after you take surveys or complete actions, such as signing up. Once you accrue enough points, you can reward them into Paypal cash, gift cards and shopping vouchers among others.

b) Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online: A highly recommended survey site with high paying surveys and polls. Free gift cards are one of the reward methods they use to pay survey takers.

c) Toluna

Toluna: They have a straightforward sign-up process and a user-friendly website. Once you take enough surveys, you get paid in the form of gift cards and other means, such as PayPal cash.

d) Vindale Research

Vindale Research: Apart from giving free gift cards in their reward system, they also give a $2 free sign bonus to new members.

e) SurveyClub

SurveyClub: They will pay you to take surveys and enter sweepstakes entries where you win prizes. They notify you via email and text when new surveys are available which means you will not miss any opportunity.

f) PrizeRebel

Prizerebel: Another amazing survey site where you complete offers then you win prizes, such as free gift cards, cash and

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2. Get Free Gift Card from Get Paid To Sites (GPT)

There are so many GPT sites on the internet. In these sites you are allowed to complete offers, such as take surveys, shop online, watch videos and read emails among others.

For every action you complete, you earn points. After you gather enough points, you have to redeem them into cash sent via PayPal, free gift cards, shopping vouchers, free merchandise, and charity donations among other rewards.

Below are 5 of the best GPT sites which give gift cards in their reward system;

a) Swagbucks

Swagbucks: Make money through watching videos, using mobile apps, shopping online, taking surveys, playing games, referring friends and completing daily goals. You will also get a free $5 sign up bonus.

b) MyPoints

MyPoints: Earn points for taking surveys, playing games, watching videos and shopping online among other tasks. After gathering enough points, exchange them into cash and gift cards among other prizes. If you prefer using your mobile phone, follow this link to get MyPoints Mobile App.

c) TimeBucks

TimeBucks: Get paid to complete tasks, such as take surveys, watch games and read emails among others.

d) InboxDollars

InboxDollars: Unlike most other GPT sites which give points, InboxDollars will reward you inform of cash for every activity you complete. You earn cash after taking surveys, watching videos, taking tests and using coupons among others. You can also get InboxDollars iOS Mobile App or the InboxDollars Android App. You will even get a free $5 sign up bonus.

e) InstaGC

InstaGC: A website where you complete surveys, watch videos, surf the web and shop online among other activities then you earn points for every action. After gathering enough points, you choose to be paid in the form of cash or free gift cards.

f) FreebiePoints

FreebiePoints: Earn points for all actions you take, such as taking surveys and playing games among other offers. All bonus points can be redeemed into free gift cards.

3. Get Free Gift Card from Shopping Apps

If you love shopping online, you must have to use a shopping app to find discount codes, coupons, and other offers.

The shopping apps below will give you points every time you shop in your favorite stores. You can redeem those points into free gift cards.

Also, you can also get free gift cards from these shopping apps through applying to available and advertised gift card offers in those apps.

The advantage of using a shopping app to find and get gift cards is that they give email, browser and text notifications when new offers are available.

a) Ebates

Ebates: This is an amazing shopping site you can use to get up to 40% cashback on products you buy from your favorite stores. You can also use it to compare prices in different stores and apply to discount offers. After creating an Ebates Account, you get a FREE $10 gift card given to new members as a sign-up bonus. Make sure you install the Ebates Browser Extension which will give you web push notifications every time a new offer is available.

b) Drop

Drop: There is so much you can do with this shopping app. For example, you can get cashback and price off discounts and also earn points which you can redeem into free gift cards.

c) Dosh

Dosh: Another amazing shopping app which only pays in cash instead of points. There are two ways you can get free gift cards on this app. One, for every credit or debit card you connect you get a $5 gift card. Two, if you refer someone, you get a $10 free gift card.

d) Ibotta

Ibotta: This is an app for grocery shoppers who want to save money on items they purchase. This is one of the best sites to get coupons and discount offers from your favorite stores. Once you accrue enough rewards, you choose to get paid either through cash or free gift cards.

e) Honey

Honey: This is a free Chrome extension which will bring to your attention discount, and coupon offers on shopping sites you visit. It also gives you points for every action you take. Once you gather enough points, you can redeem them into cash or free gift cards. For instance, 1000 points are equivalent to $10 gift card.

4. Get Free Gift Card from Credit Card Rewards

Did you know there is credit card which pays rewards for every buying decision or action you take? For example, some credit cards will give your two points for every $1 you spend on a restaurant, grocery store, and any other shopping point.

After you gather free points in your credit card, you can choose to redeem them into cash or gift cards. For instance, 10,000 points will be equivalent to a $100 gift card.

Below are some of the best credit cards high rewards;

5. Get Free Gift Card from Social Media

Most business owners and companies are always using contests as a way to build brand awareness and customer engagement.

Apart from giving cash prizes and merchandise in those contests to the winners, free gift cards are also issued as rewards.

Instagram is one of the best social media sites most brands use for this purpose.

In the past I have used Instagram to win a few gift cards using the tips below;

  • Use hashtags like #giveaway #contest #sweepstakes #freebie #Fridaygiveaway #freebiefriday to find such opportunities.
  • Use the hashtag follow feature to receive notification when content with the hashtags above is posted.
  • Be alert and vigilant because you can only score a win when you become an early contester in most of those giveaways.

6. Get Free Gift Cards From The Sites Below

a) GiftCardGranny

GiftCardGranny: This is an online marketplace for gift cards where you can get discounted gift card offers. You also earn points for every action you take on this site. In the future, you can always redeem those points into free gift cards.

b) Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk: In this site you complete short tasks called HITs (human Intelligence tasks), such as transcribing audio, doing research and captioning pictures among others. After completing those tasks, you can request to get paid through Amazon gift cards instead of cash.

c) Amazon Trade-In Program

Amazon Trade-In Program: If you have items in these categories, textbooks, cellphone, video games, electronics and clothes which you no longer need or use, you can exchange them with free gift cards on Amazon Trade-in.

d) Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime: If you love shopping with this app you can get $5 gift card for every purchase you make and another $5 gift card for every new friend you refer.

e) RecycleBank

Recyclebank: This is a site where you earn points for pledging to live green, such as reading environmental friendly articles and shopping from the OneTwine Green Store. All points earned can be redeemed into free gift cards.

f) Xbox Live Rewards

Xbox Live Rewards: If you are someone who loves playing video games, there are many ways you can make extra money with that hobby. Xbox will give you points for all actions you take on their site. You can later exchange those points into free gift cards.

g) Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft RewardsWe are always searching for content on the web. This site will give you points for every search you make using Bing web browser. You also earn points after completing short tasks, such as taking daily quizzes. Once you earn enough points, you redeem them into free gift cards.

h) Plenti

Plenti: You are expected to link your credit card or debit card to this app. For every spending you make using the linked card, you earn points which you can redeem into free gift cards.

Simple Ways To Make $100 Online Daily

Survey Junkie: Earn up to $50 per survey in this site. It is 100% free to sign up. Find out more here.

Swagbucks: Get $5 sign up bonus, and also make more than $1000 in this site as explained in this post.

Zippy Loan: This site will give an unsecured personal loan up to $15,000 even if you have a bad credit record as explained in this post. You can invest that loan into one of these business ideas.

VIPKID: Earn $22 tutoring kids online and also get a $300 sign up bonus as explained in this post.

Ebates: Earn up 40% cashback on things you shop from your favorite stores, such as Amazon, eBay and Macy’s among others. Find out more here.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile App: This app will pay you $50 among other prizes when you install, use and keep it active in your phone. Find other 50 money making apps in this post.

Fiverr: Earn $5 and above per gig in this marketplace with projects on writing, editing, design, data entry, translation, web development and programming among other fields. Find out more here.

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