Online & Part-Time Jobs For 17 Year Olds


The number of jobs for 17 years olds you will find offline and online is limitless.

Most youths at this age have exited college and are ready for the job market.

At 17 years old, you have gained enough knowledge and skills to explore different jobs and get life together.

Finding a job is an uphill for many of us, but you have many options to choose from in different fields.


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 ONLINE Jobs For 17 Year Olds 

It’s a modern world where the digital world is slowly overtaking custom office jobs.

Online jobs for 17 year olds are plenty on many platforms, and some require minimal skills.

As a 17 year old, do not feel that you lack experience, which will deny you the chance to make money.

If you want to find a job online, you only need an internet connection, a good computer/laptop, or a smartphone. A friendly workspace or home office is also vital.




Roles & Skills: Proofreading jobs are preserved for the few who have expert mastery of a particular language and a strong master of grammar can do this job well. Many websites provide editing and proofreading jobs, but Upwork and Fiverr are the best.

Estimated Salary: From as little as $5 per hour to over $100 per hour


Roles & Skills:  A 17 year old has already completed many technical courses in college and gained much knowledge, that they can teach. Some websites which provide tutoring services include ESL websites, Wyzant, Tutor doctor, Skooli, Smarthinking, masterclass and Udemy, and Naukri.

Estimated Salary: An online tutor can earn between $15 – $100 per hour, depending on the contract agreement.


Roles & Skills: With basic blog writing skills, web design skills, SEO, and social media marketing, you can start a profitable blog.

Estimated Salary: Some experienced bloggers make more than $100,000 monthly and more.


Roles & Skills: As long as you got video editing skills, channel management, and content creation knowledge you can learn a profitable Youtube channel without even talking or showing your face.

Estimated Salary: $100+ depending on viewing hours, subscribers, and mastery of branding skills.

Virtual Assistant

Roles & Skills: Good communication skills, Typing speed, computer literacy, great attention to detail, Good decisionmaker.

Estimated Salary: From $20+ per hour

Freelance Writer

Roles & Skills: Writing skills, hardworking, good researcher, Fast typing speed.

Estimated Salary: $10+ per Depending on the task and website explained more on this get paid to write guide.

Photo/Video Editor

Roles & Skills: Video editing skills, creativity, hard work

Estimated Salary: $50k+ depending on the employer

Customer Service Representative

Roles & Skills: Answer customer questions, order processing, resolve issues, collect feedback

Estimated Salary: $30k+ Per annum depending on company/business

Graphic Designer

Roles & Skills: Advertising, logo design, website & mobile design, printing

Estimated Salary: $40+ per year; depending on company/business/contractor

Website Designer

Roles & Skills: Coding and launching websites, Hosting websites

Estimated Salary: $100+ per task



Social Media Manager

Roles & Skills: Increasing social media page followers, creating and overseeing social media campaigns, producing content, reviewing analytics, and providing reports to businesses.

Estimated Salary: Average $50k+

Data Entry Specialist

Roles & Skills:  Digitalize data by moving it from one source to the next. For example, moving data from a sales receipt to an Excel spreadsheet.

Estimated Salary: From $10+ per day, depending on the work.

Take Paid Surveys

Roles & Skills: Data skills where you are able to offer some market research information needed by entrepreneurs by sharing your opinions through surveys.

Estimated Salary: $0.5 per task; Depends on the number of jobs

Test Products

Roles & Skills: If you have knowledge of a certain product or service, use your computer skills mainly typing and storytelling to share your experience from using the product.

Estimated Salary: $25+ per task, depending on the project.

Play Video Games

Roles & Skills: You can play video games and get paid on many websites. One of those websites includes Twitch, Mistplay App, Cutie Garden, Kashkick, Bubble Cash, and blackout bingo.

Estimated Salary: A video gamer makes $50k per year, depending on the platform.

Social Media Influencer

Roles & Skills: They make money from mastering the processes of affiliate marketing, brand partnership, merchandising, and direct donation.

Estimated Salary: The highest-paid influencer is $1M per social media post (Christiano Ronaldo); Normal rates are $200+ Per post.

Sell Stuff Online

Roles & Skills: Sales, inventory management, accounting

Estimated Salary: $100+ upward selling on a platform like Etsy.

Advertising Manager

Roles & Skills: Video and graphic design, writing, account management

Estimated Salary: $500 per task upward




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 PART-TIME Jobs For 17 Year Olds


Part-time jobs for 17 year olds hiring near me/you can be accessed through many websites. Some are free, and others are paid.

Sometimes you struggle to find jobs, but different tools have made this possible. When you go online, you can use the Google Maps locator to find jobs that have jobs.

If you want a job in your locality, you can fill in the Zip code in the search location and find a business nearby.


Flexjobs is one of the premium websites which has jobs from all fields. The exciting part is the website provides ideal jobs for 17 year olds. You can view the jobs and apply once you have the premium subscription.


This is awesome, and it is free. Any person can register and apply for jobs. 17 year olds can find online jobs in any field of their specialization.


This is another broad and well-organized website with many categories which serve different business levels. The company supports both free and paid membership for both enterprises and SMEs. 17 year olds can find any job they want on this website.


Fiverr has a buyer base of more than 2.5 million clients, which makes it a very popular freelance platform.

Service sellers commonly known as freelancers are sure of getting a diverse range of freelance gigs on this platform.

Other websites include:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Glassdoors
  • LinkedIn



Which are some of the good part time jobs for 17 year olds that pay well?

Most of these are under the table jobs which pay in cash only on the same day or within 72 hours of completing the task.

In addition, most are short or micro tasks, which can be done in a short span of time without any special skills or training.

Restaurant Server

Roles & Skills: hygiene, Organized, Fast, and cooking skills

Estimated Salary: Average rate: $8+ Per hour


Roles & Skills: Hygiene, Good organization skills, caring

Estimated Salary: $14+ Per hour

An attendant at Theme Parks

Roles & Skills: Help riders, boats, mounting or dismounting animals. Clean sporting equipment, vehicles, rides, booths, facilities, or grounds.

Estimated Salary: $26k+ annually


Roles & Skills: Life-saving skills, good physical fitness and stamina, An interest in swimming, and the ability

Estimated Salary: $31k+ annually

Car Wash

Roles & Skills: Customer service skills, Proficiency with various car wash equipment, Knowledgeable about cleaning agents, Able to perform minor car repairs, and Time management

Estimated Salary: $10+ per hour


Roles & Skills: Interpersonal Communication skills, Time Management, Product Knowledge, Telephone Etiquette, Dispute resolution, and Product Knowledge

Estimated Salary: $10+ per hour

Delivery Agent

Roles & Skills: Valid driver’s license, Strong interpersonal skills, customer service skills, and time management

Estimated Salary: $30+ Per hour

Dog Walker

Roles & Skills: High school diploma or equivalent, Prior experience working with dogs, Responsible and trustworthy, and good time management skills

Estimated Salary: $25k+ per hour


Roles & Skills: Be a Good Communicator, Active Listening, Data Entry, mailing skills, ability to multitask, hygienic, and empathetic

Estimated Salary: $15+ Per hour

Yard Worker

Roles & Skills: In-depth knowledge of pruning techniques, experience with mechanical equipment, and a good eye for detail

Estimated Salary: $15+ Per hour

Retail merchandiser

Roles & Skills: Commercial awareness, teamworking skills, communication skills, leadership skills, and ability to cope with pressure

Estimated Salary: $50k+ Per annum


Roles & Skills: Fluid Levels, Customer Service, communication, Windshield Fluid, and service

Estimated Salary: $20= Per hour

Lemonade Stand

Roles & Skills: Cups, lemonade stand, tables, signs, and decorations

Estimated Salary: $25+ Per hour (depends on location)



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FAQs For Jobs For 17 Year Olds

What age should a teenager get a job?

The legal working age of a teenager is 14 year years in the United States and 16 in many other countries.

How many hours can a 17 year old work a week?

A 17 year old can work for 48 hours, depending on their schedule. Most of them are in school and have few hours to work.

What age can you get a part-time job?

Kids above 8 years can get a job depending on their understanding and developmental stage.

Should high schoolers have jobs?

High schoolers can have a job depending on their school schedule. This means that if they can balance work and school, they can work and make some money for upkeep purposes.

What are the highest paying jobs for 17 year olds?

The highest paying jobs for 17 year olds include cashier, which pays $12+ per hour, actor ($14+ per hour), caddy, lifeguard, and hotel server ($15+ per hour), among others.


Wrapping It Up

17 year olds can make money while they are still studying. Some jobs need skills, but others do not need experience.

Joining the workspace at an early age is advantageous to youths. They do not only get experience and make some money to plan their life.

I have provided many jobs for 17 year olds in this article, and more options exist on different job sites. Make it a habit to register in as many job sites as possible to receive notifications for available jobs.

Other Age-appropriate Jobs:



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